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• الازمات الاقتصادية في مصر وسياسات القوى المهيمنة • قروض الصندوق • الصكوك الاسلامية • موازنات لصالح رجال الأعمال • Economic crises in Egypt and the policies of dominant forces/powers • IMF Loans • Islamic Sukuk • Budgets pro the interests of businessmen
Relation with thematic axes: 
For a radical deepening of the revolutionary and decolonization processes in the North as well as in the South,
For a world rid of any hegemony or imperialist domination,
For the building of new universalisms,
For a human society, based on the principles and values of dignity, diversity, justice, equality between all human beings,
For a democratic world, ensuring without any kind of discrimination,
For the build up of alternatives to capitalism and neoliberal globalization, regulated upon the principles of cooperation,

Extended activity: 
Your activity will be held in Tunis