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Agora list page

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Hello , welcome to Agora list !

Thank you for accepting our invitation, and for finding interesting the initiative proposed  by our working group to develop exchanges between social forum event organizers in the context of 2012

The goal of this Agora list is simple : allow autonomous  interactions / cooperations between event organizers, whereby “past” event organizers can stay abreast of wsf process dynamics worldwide once their event is passed, and can engage In supporting “upcoming” event organizers, in various ways, from where they are

In order to post on the list , SIMPLY  answer to this message :

You can make a quick self introduction, mention your event, and give some indications:

-what are your intentions regarding possible contribution or participation in some of the 2012 upcoming events(*)

 - what are your interest , needs, challenges, ressources  on some of suggested themes/areas of possible cooperation on the occasion of those events (**)

( as messages on Agora list will stay on an internet page(***), kindly give only data for PUBLIC  usage, avoiding personal data).

Also if you want to make a new input or change in  the calendar (*) , please tell  us at fsm2012.apoyo en gmail.com

You will also find practical indications(****)  , that you can explore progressively, and questions are welcome


In solidarity

wsf2012 support group

Scope of our group  : http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2012-support-contact)

(*) event calendar : http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2012-calendar

(**) suggested dialogic and logistic discussion themes and modes of cooperation  : http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/espaciosoe-tema1-temas

(***)agora message log : http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/lists/espaciosoe-tema1

(****) practical indications : http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/espaciosoe-tema1-bienvenida-en



We are now  a good number of people  on Agora list, and more are coming  


We  have been among organizers of  past events or are organizing  upcoming events, of various type and size, see the names in the right column of the table here  http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2012-support-oecensing

Some organizers from main upcoming 2012 events are already present on the list ( see lines 4 43 54 56 100 113 of the table : Water forum, Monastir fsmaghreb mashrek  forum, Panamazonic forum,   etc

See the 2012 calendar here: http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2012-calendar

So it is time to open the Agora list to discussions !


The general theme of discussions is “how to contribute better to the various upcoming 2012 events related to social forum process, using past event experience, contacts, resources“

This contribution  to an upcoming event quality and success can be done through three main modes :

Mode 1-Exchange of experience /Advice ( messages on the  Agora list and  progressively on the 11 thematic  lists,  http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/project-home

Mode 2-Contribution to participation  in the event ( directly, going there, and / or remotely through “extended activities” from where you are)


Mode 3-Contribution to organizing the event ( directly,  or also remotely from where you are , kindly note that  this remote contribution can be done in several  important aspects, on website, mobilization, communication, remote  participation… organization of extended activities)

and of course Dissemination of invitation to participate concretely  in wsf2012 process in general





1-We will be using TWO ON LINE SPACES of openfsm  (“wsf2012-support” and “Espacios-OE”) that you can access here

http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support   and http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe   you see those root  url in all the links of this message and the title of each space is displayed In big letters in the black top banner of the page


2-If you want to CONTACT the 2012 support working group : send a message to “ fsm2012.apoyo en gmail.com”


3 -Agora list is for GENERAL discussion

 Discussions can be more FOCUSED in the 11 thematic lists http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/lists  

If you have a past experience  to share or you have an upcoming challenge on a certain theme, You can subscribe to the thematic list (s) that interest you clicking on the corresponding list and click on subscribe  or asking the group to subscribe you

When there are three names subscribed in one thematic  list  membership, the interacting can start

Messages in those lists are non public  , and can be made public or private upon collective option of participants


4 -Agora is a  PUBLIC list (all messages are kept public on internet , and visible here /http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/lists/espaciosoe-tema1 so people coming in Agora  for the first time are able to access the past messages  

So refrain from posting  PERSONAL DATA there, you can send personal information directly to your counterparts or to our mail “ fsm2012.apoyo at gmail.com”)


5 -Working LANGUAGES  in the list are English Spanish and French. Other language are welcome without translation assistance

So, Inasmuch possible  kindly try to send your message in two languages, we are looking for translation support


6 -A team of EDITORS , volunteering from the Agora membership, will be able to edit  in the pages associated to Agora  notes and contributions   http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/espaciosoe-tema1 and  same can be made in each thematic list

If you intend to be an OE space editor, please tell the working group at  "fsm2012.apoyo in gmail.com"