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1) List of invitees. 1

2) Mobilization. 1

3) Methodology. 3

4) Communication. 4

5) Interpretation. 4

6) Infrastructure and logistics. 4

7) Calendar towards the WSF FP. 4

1. Proposal of general table of the artistic and cultural program.. 4

2. Table of general program.. 5

3rd. Axes of the WSF Free Palestine. 5

4th Report of the communication working group. 5




Meeting minutes of the meeting of the Brazilian Organizing Committee for the World SocialForum Free Palestine, August 18, 2012 - Decisions and referrals


1) List of invitees

- Were read the 250 names on the list and the names that were consensus in both Palestine

and Brazil were marked

- It was reported that up to that time, the Palestinian committee had given return just about International names and the names of Palestinians living outside Palestine. The other names will be evaluated in the coming days

- Invitations will be sent to all the names of consensus in both parties

- the invitations are for the event, with the suggestion that each within their own capacitiesis encouraged to pay for their own costs as a contribution to the organizing the event.

Based on the answers, we will review again the list.

- It was suggested that entities and individuals who are members of the International Council and the organizing committee are removed from the list because they are an active part of the process and therefore it is expected that they participate in the FSM FP

- The need to think of a broader strategy to ensure the presence of social movements for the event was pointed out

- It was decided that the Secretariat will send the model standard letter of invitation to the list so that organizations can assist in sending invitations


2) Mobilization

a) Value of inscriptions

The payment of inscription is a political call to self-sustainability of the World Social Forum Free Palestine, and is a contribution of all organizations and individuals participating in its construction. Aware of the different payment possibilities of the participants in a situation of crisis and dwindling resources internationally, theOrganizing Committee stipulated FSMPL different fees that were defined as follows:

- Organizations (entitled to up to 5 delegates): 200 reais

- Individuals: 20 reais

- Palestinian Refugees: free

- Stall: 1200 Actual

- Trade union confederations*: 2000-5000 reais, according to ability.

* It was found that the TU confederations receiving union fees are entities that in the current scenario are guaranteed regular input of resources. The distinctive contribution of unions to the WSF FP event is more a sign of their commitment to the Palestinian cause and the recognition of inequalities in access to resources that exist between different actors in organized civil society.

The committee is aware, however, that there are asymmetries between countries andthere are unions who, by choice, do not receive such funding and is open to requests from TU confederations wishing to participate in the FSMPL but are unable to afford such costs for inscription. In addition to the registration fee, the unions are invited to contribute extra donations to the organization of the event.


b) Goals of mobilization

The GT Mobilization presented the steps taken so far:

- WSF FP launch in January 2012, in Porto Alegre

- Report from the national plenary of the coordination of social movements, who discussed the matter and decided to take it up again after the Rio +20

- Activity of promotion during the Forum of Free Media, concomitant to the People’s Summit at the Rio +20

- Called of the Latin American leftist parties participating in the network of the Forum Sao Paulo

- Call of social movements that comprise the network of the BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India- China-South Africa) in support FSMPL

- Promotion during the World Peace Conference

- Promotion by Fepal and partner organizations during the visit to Palestine

- International mobilization already organized by the Palestinian Organizing Committee Palestine that divided responsibilities for mobilizing across the globe in various regions and created a list of spaces of debate and articulation of those interested in participating A very important step was taken in Monastir, Tunisia on the occasion of the meeting of the WSF International Council, when it constituted an international committee with the aim to mobilize and give visibility to the WSF Free Palestine. A call was given out which has been endorsed by different organizations, collectives and movements.

Based on the reports of the movements and entities that comprise the GT on the process mobilization so far, we evaluated which is necessary to intensify the mobilization and promotion. We can work with the following goals (already considering national and international participation):

- Arab Community: 3,000

- Social movements: 6,000

- Networks, local organizations (state of Rio Grande do Sul): 3.000

- Individuals: 3,000

Estimated Total: 15,000 participants

The GT considers as next steps for mobilization:

- Meetings with the networks of the movements - Coordination of Social Movements

(CMS) and the People's Assembly (PA) - to discuss the preparation

- Conduct educational activities on the topic of Palestine

- Organize a week or a day of action to launch the WSF FP in the media outlets of the unions, social networks, networks of bloggers in a "pro-Palestinian offensive"

- Continue spreading the WSF FP throughout the agendas of mobilization of the social movements to inform them and call for their participation

The Sept. 18 marks the 30th anniversary of the massacre of Sabra and Shatila and is an importantdate in spreading the WSF FP. The GT will move forward taking into account the proposedactions for that date. Organizations attending the meeting will share their programs for that date and will take advantage of the date to strengthen the call for the WSF FP.

It was also suggested:

- Promote the WSF FP among committees formed at the People’s Summit and other

mobilizing events.

