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The struggle that unites us in the WSF is not a simple struggle. The challenge for another possible world is quite complex. We don't want to just change one or the other aspect of the current model. We want to change ALL THE SYSTEM. We know from our own experience that timely advances run the risk of setbacks when the system remains the even.

A system that has ramifications in the economy, politics, culture, education, health, communication, science, technology, environment, work, local, national, regional and global governance, security policies, legal order, housing and urban policies, the promotion of rights, the fight against racism, homophobia and patriarchy, issues of gender and race, etc. etc.
It is a struggle of resistance and transformation IN NUMBER AREAS.

The richness and potential of the WSF is that it is a space and a process that shelters an enormous diversity of social actors and organizations that militate in diverse areas and can establish partnerships and synergies with others in the same areas and complementary areas. It is this diversity that is capable of facing the challenges of an entire system. It is this diversity that brings together and attracts a wide variety of militants and organizations where all are respected and valued, where no one is more important than the other, where there is no hierarchy of value among the various causes and areas of action. Where militants and organizations are respected and valued as the protagonists of change and their choices. 

To transform a multifaceted system unfortunately (it would be much easier) there is neither a single path nor a single action, but the need for a diversity of actions acting in various areas, in various localities and in spaces for meetings and articulations managed by leaders and organizations. This is the opportunity and the richness that the WSF space and process offers. The IC would have the precious mission of facilitating this process. This wealth deserves to be valued as a social and strategic value.

Oded Grajew