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Nepal Youth Social Forum (NYSF)-2070, Dhangadi


"Dignity, Justice and Development
Moving Ahead: Experiencing from the Past"

Social Forum
Social forum is an open platform where everyone gets space to express their views. It is a forum to express the voice of voiceless, suppressed and oppressed groups, underprivileged, minorities, and socially and economically deprived people. The disadvantageous and minority group get space to express and raise their issues, speak up for equity and equality and claim for their rights.
The campaign of Social Forum started in Brazil went through Mumbai of India, Karachi of Pakistan, Burma, Karakas of Venezuela, Nairobi of Kenya, Sri Lanka, etc. nations of the world. In the year 2011 February, World Social Forum, was held in Dakar, Senegal. South Asian social forum is planned in March 2014 in Lakhnau, India. The Nepal Youth Social Forum 2070 with the main slogan "Dignity, Justice and Development, Moving Ahead: Experiencing from the Past" has been planned to be organized in Dhangadi, Kailali during 8-9 March 2014.  
Rationale of Youth Social Forum
Nepalese youth have few opportunities to gather in the public forums and to discuss the burning social, cultural, economic and political issues from local, national as well as global perspective. Due to lack of such forums they are compelled to suppress their innovative ideas that could be important for social development process of the country.  Youth are the essence of transformation; they have the power to bring great and far-reaching changes, they are the realists dreaming for the impossible and building another world. It has been already proved that youth involvement is essential for all types of socio-political and economic changes. The issues of basic needs (food, shelter, clothing, education, health etc.) fulfilment, social inclusion, state restructuring and participation of various groups for it, equality & equity among cultural, religious, geographical, gender etc. diverse sections of the state, development of the society etc. should be discussed and draw common understanding in peaceful, participatory and satisfactory model. Since, youth are not only the future but the present; they should be engaged and involved in every discussions, processes, mechanisms and structures of the state.   
In this context, NYSF is a common meeting ground of large number of Nepalese youth for open dialogue as an important mechanism for developing a new vision and a long term strategy for making just society where the fundamental human rights of people are respected. The NYSF will raise the local and national social issues as well as global issues and its impact in the local to national context and will be discussed heavily among the participants to draw common consensus.
History of Social Forums in Nepal
Nepal Youth Social Forum - 2063, Kathmandu
To bring into reality the vision of social forum in Nepal, more than 2 dozens of youth organizations and national/international solidarity organizations in the coordination of Youth Action Nepal together organized the Nepal Youth Social Forum (NYSF, 2063) for the first time in Kathmandu. The feeling of all world social forums ‘Volunteerism and the activities based on it’ was also followed in the NYSF-2063. More than 200 volunteers worked dedicatedly for around a month to make NYSF successful and meet its objectives. In NYSF-2063, around 2000 youth from all over the country gathered in the common forum and organized more than 100 different programs during two days.
Nepal Youth Social Forum - 2064, Nepalgunj
The continuity of the initiative took place during NYSF-2064 in Nepalgunj, Banke district of Mid-Western Development Region. Behind the fact of organizing most of the high level programs in Kathmandu, this initiative of organizing NYSF outside Kathmandu valley has proved its vitality of being people’s forum. In this youth social forum, having solidarity of 80 different youth led and youth focused organizations and more than 100 programs with the participation of 2500 participants to justify the importance of these kinds of youth forums. 
Nepal Youth Social Forum - 2065, Biratnagar
Similarly, NYSF - 2065 was organized in Biratnagar, Morang of Eastern Development Region. Around one hundred fifty parallel activities were organized and more than 15,000 young people participated in this forum. More than 250 dedicated young volunteers actively participated in this forum to succeed. This was the common initiatives of one hundred twenty national and local organizations.
Nepal Youth Social Forum-2067, Palpa
The fourth episode of Nepal Youth Social Forum-2067 was organized in Tansen, Palpa of Western Development Region of Nepal. The NYSF in Palpa was jointly organized by 108 CSOs and participated by more than 12,000 people. The two day event was glorified by more than 50 various parallel programmes. Like other NYSFs, this event is also considered as a landmark in the history of youth social movement of Nepal.
Nepal Youth Social Forum-2070, Dhangadi
Constitution making and peace process are the prime agendas of the country. The expectation of the people has grown higher after the historic Constituent Assembly Election in 2013. The common expectations are new constitution with Federal Republican state structure ensuring the values, feeling and human rights of all. In the half-decade-long phase of National Youth Policy promulgation and implementation, the year 2014 is a right time to review the achievements of NYP. In this important stage of the history, youth's participation, engagement and representation in the decision making, policy formulation has become more vital and prominent. The policy and programs formed without the inclusive representation of youth is unwise and may be defective for the nation.  
The Youth's movement today is one of the more dynamic movements in the country. The youth have not only put the issue of participation and non-discrimination on the country's agenda, but have also shown innovation and created a broad unity of different types of movements.The youth are conscious about the political, social, cultural and economic status of the country and they have that capacity to create new vision, strategy, policy and programs for overall development of the country. The NYSF-2070 going to be organized in Dhangadi, Kailali is another important continuity to youth collaborative movement to raise the youth issues and generate youth power to see and visualize New Nepal through their eyes. The forum is a collective effort that is attempting to realize an alternative future by creating space for action and interaction among young people from all over Nepal.
Strategically, Dhangadi is potential tourist destination, a place with varied resources and a fertile place of economic development. Organizing NYSF in Dhangadi is expected to lead to a cross fertilisation of ideas not only in geographical terms but also in terms of the grammar of resistance and fusion of youth involvement for all round development. Hence, NYSF-2070 with the slogan "Dignity, Justice & Development, Moving Ahead: Experiencing from the Past" is aimed to gain broader solidarity among thousands of youth from there and from all over the country.
Theme of this Forum

