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(A proposal for an invitation text to the WSF 2021 put to consideration among many possible, its particularity is that it distinguishes the "for what" and the "how" -, that is, it is proposing a narrative of participation in FSM 2021)


Articulate in the face of growing chaos: an invitation to the fsm 2021 process that the world needs more than ever:

Why participate in FSM 2021?

From the list of signatory organizations, with organizations from the ci fsm and the Mexican facilitating collective, we invite the participation of more and more organizations and people who think that, or wonder how, an other world is possible. a different world from the destructive chaos of the planet and human societies, in which we enter, produced by 40 years of ideological or simply political hegemony of neoliberalism and its less and less democratic political alliances

This chaos is now exacerbated by the shock of a coronavirus pandemic, which is rooted in a predatory relationship to ecosystems and animals, and whose effects are exacerbated by the neo-liberalization of our societies, with the lack of social investment in the prevention and health systems and a delocalization of essential productions

Since 2001, the process of the world social forum (fsm) has been proposed as a horizontal "open space for meetings", where participants who act for "another possible world" seek to: intensify reflection, carry out a democratic debate of ideas, elaborate proposals, establish a free exchange of experiences and articulate effective actions to come in this space, participants recognize themselves with a series of generic values ​​and goals, and subscribe to the operating rules described in the letter of principles fsm.

We consider that the process of the world social forum, as a space for horizontal dialogue, with diversity and self-organization of its participating entities, which are the political actors in the forum, is a common good for world civil society more relevant than ever

We invite you to come participate online or in presence in the fsm2021 process-event that is active as of now, and take ownership of how to participate so that we can better achieve a counter-hegemonic scale effect in the face of this chaos.


How to participate in the WSF 2021? 

Since 2001 the fsm process is based on face-to-face dialogue activities in face-to-face events, we consider that this fsm2021 process can incorporate new forms of implementation in coherence with its principles, (underlined in the text ), in order to be more useful socially and politically in the challenging period of health, climate and democratic emergencies that we live in. We, undersigned, are working on this, and we understand to implement these forms with the contribution of all participants

1. Let us try that the process-space of the forum that was born with the internet is truly welcoming and inclusive online, through a proactive presence in corporate social networks, with easy and common access. welcoming for isolated militants, or those who cannot have resources or a visa to travel, welcoming for those who discover it virally on the recommendation of their acquaintances, and then more consciously include themselves as participants in the

2. Let us try that there, in an online space made visible, accessible and concrete, the participants can make their organizations and their actions visible, from where they live on the planet, and advance their goals for another possible world, through multi-session meetings in line . These meetings are more than webinars, more than activities, and allow for lasting and focused collective discussions, with a view to maturing effective articulations and coordination for initiatives of resistance and transformation.

3. Let us try that there is better stimulation and focus between participants, in the construction or self-organized reinforcement of coalitions formulating and promoting their initiatives (struggles, campaigns, projects and transformative practices). Participants are formulating their initiatives, be they direct initiatives with action plans, with decentralizable and synchronizable action dates, or they are articulating initiatives of other initiatives, with political narratives and inspiring agendas

4. Let us try to make the articulation progress made more visible, gathering dates of initiatives of initiatives placed in the fsm 2021 process in a calendar of future fsm 2021 in the medium term. With this common document, manageable with several filters, participants can communicate in their environment about the results of the forum, collect and express support from all over the world about the initiatives it contains, and plan to specify a future of actions in the short or medium plane

5. Let us try that an online event in January 2021 for 20 years in opposition to davos, and months later, an event fsm Mexico 2021, whatever the combination of face-to-face / online, perhaps the most polycentric it has with the pandemic, are culmination moments of the fsm2021 process. Delegates of local or online processes can be found at these events, in online or face-to-face activities, associating their groups by participating online and finalizing organizational and operational political agreements. Initiative actions can be committed on dates on the occasion of a futures agora at the end of the event . We give ourselves a post-event period of consolidation of the dynamics of articulations and of the initiatives reinforced or launched in the event, with the concretization of its first action dates.

6. Let's try that participants in the process make it more visible, empowering ourselves as communicators of what we do in the process and how we see the forum. we are producing equitably and broadcasting numerous “news from fsm”  on the channels within our reach

7. Let us try that our active participation in the process-space of the forum, with encounters, initiatives and activities, help our coalitions to grow and interrelate in a better way; we are looking at an effect of collective incidence in networks of these coalitions, which can be called a "global social subject"