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The facilitation of Dynex1FSM is

  • -the choice of general guidelines on the "shape" of the extension dynamics described above, combined with
  • -assignments of geographical or thematic regions of support to each support team member
  • - the operation of a common support team.
  • -a day to day online presence in contact with Dynex1WSF participants , plus online space care operations which can be summarized in a dozen of tasks , that are performed in various geographical or thematic “regions” of the online space

    • 1 / Create a generic online identity for these extension support tasks
    • 2 / Maintain and develop in one’s region the “Dynex1FSM online space”, common to participants with mailing lists, activity chat rooms, welcome circles, where those can walk in and out. This includes regulating the moderating the chat rooms associated with activities
    • 3 / Develop contacts with participants explaining them about the dynamics, welcoming those participating in activities and encouraging the placement of activities and initiatives
    • 4 / Help those who are willing to place activities and initiative in the dynamics, make visible their invitations in the online space
    • 5 / Disseminate invitations to activities for larger circles of WSF participants throughout the “online space”
    • 6 / Participate remotely in activities that have been accompanied, stimulate their local technical team, and help about online documentation (uploading on the page of invitation notes photos videos)
    • 7 / Technically support organizers of local activities that are physically nearby to open to remote participants
    • 8 / Stimulate the placement of initiatives, update the calendar of initiatives placed in Dynex1WSF online space, updated with the information provided, through a follow-up done with their promoters, guided by the 3 dates given for each initiative
    • 9 / Give global visibility to Dynex1WSF participants: managing the common online space and updating the directory of activities placed in Dynex1WSF (chronological view, geographic view, thematic view) and the calendar of initiatives
    • 10 / Organize global communication to and with participants; online info meetings about Dynex1WSF, publish a newsletter with general practical information about how to participate, without "editorializing" or giving priority to some themes or participants
    • 11 / Update Dynex1WSF event calendar; with information on events gathered through the multiple contacts
    • 12 / Update the support team of progress made in ones region of the dynamics


Behavior rules for contributors

Dynex1WSF Facilitating committee can establish some guidelines for contributor in the support team such as

  • 1/ have a clear vision and understanding of charter of principles and vision of WSF process as horizontal intercommunication open space and process. And convey this during online contacts with Dynex1WSF participants
  • 2/Dynex1WSF support team is expected not to single out and promote in a specific way, specific contents produced by participants in the activities place. There must be equality of visibility for each activity placed in the dynamics,
  • 3/ Visibility is given to activities in directories and on occasion of announcementn then on occasion of release of documentation producedn, then when /if there is a significant revival of discussion in an activity room which may be highlighted or transformed in another activity
  • 4/ in newsletter, there is no highlight on specific activities  
  • 5/ the Dynex1WSF "on line space" –welcome circle can be places where participants can disseminate info’s that remains relevant with the general scope of WSF as a dialogic space (no sectarian or religious propaganda or advertising)
  • 6/ contents input in activity chat room should be strictly linked to the topic of the activity :  those chat room are not a "media channel" for the partiicpants unlink the welcome circles