- Hold meeting with public media (the three levels of government) prepare coverage and to promote the event

- Include more content on the site about the history of the conflict and who participates in the process


3) Methodology

Reports were given on the definitions already made up to that time: the axes; the table of the general schedule of the forum (times and distribution) and were presented the points to be decided upon in this meeting, namely:


a) Overall table of artistic activities

* It was explained that the grid is generally only determining the time in which activities may occur. The inscription process will determine the programming of the self-organized activities and the necessity of rooms. The grid was approved without modifications. The GT Methodology will get to work on detailed proposal from the inscriptions.

* Approved the name of Marcel Khalifa to perform in one of the shows - opening or closure (subject to availability of the artist). The secretariat of the WSF FP will contact him to find out more about technicalities and needs of the show needs and to identify possible sponsors.

* Other names and contacts of proposals may be submitted to the secretariat: secretaria.fspl at gmail.com

See the grid culture, axes and grid overall Annex.


b) Criteria for inclusion of activities

* The criteria for inscription of self-organized activities were read and approved and a calendarfor the inscription process approved, namely:

- September to 15 October: Registration

- 15-31 October: convergence of activities

- Until November 10: compilation and publication of the program of the event on the site of theWSF FP

* The registration form self-organized activities will be translated and circulated soon so thatentities can now start organizing, planning and coordinating with other organizations. The precise date of entry into the internet system of inscriptions of organizations and activities is not yet defined but that does not stop the movements from beginning the preparation of the activities.

* It was emphasized that it is pre-registration of activities. The confirmation that the activity is actually taking place will be made in the period between 15 and 31 October, as an outcome of the convergence work between activities. It is also necessary that the organization pay theirregistration before the activities is 100% confirmed.

* The registration of individuals and organizations that do not intend to do self-organized activities will continue until early November (date of completion online: 10 November). You can also make entries at the time of the event.


4) Communication

* The GT read the plan prepared by them, which was approved by the committee. The GT announced that it will hold a meeting on the 20th, whose report will be sent to the list soon.


5) Interpretation

* It was reported that there is already a registration form for both interpreters and translators which will be translated and released as soon as possible

* It was announced that the mobilization plan of interpreters includes: registration of volunteers in September and training in October


6) Infrastructure and logistics

The GT infrastructure and resources presented the overall design of the event and the budget initially planned and reported on the progress of the fundraising at the federal, state and municipal level.

The state government of Rio Grande do Sul has formalized its support for the WSF FP, with the governor's signature in terms of commitment, assuming support for areas such as printing materials, connectivity and security during the event. We may extend support in the negotiations process.

The City has already publicly expressed their support, especially in the area of local

infrastructure, such as tents or rooms for activities, sound systems, and the like. We await agreement on the contract to be signed by the mayor.

At the federal level, the Minister Gilberto Carvalho has already expressed formal support to the event, which is expected around the areas of translation and interpretation, culture and airfares for guests. Negotiations are in progress and we envision a scenario of limited resources, but do not rule out support.

At the level of organizations, this event will rely heavily on the direct contribution of the involved entities to ensure the realization. We hope that all entities and organizations that can support the WSF FP make contact with the secretariat of the event to achieve this.

Due to some messages that circulated in the list of the WSF FP, it was stressed that the Brazilian organizing committee for the WSF FP is not structurally related to past events or future initiatives. The fundraising that is being done is aimed at the financing the WSF FP event and not intended to pay off previous debts of others events, much less to ensure the holding of future events. It was also explained that the secretariat already works on alternatives if the municipality does not acknowledge the support originally promised.


7) Calendar towards the WSF FP

The date of September 22 was set as possible the next meeting for the WSF FP organizing committee.



1. Proposal of general table of the artistic and cultural program

28.11 – Wednesday 29.11 – Thursday 30.11 – Friday 01.12 – Saturday (Central conferences are being held and hence there will be no simultaneous other activities scheduled) (Central conferences are being held and hence there will be no simultaneous other activities scheduled) (Central conferences are being held and hence there will be no simultaneous other activities scheduled) 12h15--13h15 – Testimonials, film and video screenings, music performances, theatres, poetry recitals 13h30--17h – Artistic--cultural self--organized activities (to be evaluated according the demand of self’organized events of this type) 17h--20h – film and video screenings (for now we have one space available, we will evaluate if we need more) From 20h onwards – Music concerts, theatre, poetry recitals --‐ Permanent exhibition of photos, cartoons etc.: to map how many walls, corridors are available that can be used to display pictures ... We must also wait to see what appears in the inscriptions

 2. Table of general program

28.11 – Wednesday 29.11 – Thursday 30.11 – Friday 01.12 – Saturday (registration continues) 9h--‐12h00 Central Conferences (Axis 1 e 2) (registration continues) 9h--‐12h00 Centrla conferences (Axis 3 and 4) 9h--‐12h00 Central conferences (Axis 5) 13h30--‐16h30 Self--‐organized activities 13h30--‐16h30 Self--‐organized activities 14h00 Social movements Assembly 14h – Arrival of delegates and registration 20h – Opening show 17h--20h: March on the Day of International Solidarity with the Palestinian people (from Largo Glênio Peres to th eamphitheatre Pôr do Sol followed by ceremony and shows) Evening Shows and other artistic and cultural activities 19h00 – Closing ceremony and show

