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Dear Friends,     Input42


Greetings from Hong Kong! 


Thanks again to the facilitators of today's IC zoom meeting. 


@1 I would like to follow up on the proposal I mentioned in the meeting. @2 I think there can be continued debates on the question of whether or not WSF should be an arena to promote political action, and if yes, how this can be done. @3 Yet, on where there is consensus, that the WSF should function as a space for exchange, we should see what can be done from now. @4 I am sorry I have not found an entry point to make a contribution to the IC, and have also found it difficult as to what I could report to the communities of ARENA and Global U which I am supposed to represent.  


My proposal is a simple one: create an official website @5 (of WSF IC, or WSF), with multiple languages, and offer some minimal information for a start: @6

  1. Who are the current IC members (they can be approached and asked to reconfirm if they still participate as IC members, and who the contact person is), a few lines about their work or areas of concern, links to their website/facebook etc., and the languages they operate in. 
  2. Important WSF documents (charter etc) 
  3. Links to previous forums or related WSF websites (2016, 2021, etc) 
  4. How new organizations can join, and a webpage to list organizations subscribing to the Charter. 


If we have the information of No.1, we need not spend time introducing ourselves and our work each time in an IC meeting, but can have the next IC meetings discuss strategic issues and take decisions. I am sorry I do not know the mechanisms of taking decisions, eg., how to invite or approve organizations or networks to be new IC members,@7 or members subscribing to WSF charter @8 and presenting themselves on the WSF website. Once these are clarified, we can proceed to invite youth groups, women’s groups, peasants’ groups, etc., from all the continents, especially from Africa and Asia. @9 Thus can the WSF facilitate a space for the many vibrant organizations and networks already active in various themes to cross borders and further interact on alternative thoughts and actions, @10 not only during the regional/ thematic/ global forums, but before and after. 


To add to my proposal: 


  1. The (WSF/WSFIC) website is an intermediary for connection, so information on IC members and subscribing members, and events that will take place, should be clear and concise,@11 providing links to the website/facebook etc of the members/events. Otherwise we will be inundated with excessive information. Yet we should ensure the multiple language websites work well. 
  2. In relating to each other,@12 let us learn from not necessarily the “western” parliamentary mode, but indigenous ways. Mexico 2021 offers a good opportunity for us to learn from and experiment with different ways of relating, which are not necessarily exclusive to each other.  
  3. With the new possibilities using zoom or similar software, we can operate and communicate with minimal expenses, and be less dependent on funders for covering flight tickets and hotel costs.@13  Global north organizations can contribute the flight ticket money to global south groups/networks to buy smartphones/notebooks and subscribe to internet. @14 Such sister relationships can be facilitated by the website, and be transparent so that resources can be well distributed. 
  4. Before zoom modifies its interpreting function, we need to use minimal resources to deal with the issue of interpreting.@15  Currently, assigned interpreters can only hear the original speech and not from other interpreters; they cannot freely switch between dfferent interpretation channels. For example, if we add Arabic interpreting, we need several interpreters for Arab-English, Arab-Spanish, Arab-French. A low cost way to overcome this is for the interpreter to turn on 2 devices, one (as interpreter) to speak into, and one (as participant) to listen to different interpretation channels to do relay interpreting. Let us try first with IC zoom meetings, and later in Mexico 2021 forums. 
  5. Let us encourage voluntarism and contribution,@16  and find ways so that contribution need not become domination. We all have the good wish to involve movements on the ground, @17 so let us assist with facilitation and support so that they are the protagonists. 
  6. Before we find ideal or consensual solutions as to, for example, how decisions by the IC are taken and implemented, let us not procrastinate by lengthy debates, but take steps to move forward.@18 I believe such practical steps will not hinder political dialogues and debates, but help facilitate them.  

Seven years ago, on this day, Sept 12, Vinod Raina left us. Many of us remember him with fondness.@19  I, supposed to step in to take up his WSF IC work (and in particular his involvement in the Assembly of Social Movements), feel I have not properly done my job. 


Thank you again, and keep well in these difficult times. 


With warm regards, 

 Kin Chi