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The right to adequate housing has increasingly been a challenge to the Egyptian poor and middle class in general, especially in the expanding urban spaces. After the Egyptian uprising, the poor neighborhoods that have been victim of long marginalization, are threatened of forced evictions. This have been met with grass-rooted resistance against state housing policies. This workshop will discuss 1- housing violations in post-revolutionary Egypt, 2- the increasing experience of organizing the grassroots in the poor neighborhoods and the experience of supporting movements, 3- main challenges facing the movement in Egypt, 4- how can international networks of solidarity help coordinating the struggle on similar issues
Relation with thematic axes: 
For a human society, based on the principles and values of dignity, diversity, justice, equality between all human beings,
For the freedom of movement and settlement for all women and men
For a world in peace, free from the war as an instrument of economic, political and cultural domination
For a democratic world, ensuring without any kind of discrimination,
For the build up of alternatives to capitalism and neoliberal globalization, regulated upon the principles of cooperation,

housing, human rights, Egypt, social movements
Extended activity: 
Your activity will be held in Tunis