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Dear Lau,

It is not by chance that the WSF has not a website. To have a  website , you must have a keeper. And the keeper must be appointed or elected. As the WSF is not an organisation, but just an open space, where organisation can meet, exchange and share, how can you have a website?

All your observation suppose that the WSF has a mechanism of reporting, of acting, and of connecting. That , my dear Lau, is where is the debate. The idea of an open space is that many organisation can decide to act together, and this is why the WSF is a facilitator. The problem is that the WSF, as such, cannot act. And this, I think, has reduced the WSF to just a meeting space.

We meet, we speak three minutes, and at most we make a summary. But no action can be taken. So, in a world which is quickly disintegrating, and where the system has lost any credibility, we just offer to different realities to share, which of course is very good. The question: that is adequate to respond to the present crisis? Some of us think yes, some of us think not….Let us see what will happen!

By the way, I know very well Honk Kong, were is one of my favourite hotel in the world, and I want to express my simpathy for the difficult moment you are going thrugh…best wishes Roberto