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22nd August 2013, Thursday UTC (GMT) 18:00 / MUMBLE Server: Occupytalk.org

Room: Assemblies & Round Tables > OPEN SPACE


For updates, details of the schedule, location and time, how to get in Mumble, background documents, first call in multiple languages and more info see below.



This is an update to the call made for a Global Open Space to be held on Mumble, with comrades participating from countries recently rose up as well as countries in move, hopefully all over the world.


For some, it will be the 3rd Transnational call after the re-resurgences in Turkey, Brazil, Egypt and Bulgaria in recent months, and a continuation of the discussion and planning a Road Map towards and beyond 15 October 2013. One thing we would like to think together is how can we empower our local resurgences and connect them each other even stronger towards common visions of World Revolution towards #15O 2013.


Join us and invite others, and please spread the word!


Hope to see you Thursday!





We have been inviting and encouraging comrades from different countries where large mobilisations and uprisings are still or re-taking place. We ask you all to join in an hour long exchange-update session from 17.00 PM GMT (18.00 London time), an hour before we start with the meeting.


We would like to encourage all who wish to join and suggest a topic for discussion for the break out session, within the framework of ‘Global Convergence On the Road to #15O Global Revolution’. You can do it before, from now on, or during the meeting by writing down your topic in the table created under the title Open Space Schedule & Rooms on the collaborative document here:


You just need to insert the title of your topic and you name in one of the rooms created already like: Global, Gezi, White, Red, etc. It does not matter which one. In case there is no empty box left, create one or just write it in any of the existing ones. We will put it in order before the meeting:


In addition to the Global Open Space at 18.00 GMT, the Occupy (Inter)National Gathering has been working to create an all-day online Global Convergence Open Space to join in cannels, make connections, do presentations and skill shares. We would also like to encourage all to suggest activities for any part of the day. The schedule of suggested activities for Global Convergence Day:



Occupy (Inter)National Gathering: http://interoccupy.net/natgat2/




17h00: Updates from countries (Subroom – Global)


18h00:  Intro (by a person of the open facilitation team), choosing facilitators/stack takers/notes takers, and open invitation to suggest sessions within the bulletin board (30 minutes)


18h30:  1st round - Open Space (brake out rooms): People create rooms for discussions about subjects they choose, all ideas are welcomed



19h15:  2nd round (Plenary session): Global convergence discussion on actions towards and beyond 15O (1h30)


20h45:  Feedbacks and checkouts (30 min)


21h15:  Open ended space to continue talking how to build towards / beyond15O, based on concrete actions



Report from the 1st Transnational Meeting June 27:



Report from the 2nd transnational meeting – July 21:




3rd Transnational meeting – Global Open Space



22nd August 2013, Thursday

UTC (GMT) 18:00

London: 19:00

Madrid: 20:00

Istanbul: 21:00

Rio de Janeiro: 15:00

New York: 14:00


Check your local time here: time zone converter




MUMBLE Server: Occupytalk.org

Room: Assemblies & Round Tables > OPEN SPACE



Mumble is a voice chat Open Source software (works similar to Skype but is not a corporate tool). Please follow these instructions to get connected. If this is the first time you use Mumble, please try to log in at least half an hour in advance, we will be there to help you.


How to join Mumble - multi language: http://titanpad.com/mumbleguide







1) ENGLISH : Global Open Space -  On the Road to #15O Global Revolution

2) FRANCAIS: Espace Ouvert Global - En route vers la Révolution Globale #15O

3) ESPAÑOL: Espacio Abierto Global, Caminando Hacia el #15O Revolución Global

4) TÜRKÇE: Küresel Açık Mekan #15O Küresel Devriminin Yolunda

5) POLSKI: Globalna Otwarta Przestrzeń - W drodze do globalnej rewolucji #15O


Here: http://piratepad.net/GlobalOpenSpaceFBtext