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Here it comes: Evaluation of Budapest Seminar on Far Right on 3rd April 2014.

Title of the Seminar: Strategies for the struggle against the Far Right and Neo-Fascism in Europe

Registered number of participants: 110

Countries: HU (60) PL (15), GR (6), CZ (4), AT (8), FR (4), RU (3), BE (1), TR (1), UK (1), DE (1),

Languages/ Simultaneous interpretation: HU, EN, FR, PL

Trade Unions: Teachers TU (HU) CGT, FSU and Solidaire (FR),

The programme started with significant delay (about half an hour at 9:30 h) and ended at 17:25, followed by an antifa march to Gellert Hill with about 150 participants, commemorating Hungary’s Liberation from the Nazi occupation in 1945.

Due to few interest from the Hungarian media only an interview was given by Matyas Benyik to Mix Online: http://www.mixonline.hu/Cikk.aspx?id=97449 and a brief article was published on Hungarian Television Channel ATV http://www.atv.hu/belfold/20140403-nemzetkozi-antirasszista-szeminarium-budapesten

Brief evaluation: The seminar was logistically and technically well organized, contentwise it was very rich, participants were fully satisfied.

The seminar was an important step forward in the Altersummit process.

The only critique received was that there were too many speakers and only few interventions could come from the floor.

Another weakness of the event was the poor representation of young people and of the Trade Unions.

For the in advance distributed draft final declaration text three proposals/modifications were mentioned: 1.) One of the reasons of the far right advance is the weakness of the Left; 2.) There is no Left wing alternative socio-economic vision, but neoliberal economic policy; 3.) Solidarity with the Ukanian antifascists.

The modified declaration is translated into EN, FR, HU. There will also be translated later into PL and GR. The complete seminar was recorded/videod, some of the speakers sent us their text in advance, which is to be published later.

Athens, 13th April, 2014. Matyas Benyik, One of the Seminar organizers   http://www.praguespring2.net/