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  Your collective intends to answer the  invitation by the "comité organizador ECOSOL" ?




2/ fillthis form  and


3/Send it to ECOSOL expandida  team here: 



the part below is just to show what the partiicpation form looks like 

Announcement of Expanded Participation in ECOSOL 2010 

World forum 2010 event on solidarity economy 22-24 january  Santa Maria RS Brasil


Give the info you can  ( at least 1 2 3 4 7 8 10A/B/C) -

Send us another versions  with items  5 6  9 11 12 13 14 15 16 as you are maturing your participation  


1-Name and composition of our collective  ( list of organizations )

It can be one organization alone , nevertheless, Organizing an expanded activity between several organization is a good way to act in the dialogic spirit of world social forum,
Mixing organizations involved in solidarity economy and others also participating in world social forum process the





2- Name of our website or internet page  if there is one – if you have no website see item 16


3-Name of our City  - Country where our expanded activity will be held


4-Contact person(s)  (name & email) with “Ecosol expanded team” Contact given to us will be put on the ecosol expanded mailing list!




5-Participants names in www.openfsm.net   who  can be also contact for our collective  (if possible ) people registered in Openfsm can be put as contact through their user name without displaying their email address in public




6-Our Skype name(s) for contact in the Ecosol expanded chat room ( create one in www.skype.com) Having a Skype names present in the permanent chat room  is very useful to have  random interaction 




7 -“During ECOSOL  we will organize the following  “ECOSOL expanded  activity”: Date ( around 22-24 january) , duration ,  place, Title of activity ,  brief description of content

Your text will be put in the program of ecosol event   link 

Describe :




8-“Around” or during our expanded activity described in item 7  “We intend  to have a connection moment with a collective present in Santa Maria on the following topic”  (approx 2 hours duration) 

Give topics



9 -“We suggest the following day and time for the interconnection moment “ ( give time  in your city and in santa maria ( sao Paulo time )
Check the time difference here : link <We  will book the slot for your intercom moment here  : link




10A-“We have a person we know well present in santa maria , she will be our “ delegate”” She will bring other participants present in santa maria to the place and moment of connection to speak with us

If this is your case  give name coordinate phone mail adress  and the languages she can speak


10B- “The collective we want to intercommunicate with  on this topic is known” 

If this is your case  give name coordinate phone mail adress  of the other collective:


10C-“We have no delegate in Santa Maria and no counterpart collective we know yet on our topic”
We may try to help you find people to talk to ,  It can in any case be participants in santa maria that we invite from the street of the forum

Is this your case ? give indication on the type of collective you are looking for



11-We have in our collective people able to speak Spanish and Portuguese” ? It is very good if you can have people speaking those language in your collective that will make communication with santa maria easier

Is this your case ?



12-“ We can gather the following equipment and learn to use skype video chat- “video projector , a computer, microfone  webcam loudspeakers


 Any questions ?


For simplicity  Ecosol expandida supports mainly video/audio  chat on skype www.skype.com ) Other means of connection can be discussed,  and used in a self organized way  but the ecosol expanded team cannot guarantee it will will support them  Take a look here at other possibilities  : http://openfsm.net/projects/tecnointercomfsm/project-home

13- “We are available to make connection tests” 

When ?

A first level of test can be anytime in the ecosol expanded  chat room , webcam and microphone , a second level of test is in the room where the moment of connection will occur a few days before it is scheduled

14- “Besides our intercommunication moment , We are potentially interested in participating to “ walking intercommunication  inside santa maria forum” and/ or viewing some videos shooted by the Ecosol expanded team  

Is this your case ?


There may be these  modality of participation –not confirmed yet  and there maybe video

15- “We will record the intercommunication  moment in the following way , and will  send them to ecosol expanded team

Describe what you intend to do


You may be video shooting , audio recording , manual note taking and photos( see examples here link

16 - “We are interested in creating a space in openfsm.net  to host our collective” 

After registering in Openfsm  as one person, you can  create a new space here


You can ask for support to us for building your space

Is this your case ?



Openfsm space can be useful for gathering people willing to work together and creating a working community  to prepare the expanded activity and the live intercom,  When the “live” intercom stops, the “online” intercom is there to maintain fluidity of contacts inside the local collective and also  between local  collective – cross participation nin spaces, writing to each others lists etc, 
see examples here link


Thank you for having filled this form !

Send it to ECOSOL expandida  team: equipe-ecosol-expandida-manager@lists.openfsm.net     


After receiving it , we will 


  1.  Answer you to the sender address plus adresses given in item 4 10  11A,
    And in particular,  if  in item 11 you have not identified a delegate or a collective, we will  try to make suggestions for a counterpart collective present in santa maria  , being understood that it is your task to finalize the preparation with the people we indicate .  If you cannot organize something in advance we will invite “people from the street of the forum”  to come and talk informally with you ( it works very well too )

  2. Make your expanded activity announcement  in item 7 visible  in the Ecosol Expandida SPACE  to make the expanded program  with the contacts you give in item 5

  3.  Book the time slot defined in item 9  in one of the rooms  in santa Maria   (link)  with the topic you indicated  to make the intercom program

  4. Include the skype name(s) you give in item 6  into the Ecosol Expanded CHAT ROOM where you can exchange with others collectives and with the ecosol expanded team

  5. Include the contact mail(s) you give  in item 4 and 10 into the Ecosol Expanded DISCUSSION LIST  where you can exchange with others collectives and with the ecosol expanded team

  6. Help you ( if you expressed in item 16 that  you were interested )  to START YOUR AUTONOMOUS SPACE IN OPENFSM, making your activity visible  world wide , and allowing you to have your own  blog and mailing list and editing space , like a little website where  to prepare your “expanded activity” … and maybe continue together with your partners after it