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Many struggles, many alternatives, one hashtag #Waveofaction

4.4.2014 – Worldwide launch by remembering Martin Luther King

May First – All fists unite against the PRISM and corporate capture of the Net -and Everything

Nov 5th – Billions march for life, peace and justice on Earth

Mesh networking peer to peer grassroots economies through FLOSS tools 

For the decommodifcation of the commons and emancipation of labour 

Since 2010-2011 we have been rising from our ashes in Athens, Paris, Wisconsin, Tunis, Cairo, Madrid, New York, Tel-Aviv, Rio, Istanbul and everywhere. We have been making millions of new connections, strengthening ties around the planet, we have learned a lot through our networks and linked them on the ground!

We started to become One, being connected without leaving our ‘selves’ aside. We have been learning what does really mean to work together on a daily base, improving most direct forms of solidarity amongst the people who live thousands of miles away from each other, accross the continents. We have opened a massive space, possibility, star-gate towards mature and advanced brave new worlds, parallel universes, visions of planetary human civilizations based on economies that work for all, not for a tiny minority of ruling classes!

We declared that we are showing a will to take over the planet back, and to shape our commons future together in a bottom-up, horizontal and egalitarian way. In order to make real democracies hard reality, we claimed that we are the end of the ‘ancient regime’ ruled by the 1%, we are the crisis of capitalism.

We said that we are Tharrek, 14J,  15M, Occupy, Democracy Real Ya!, Take The Square, 15O, 15M, 11.11.11, Gezi movements!

We said we are cyberpunk, free libre open source software and hardware, free culture and information activists, we are the PriateBay, the GNU, WikiLeaks, Tor, Anonymous, LulzSec!

We said we are Zapatistas, Water Warriors, Slum Dwellers, Immigrants, Street Traders, we are anti- and alter-globalization movements, environmentalists, feminists, anti-war activists, landless farmers, and LGBTs!

We said we are the bases of political parties and unions, we are like-minded individuals, collectives and networks forming one borderles and stateless global land. Being very much aware of the fact that this was just an opening to the longest international road to dignity.

We now call on the world to engage once and for all, and initiate and united direct actions, open sourced mobs, wikistrikes and netwrok them throughout 2014 by using one hashtag: #Waveofaction. Worldwide wave action is about united many waves, autonomous actions which will be organized and led by mesh network of online and grounded networks and assemblies around the world!

We finally are near to replace the current dominant forms of destructive and exploitative production, ownership and distribution relationships across the globe with fundamentally egalitarian distributed, peer to peer economies. So that it becomes possible for us to reverse the process that destroys the planet and humanity, to realise justice and peace globally.

In such P2P and FLOSS networking based economies, the commons will be rescued from the yoke of greedy capitalists. Individual will contribute to the work needs to be done for the collective good, based on customized and dynamic communally and locally defined -but interlinked and harmonized- collaboration protocols. So that no one will ever has to work more than 2-3 hours per day, and increasingly less, for the communities. While we reproduce physical and software ecology that maintain the life for each of us collaboratively, the rest of the day will be timeless, so anyone could use it as they wish to flourish and thrive.

Today we arrived at a moment that we finally have the material conditions to realize such transition which will replace the old rotten system with new, healthy, productive, joyful and inspiring ones, that are built by engaged communities according to their needs and connected to others. This is not only possible now but also much more realistic response to the crisis then that given by the war-prone elite hierarchies. We need to join and lead alternatives towards mature and advanced civilizational models that are in harmony with each-other and with the cosmos.

On the 4th of April we are calling you to join world wide connected and continuous strikes and actions forming a tsunami like Worldwide Wave of Action (#WaveofAction). Network traditional industrial actions with new generation ones; media-activism, flash mobs, leaks, hackatons, occupations, meditations, art strikes, student strikes, teachers’ strikes, women’s strikes, peace strikes, nudity strikes, as well as many other creative and peaceful forms of innovative self-expression that shares the feeling and the reality of our struggles through this shared hashtag.

Be part of the worldwide, open-ended, creative, assertive and constructive strikes that will change the world forever

People United as One, Divided by Zero   

 All for one, one for all!