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Extension initiative around the  resistencia popular habitat3 social forum

This initiative is part of the wsf 2016 extension dynamics and is related to the initiative announced  at the WSF 2016 herehttps://fsm2016.org/en/groupes/convergence-luttes-luchas-struggles-on-habitat-inen-octobre-2016/

AIH HIC No vox can contribute as mobilizacion  promoters on the occasion of this event in Quito

the goal is to enable remote exchanges between people willing to intercommunicar around right to housing and land  

skype  room in english is here https://join.skype.com/iGXF4dbgqqzI 

Its goal is to enable remote intercommunication between people who want to participate in some way in WSF process on occasion of the Quito event http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/event2016-forosocial-resistencia-popular-habitat3-quito

The extension  initiative is based on "Enlarging in Internet of dialogic situations in proximity " (ie people  involved in a collective dialogue  face to face are sharing in a skype room with remote participants photos, access chat audio text or video clips, live performance rel ated to this situation  and are   interacting with them)

Situations  of communication  can be one of the following

  1.  Preparation Activity in Quito (see experience preparatory meetings in Montreal) enlarged its oragnizadores internet in a skype own room (*)
  2. Activity in the event program in Quito (see page activities during the WSF Montreal) extended online by its organizers in a skype own room (*)
  3. Activity outside of Quito during or shortly before or after the event in Quito, (they are "local" activities enlarged online by their organizers in a skype own room (*) welcoming online  remote participants 
  4. Enlarging on internet a moment of the event in Quito where many people converge and the committee is concerned to include remote participants by volunteers acting Extension (march  or  convergence assemblies see in montreal )
  5. Follow up the event in Quito in their own skype room (*) by a person who, on behalf of his organization, share photos or videos notes about what you do during the event (taking activities, interviewing people)
  6. People group in one place to intercommunicate together some of the proposal 1 to 5  in a  " WSF café"

(*) The skype room is created when receiving in the mail extension@fsm2016.org the announcement by the organizers of the implementation of activity

Those interested in contributing to this initiative from Quito extension or outside Quito, either as people links / information stations, or as remote participants interested in intercomunicar are invited to come in skype meeting room here in english https://join.skype.com/iGXF4dbgqqzI