3rd. Axes of the WSF Free Palestine

- Self-determination and the right of return

- Human rights and international law

- BDS and strategies of struggle

For a world without walls and without racism

- Other forms of resistance and social movements

4th Report of the communication working group


The World Social Forum Free Palestine (WSF FP) fits into the social forum process world wide,as a thematic forum, aimed at encouraging debate and networks to build international solidarity with the Palestinian people. The concrete aim is to develop strategies for this international mobilization to be visible, vigorous and effective and to generate increasing strength to stop the Israeli occupation and restitute the historical rights of the Palestinian people. The WSF FP covers issues crucial to saveguarding and guaranteeing the dignity of the Palestinian people, such as the defense of the right of return and the BDS campaign. These features make the relationship

between the themes that WSF FP raises and a coordinated communication particularly important.

Whereas this form of communication is a strategic part to the success of the WSF FP, and the next 3 months will require commitment and dedication, the Organizing Committee of the World Social Forum Free Palestine, held August 18, in São Paulo, approved the following communication plan towards WSF FP


1) Construction of communication at the WSF FP is essentially activist and volunteer based and open, and must rely on the collaborative effort, supportive and committed of all that from this Aug. 18 come to join the WG Communication and its informal network of shared communication


2) The WG can join networks, people, media, organizations and movements that want to contribute to the WSF and to ensure that its calls are known to all and contribute to actively extend the mobilization of Brazilian and international solidarity with the Palestinian cause


3) The concept of WSF FP communication is the shared communication, wherein each of us has additional tasks and responsibilities in promoting international dialogue of solidarity, and that what is produced individually can be used, reproduced and improved by the collective actions


4) The WSF FP strategy must go beyond the "communicate to mobilize," and include dimension of "mobilizing to communicate" in the sense that our action will mobilize our partners and stakeholders, so that they also take ownership of the practices and content to communicate and convene solidarity with the Palestinian people. In other words "Communicate to mobilize tocommunicate"


5) Solidarity with the Palestinian people has been the subject present in the media and in their free forums and meetings, in Bethlehem, in Dakar, in Porto Alegre, in Rio de Janeiro, creating common links that today constitute an international movement for right to communication, which will give its next steps in Tunisia, WSF 2013. BDS marathons were as well part of the schedule of the alternative media, the WSF Free Palestine is part of this journey, and mustexpress our commitment to making communication a transforming experience



6) The free medi are those that serve communities, social struggles, culture and diversity. They are practicing licenses favorable to collective use and are not business corporations. They understand communication as a human right and therefore want to change communication in theworld. They include activist sites, popular publications, radios and community TVs, culture centers (in Brazil) and many groups active in social networks. They include also agencies,magazines and broadcasters that are alternative, nonprofit, specialized or focused on working

with the guidelines proposed by social movements, unions, academic or cultural movements.

Inside or outside these spaces are also free media people - journalists, communicators and educational communicators, bloggers, video makers and developers of free technologies thattoday constitute a growing movement for the right to communication. And all these are to be mobilized to understand the fundamental lines of the Palestinian struggle, and disseminate andcover the WSF FP, and communicate their solidarity with the Palestinian people.




7) Our action by WSF FP already counts on:

* A website and a team trained and ready to feed him, and joint management with Palestinian committee. The address is http://wsfpalestine.net/. * An email to disseminate information to the free, alternative and conventional press: prensa@wsfpalestine.net *A list for the CommunicationWG gt_comunicacao_-fsmpl@googlegroups.com * Electronic call in 5 languages * A template

newsletter to disseminate the news that result from this meeting and others that come from the International Committee or the Palestine Committee and other information sources working for WSF PL. * An organized group (open to new members) with the task of animating social networks regarding the WSF FP, with calls and links. * Experience of members who participated in the marathons of free media on the themes of Palestinian rights during BDS campaigns, and that are again programmed for the WSF FP * Experience of members in the organization of workshops on shared communication and solidarity with the Palestinian people, if planned * Local partnerships in Porto Alegre, bringing together people, equipment, and willingness to contribute to the WSF FP so that we can have availability of records and broadcasts within the scope of our resources.



9) Infrastructure for the media to do work, which are spaces with good internet connection, some computers with good editing programs, and especially a space where alternative media can construct joint agendas

10) Dialogue with the public media, to fulfill its role of giving voice to meetings organized civil society, reserving space on disclosure and coverage of the WSF FP

11) Call of the WSF FP to activists of communication, translators / and the journalists to come and join us for interviews, creating calls, animation of social networks, voluntary translation of materials on the WSF FP

12) Ensure in conjunction with the Brazilian committee and its strategy to support the

mobilization nationally, to guarantee the presence of free media linked to the WSF and thecoverage of the struggles of the Palestinian people at the WSF FP in Porto Alegre.

13) Discuss and integrate the work plans of the Communication Commission of Brazil and Palestine.

Note: It was requested that the site publishes articles and news about the situation of Palestine. It was requested that the site disclose the names of the organizations that comprise the Committees WSF FP

São Paulo, August 18, 2012