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Blockupy Zeil


Block Business, Visibilize Exploitation, Demonstrate Solidarity!

The 31s of May 2013 together with many different peoople we will block the capitalist business-as-usual with disobedient actions and attac exploitative working relations locally and worldwide. Therefore we will carry our creative resistance in one of Europe´s shopping streets with most sales, the Francfort Zeil. Our action is not directed against workers or costumers but against global relations of production.

The Blockupy Action Days 2013 protest against the autoritarian crisis policies which are currently imposed in the EU. Therefore they start with a blockade of the European Central Bank, a crucial institution of theses policies. But the capitalist crisis exists not only at the level of banks and  EU institutions, but affects us imediately in every day life.In precarious employement, in stress and competition, while we work and live.


Global Exploitation in the Clothing Industry

This is particularly obvious in the textile industry. The company´s profit is based on an aggresive exploitation of workers along the global commodity chains. At the sites of productions workers  manufacture for European companies for extremely low wages under working conditions often harmful to health. Catastrophes like the deaths of workers due to fires or collapses of factories sometimes reach our media. But resistance and organizing of workers in those factories in fact is going on every day, as the exploitation along the global commodity chains itself.


Precarious Employment in the Retail Sector

Also wokers in Germany are affected, also here the rights of the 2.7 Million people working in the retail sector are under attack and their wages are lowered. Both in Bangladesh and in the Francfort Zeil it is specifically women who are affected by the lowest salaries. And everywhere is valid: the lower the wages, the higher the company´s profit. Employers´ attac on the collective agreement in the retail sector is just a current example of a general trend to flexibilize working hours and conditions. Always available- but just 5 hours a month of garanteed work. Family, spare time, travelling? –All Subject to Aproval.


Protest together

The expansion of low wages, precarious and „flexibilized“ working conditions is concerning all of us. Capitalism is a permanent crisis. Therefore together we will interrupt the crisis-ladden capitalist business-as-usual . With creative and disobedient actions we will block the normal business of retail stores in the Francfort Zeil. We will visibilize actors of capitalist exploitation adn demonstrate solidarity with workers´struggles. We will send out  a loud a viisible message against exploitation and competition, for cooperation and solidarity.


May 31st. 12.30 pm. Primark, Zeil 94, at the fountain.