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Actions at COP 23

(Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice)

this calendar first draft has been prepared in a  workshop during people climate summit 

1st Week of COP 23

Nov. 7:

Indigenous People’s Day (UN Official)

ACTION: Climate Impacted People – small action, connecting with actions weekend

  • Lead: Thor (Friends of the Earth International)

  • Next step: Thor will send out information

US People’s Delegation Press Conference

  • 11:00-11:30 am, Bula, Press Conf Room 2

Nov. 8:

Farmer’s Day (UN Official)

Press Conference: Food, Land and Water

  • 12:00-12:30 pm, Bula,

ACTION: Pre-2020 Action, meet at 4:30 in front of Bula, start at 5pm

  • Lead: Malou

Art Space: Building pipeline for Nov 9 gas action

  • Evening

Nov. 9:

Young and Future Generations day (UN Official)

BINGO themed (UN Official)

Press Conference: Global Coal Exit List

  • 9 am-12pm, Bula Zone

ACTION: Gas action

  • 9-9:30, Bula Zone, Meet outside Bula -- some will go inside to registered action

  • Contact: Kevin

  • outside, 9-9.30

ACTION: Stop funding climate disaster: Japanese investment in coal

  • 9:30-10:00am, in- and outside of Bula Zone, 2 actions happening at the same time, outside action will happen right after the gas action.

  • Lead: Gerry for outside action and Yuyun/Thor for inside

  • Next step: prep at art studio 7pm

ACTION: Future generations -- Step Up Ambition

  • 11am - Location 3, Bula zone

  • LEAD: Natalie Lucas

ACTION: Cleaning up the trash youth action - interactive session

  • 12pm-1pm - Location 3, Bula Zone

  • LEAD: Amalen

ACTION: Methane and absence in negotiations

  • 1:30 pm in Bonn Zone, at Stage in middle of exhibition hall

  • LEAD: Kevin, Gastivists

ACTION: Pass the Mic - decolonizing the climate movement and highlighting why indigenous voices are solutions, led by indigenous youth

  • 2-3 PM (Gather people at 1:50pm)

  • Place: Bonn Zone location 4 (by large screen in exhibition hall, next to India Pavilion)

Side event on gas

  • Bonn, Meeting Room 10

ACTION: US People’s Delegation Speak Out

  • 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

  • Bonn, US Climate Action Pavilion, Fiji Room, The DHL Post Tower

Nov. 10:

Press Conference: Food, Land and Water (12:30-1pm) – check in with Nathan and media group

ACTION: Just Transition

  • 10.15-10.30 -- Bonn Zone, at the central stage

  • Lead: Thor and ITUC

  • Next step: Thor to get creative ideas for theatrical performance

ACTION: Amazon Deforestation, Land, Farmers, and Food

  • Bonn Zone? TBD

  • Lead: Joao and Malou

  • Next Step: leads will talk after this meeting, and link with CLARA group

Nov. 11:

ACTION: March/demonstrations, 2 different ones:

  • Bonner Münsterplatz, 12:30


ACTION: TBD on mayors and governors events, related to Jerry Brown [MORE DETAILS NEXT MEETING]

  • More details to be added

  • LEAD: It Takes Roots Delegation


ACTION: Week 1 (Exact Date TBD) – Deliver petition to USA calling on US to stand down from negotiations

  • Lead: Michel (Corporate Accountability)

  • Next Step: Michel will confirm with US Delegation

2nd week of COP 23

Nov 13:

Civil Society Organization Equity Press Conference

ACTION: Fair Shares

  • Lead: Malou and friends

  • Next step: Malou will ask around to see who is interested and has capacity

Nov 14:

Gender Day (UN Official)

Press Conference: Climate Finance

Press Conference: Reclaim Power Demands

ACTION: Reclaim Power Demands AND gas/frontline impacts

  • Lead: Kevin and Malou

  • Next step: confirm and decide if these can be combined


Nov 14-16th (?): ACTION: World Climate Summit outside COP zones

  • Lead: Gastivists (Lise)

  • Next Step: stay tuned for updates

Nov 15:

Africa Day (UN Official)

Press Conference: False Solutions

ACTION: Geoengineering

  • Lead: Matthew (Earth in Brackets)

  • Next Step: Michel will follow up with EiB

Nov 16:

Climate Justice day (UN Official)

ACTION: Role of Fossil Fuel Industry in Negotiations

  • Lead: Michel

  • Next Step: Corporate Accountability and SustainUS will connect

ACTION: DCJ Closing Action Pt. 1: Standing in Solidarity

  • Public vigil on grievances…bonfire?

Nov 17:

ACTION: DCJ Closing Action Pt. 2: Peoples To Do List Rally and (potential) March

  • Asserting our demands and highlighting To-Do List

  • Potential March from Bonn to Bula

  • Lead: Engajamundo (SustainUS, Corporate Accountability and APMDD support)

  • Next step: Joao will propose time for planning session


Rhizome Art Collective

  • Art Space to prepare actions:

  • Open 10am-11pm

  • 99 Dorotheenstrasse, Kevin: +34 633652978

  • Artists available in the space to help out

After each DCJ meeting, Action Team will meet: Bonn, Rm 3

-        Wed and Fri First Week

-        Tues and Thurs Week 2


-        Photos of sanctioned action zones can be found on this form. If you want more detailed photos at multiple angles, email Eva at eva.malis@sustainus.org.

Rasterbator.net -- use this for last minute arts actions!