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Agora99 – Euro-Mediterranean meeting on Debt, Democracy & Rights

Rome, November 1–3, 2013


What is it?

Agora99 is a Euro-Mediterranean meeting on Debt, Democracy and Rights aimed to create a wide and shared process towards a Europe of the commons. The first Agora99 was held on November 14 2012 in Madrid, after the proposal was born in an international assembly during Blockupy Frankfurt 2012. The next Agora99 will be held from 1st to 3rd of November 2013 in Rome.


Why another Agora99?

Beyond the important mobilizations and action days taking place around Europe there's also a continuous need to open spaces for common discussion on the transformation of the Euro-Mediterranean space. Even though the Euro-Mediterranean area has been deeply wounded by austerity measures, impoverishment, loss of social rights and rising racism, the crumbling fortress Europe isn't just a space of crisis held hostage by the Troika. It's also a transforming, everchanging space, kept alive by the many diverse, simultaneously sprouting struggles demanding rights and democracy instead of debt slavery.

During recent years the 99% has risen up all over the world against national governments and financial power. In this scenario, the translation [transformation?] of these struggles into a common constituent process is what's at stake.


What for?

The aim of this second Agora99 is to ask ourselves what the European space we currently live in is, and how can we change it collectively. Debt, Democracy and Rights are the three cardinal directions of a compass we would like to assemble collectively, starting from the different practices we have been inventing and learning through our local struggles. The idea and practice of the commons is a magnetizer to help us navigate together. We want to create an open space made of differences and commonalities – a space where we can cooperate and design the tools, practices and strategies we need to build the Europe we want.


What will be the content?

Agora99 will have three different working spaces:

Round tables: Spaces of discussion on specific issues in connection to the three axes debt, rights and democracy to share knowledge and views, and to develop common perspectives.

Workshops: Working spaces to share local experiences and practices, and develop common tools and strategies. 

General assemblies: Spaces for sharing the work done in round tables and workshops, and to further discussing common conclusions and proposals.


How is it organized?

Transnational work in preparation of the next Agora99 is coordinated through the European mailing list transcollab  at ists.so36.net (in English). This is a list created during a European assembly in Blockupy Frankfurt 2012 and further developed since the first Agora99 in Madrid. Mumble meetings are held periodically on the tomalaplaza.net server.

The work of the hosting node in Rome will be coordinated through the local mailing list roma99agora at inventati.org (in Italian). To subscribe to the local list mail to: xxxx  at nventati.org. Open preparatory meetings of Agora99 at city level will be notified on the local list. 


How can I participate?

Agora99 is not a pre-package event or conference. It isn’t intended as a “classical” networking meeting either. It is an open process that only works through active participation and collaboration.

The program of the meeting is formed out of workshop proposals of the participating groups. All information needed for submitting proposals for the next Agora99 will soon be published in 99agora.net. In the meanwhile we encourage you to take a look at the materials already available on the web site and get familiar with the contents and methodology developed this far.


Agora99 Euro-Mediterranean meeting on Debt, Democracy & Rights

Rome, November 1–3, 2013