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logodakar.jpgextended-logo-composite-francais.jpg Daket Narrative - Thanks to 30 Daket volunteers and local delegates in Dakar!

Despite a "hurricane Logistics Force 9", 77 meetings and 25 remote activities with support stream took place, despite serious  Internet problems which limited the broadcasting of the program of dakar extended planned.
We continue to Senegal, and elsewhere ...
The next landmarks are

  • SASF asia the forum for south east asia (Afghanistan - Pakistan - Nepal - India - Sri Lanka - Bangladesh) from 18 to 21 November 2011 at Dhacca
  • SASF africa ( southern africa in lusaka )

both with extension intentions by some of their organizers present in Dakar and participants in dakar extended.

here is the day by day narrative of what we could achieve in dakar

On FEB 3 the preparatory process dakar extended and the team on the daket site (Ibu, Jules, Makaila, Toni) have created a dynamic volunteer - volunteer group meeting in the headquarters daket provided by CACSUP UCAD2 with a fixed loan of 12 computers installed by volunteers

This headquarters will be our only space throughout the forum! but we do not know yet ... Creation of 8 sub-groups of the daket team - allocating remote meetings by langues EN G5 AR G4 PTG3  ES G2. 

FEB 4 We contact the group for the space-distribution, which has not given us 10 rooms in the faculty FASEG as promised because the organizing committee claimed that due to lack of space for WSF activities to be carried out. - We should support the distribution of streams with a view to balance the load of 8 groups.

FEB 5 We discover that by going on site we will not have 5 rooms EBAD has planned, so we will not have more rooms at all! - Purchases of 3G dongles that will save dakar extended working well despite the heavy traffic in the forum and allow to visit the forum and to support streaming in tents.

FEB 6 The program expanded Dakar is sent for printing paper program. - The communication committee lent us three tables in the press center of BU, but access is difficult, we need a press card. - Each of the 8 groups receive a detailed day by day program.  - 3 teams start streaming the opening march G9 Gx Gy.

Moving groups G2 G3 G5 to the press center (but internet does not work well ....). - The first encounter with Geneva FR57 goes well out of the room.

FEB 7 Publication of program dakar extended V2.4 on the Internet - and  ....... no publication of the paper based program of dakar extended:  only the introductory article is published - our activities will remain invisible and therefore unknown to participants of WSF 2011. - Only insiders will see us ....  First meetings. - The office responsible for rooms is just nearby and all day we are approached. - In the evening Ivry / Paris is an activity with strong participation in the daket-headquarters, an activity as we would have liked to see more.

FEB 8 In the morning we give our daket-headquarters to Caritas France, which has no room! - Joseph, the guardian, is watching over the equipment. - Arrival of Torsten from Berlin/Germany with 3G-keys which work well in the agitation of the forum, which was not a priori obvious.

FEB 9 We come to deal with operations of 8 3G-keys.  - Arrival of Rafael and his team of Canary (ES07).

FEB 10 Assemblies and meetings last. - We pay the room for the meeting FR60 that values the forum as a means of extended intercommunication between local social forums. - The Internet of CACSUP is off because the bill was not paid! - Intent is only accessible with 3G-keys.

FEB 11 The 8 groups are divided to cover the meetings. - Dakar Extended is included in the statement of the assembly about communication at CESTI. - Meeting of daket-team to discuss the future. - Then the assembly of the assemblies is streamed by Thom.

FEB 12 Recovery of 20 computers loaned to the team and delivery of equipment to the team that wants to continue. - Meeting of the International Council of the WSF where dakar extended is mentioned positively.  - On the other side the process concerning the multi-annual budget is suspended. - A few interviews during the meal.


There was currently no funding at all, we seek ..... but is not essential - most are volunteers of the initiative sfex.

The initiative sfex continues ... by offering all players (a hundred groups in 25 countries) who participated in 2010 and 2011 inter-connect in a self-organized manner.

Regarding other extended events in 2011 there is a concrete horizon: The Forum of South East Asia (Afghanistan - Pakistan - Nepal - India - Sri Lanka - Bangladesh) held in Bangladesh (18-21 November 2011 in Dhacca) to be extended, other events may appear extended in 2011 and probably in 2012 ...

feb 3 training of volunteers in UCAD2

feb 4 training of volunteers in UCAD2 and no rooms any more! 

  • volunteer keep connecting but we discover that we won't have any more rooms and we spend some time looking for some ... in vain   

feb 5 no rooms and buying equipment 

On sera accueilli au centre de presse de la BU , mais dans des conditions pas favorables,

Alors on va aussi acheter les clés 3G qui vont nous sauver la mise ....et permettront les promenades dans le forum 

20110212-fsmdakar-360.JPG pourquoi nous n'aurons pas de salles !

