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*Actions to another possible world*   Input38

The WSF has generated, in its global, regional and thematic meetings, numerous actions and initiatives. These are the results of the meetings, articulations and alliances built in the open space and self-managed by the participating organizations that are, ultimately, the real protagonists of the actions. @1 Generating actions, in fact, was from the very beginning the major objective of the WSF charter of principles and innovative methodology that created a free, diverse and democratic space for actions to have greater power and reach when put into practice. 

There has been a demand from some members of the IC and some organizations for the WSF to be more active in @2 driving the actions. It is a legitimate demand since it is actions that transform the world. @3 Actions in the plural since the magnitude and complexity of the challenges require multiple and diverse initiatives: manifests, mobilizations, demonstrations, campaigns, denunciations, interventions with governmental and international institutions, constitution of alternative media and communication, production of content in investigative journalism, judicial actions in local, national and international courts, in political, social, economic, legal, gender, race, human rights, environmental and cultural topics are just some examples of actions undertaken by civil society. 

There is not a silver bullet that will solve all our problems. The diversity of the people of the WSF is its richness, @4 all initiatives need to be respected and valued. The WSF is the ideal space for gestation, convergence and strengthening of actions, acting and impacting thematically, locally, regionally and globally. @5 Strengthening its role as a political actor.

In this sense we can renew and think about organizing the next world forums as follows:

- *1 day and ½* for presentation events by organizations of @6 NEW INITIATIVES OF ACTION. The presentation will seek to make viable the proposals for new actions by commitment of one or some organizations participating in the event to transform the proposals into concrete actions;

- *1 day and ½* for presentation events by organizations of @7 INITIATIVES AND ACTIONS ALREADY IN ADVANCE. The presentation will seek primarily the adhesion of new organizations, strengthening and expanding the actions. These Initiatives in progress could try to seek partnerships and alliances;

- *1 day* for a brief presentation by a @8 writing group of the new initiatives and actions and those in progress @9 in a plenary session and for the media. It will be a presentation of the results and balance of the Forum. @10 This presentation will again seek to reinforce the viability of new actions by facilitating adhesions and commitments, reinforcing and expanding ongoing actions and giving visibility to the proposals of the new actions and ongoing actions.

@11 It will be very important to transmit the presentations online and @12 give visibility to all the actions on the WSF website.  @13 Each action should offer guidance for adhesions and support that help make new actions possible and strengthen and expand ongoing actions.

IMPORTANT NOTE:@14  it is essential to invest to build a powerful communication sector. This has been a great vulnerability of ours for a long time. We do not lack content. @15 We lack communication to leverage proposals and actions. @16 Many times we wrongly attribute the responsibility of certain fragilities to some factors when the problem is in communication. This weakens us and can lead to diagnostic errors.

@17 We believe that this proposal can reinforce and expand actions to another possible world. The next editions would always have the mark of the WSF @18 with the subtitle "Actions for Another Possible World". @19 We will be able to guide the thematic and regional forums to adopt a similar methodology, prioritizing the emergence of new actions and reinforcing existing ones.

We hope that this proposal can contribute to the debate.

*Oded Grajew*