 20110212-fsmdakar-334.JPG  Pas facile de rentrer a la BU, il faut une carte de presse, on nous en donne 20 , mais le programme papier ne montrera pas ce qu'on fait ...personne n'est au courant.....donc on n'aura a gérer que l'entrée de quelques personnes   et ces 20 suffiront largement

feb 6 opening march and moving to library (press center) 

 20110212-fsmdakar-338r.JPG   20110212-fsmdakar-335.0.JPG  20110212-fsmdakar-336.0.JPG  

20110212-fsmdakar-340.0.JPG 20110212-fsmdakar-341.JPG 20110212-fsmdakar-339.JPG

  • Premiere connexion ! :  Dakar Genève  FR57 et c'est Genève qui traine !  
  • le soir les groupes G3 et G2 déménagent vers la BU

feb 7 - invisible in wsf program  - first encounters

  • Le programme papier sort seulement pour le 7 , mais la liste des 100 rencontres daket n'est pas publiée ,sans qu'on sache pourquoi ....
  • Nous restons donc invisibles pour les participants fsm2011, et connus seulement des initiés  , délégués de leur région a dakar ( geneve, zambie, bangladesh, mallorque, tulle, limoges, bordeaux , metz, clermont , ivry,  mexico , la paz .. etc.....

20110212-fsmdakar-342.0.JPG  20110212-fsmdakar-349.JPGafter

  •    Zambia EN01 makes its first connection Dakar - Lusaka

20110212-fsmdakar-346.JPG  and meets Bangla Desh EN08 live ! 

  •  Rencontre avec taiwan  dont les délégués n'ont finalement pas pu venir .....

 20110212-fsmdakar-371r.JPG 20110212-fsmdakar-376r.JPG 20110212-fsmdakar-369r.JPG

8 feb encounters with scarce internet 

20110212-fsmdakar-354.JPG  20110212-fsmdakar-357.JPG  20110212-fsmdakar-356.JPG

20110212-fsmdakar-359.0.JPG  antonio com consuelo de Salvador de Bahia  PT09

20110212-fsmdakar-385.JPG jules et torsten discussion technique nocturne

feb 9 encounters with more internet and no rooms 

20110212-fsmdakar-367.JPG 20110212-fsmdakar-362.JPG 

20110212-fsmdakar-408.0.JPG 20110212-fsmdakar-409.JPG connexion con Bolivia ES01


  •  limoges FR17
  • Le soir on trouve 2 clés 3G pour appuyer FAME 2012  merci de ta patience Valérie- et voici le stream FR55


  • Lina et Moustapha souriants après leur rencontre avec le venezuela ES14


feb 10 assemblies and encounters

 20110212-fsmdakar-422.JPG  20110212-fsmdakar-423.JPG  20110212-fsmdakar-424.JPG assembly social forum process (parts are filmed on stream)

20110212-fsmdakar-447c.JPG bordeaux FR13

20110212-fsmdakar-441.JPG  20110212-fsmdakar-440.JPG  20110212-fsmdakar-442.JPG  

Les tentes devant la FASEG ( dans le batiment là bas au fond étaient "nos" dix salles avec ligne internet spécialisée..) 

20110212-fsmdakar-433.JPG  20110212-fsmdakar-438.JPG20110212-fsmdakar-435.JPG

es por aqui que va paseando Canarias  ES07 hacindo entrevistas

dakar etendu 2 assemblée FR60 une partie est filmée en stream

feb 11 assemblies -daket meeting - and final start

 le matin   G1 part vers les femmes et l'ambassade d'égype     G4 couvre G8 G20 et via campesina

G5 couvre les enjeux du forum   G6 couvre assemblée des femmes

20110212-fsmdakar-476.JPG    20110212-fsmdakar-478.JPG

  • La réunion finale de l'équipe daket - les volontaires dakarois veulent continuer


  •  un bout de la banderole daket pour la "photo souvenir "

20110212-fsmdakar-485.JPG 20110212-fsmdakar-487.JPG 20110212-fsmdakar-491.JPG 

feb 12 transfering equipment and IC meeting


  • Remise du matériel au futur collectif de volontaires ( voir le papier ici)  


20110212-fsmdakar-527.JPG 20110212-fsmdakar-530.JPG  20110212-fsmdakar-529.JPG 

  • Le conseil international réuni a la maison de la culture douta seck a demarré pour une evaluation à chaud du fsm2011
    G4 streame et fait des interviews   G9 streame aussi

20110212-fsmdakar-538r.JPG 20110212-fsmdakar-545.JPG 20110212-fsmdakar-546.JPG

During lunch : some interviews ! Sara explains about Dakar extended

 20110212-fsmdakar-552.JPG 20110212-fsmdakar-553.JPG 20110212-fsmdakar-554.JPG 20110212-fsmdakar-551.JPG20110212-fsmdakar-556.JPG 20110212-fsmdakar-557.JPG

At night the comcom meeting



jason announcing that the three year budget  for comcom projects is not guaranteed any more



le forum social : un espace à utiliser !
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