1. Youth Participation
2. Livelihood, Entrepreneurship & Employment
3. Migration & Development
4. Women health rights & violation
5. FW & MW specific social issues & mainstreaming
6. Good governance & local development
7. FW & MW Development & possibilities
8. Social security
9. Constitution making process
10. Human rights, peace & democracy
Attractions of NYSF-2070, Dhangadi
NYSF events and programmes
Development Expo (NGO stalls)
Parallel and plenary workshops
Rally & Public demonstrations
Photos, pictures, arts and poster exhibitions
Information exchange program
Collecting Listener's group for different social campaigns
Local product stalls
Cultural exhibition and demonstrations
Blood donation
Cartoon demonstration
Speech & Poetry session
Fund raising campaigns
Local cultural performance
Entrepreneurship and tourism promotional events
Live shows
Forum theatres
Book Fair
Dialogue and interactions
Featuring documentaries
Youth views collection
Games and Music
Musical program for solidarity, peace and harmony
Signature campaign
And other local events etc.
Who will be involved?
The NYSF is a national event to raise the voice of youth on the common concern of youth and national development, so youth throughout Nepal will be the major participants of this forum. All interested youth after fulfilling the certain criteria of registration process of this forum can participate in any event of this forum. The adults can also participate in this forum as observers. Like-minded youth and other civil society organisations can also involve in this forum as delegates of the thematic issues and they too can involve in the events of their interest and concern. Youth from different colleges and universities can also get involved in this forum
Who can be the organiser?
All the organisations interested to organise one or more events or provide other kinds of technical and financial support will be the organiser of NYSF. The details about the policy for the organisers can be received through NYSF secretariat upon request. Youth Action Nepal is the coordinating organization for this forum.
How GOs, I/NGOs, Individuals, organisations and agencies help in this effort?
NYSF is a common forum to address the issues of the different groups existing in the community and issues of local level related to social, cultural, economic and development. It is an opportunity for all interested GOs, I/NGOs, Individuals, organisations and agencies to involve in NYSF providing their suggestions, advices, taking active participation, bringing participants from different parts of Nepal, or by organizing events. They can also help us by providing their financial, technical support and other important resources that is required to invite more and more youth participants from all over Nepal. One can be a part of NYSF in one or the many ways mentioned below:
  • Be an organiser or solidarity organisation of whole NYSF
  • Be an organiser of any kind of events suitable related to the prioritize issues
  • Be an active participant or observer of the NYSF
  • Be a mode to disseminate information and encourage the possible stakeholders (individual, organisation or any other groups) to be a part of NYSF
  • Financial support
  • Technical support
  • Sponsor promotional materials
Date and Venue:
Date: 8-9 March, 2014
Venue: Dhangadi, Kailali
Youth Action Nepal, Youth Initiatives, National Youth Federation Nepal (NYFN), Associations of Youth Organisations Nepal (AYON), Collective Campaign for Peace (COCAP), Human Rigfhts Journalists' Association (HURJA), Asia Pacific Alliance for Combating HIV/AIDS (APACHA), Pravasi Nepali Samayon Samiti (PNCC), Human Rights Education  Club (HRERLIC Nepal), WOREC Nepal, Karnali Development & Social Change Center (CDS-Park), Youth for Dhangadi Dhangadi, Child & Women Development Dhangadi, National Federation on the Disable Nepal, Women Human Rights Defender Network, Campaign for Change Nepal, Conscious Media Forum,  District Youth Network Banke, Rising Ideal Banke, Human Rights Journalists' Association (HURJA), RUDUC, FPAN, Kailali, Maiti Nepal, Kailali, INSEC Dhangadi, Single Women Group, FAYA, CCR, Nepal Redcross Society, Dhangadi, Dhangadi JAYCEES, FNJ, Kailali, Tekwando Sang, Kailali, Women Advocacy Forum, YAK Nepal, Dalit Women Rights Forum, Women Progress Center, Seven Star Youth Club, Urma Youth Network, Beladevipur Youth Network, Yakata Youth Network, Geta Youth Network, Shreepur Youth Network, Ideal Youth Group, Jhapa, Chapter Nepal, Bara, Kartabya Foundation, Palpa, Community Development Forum, Dang, Scope Nepal, Dang, National Dalit Network (RDN) etc. (New organizers shall be added further)
Focal Organizations & Persons:- Youth Action Nepal (Arun-9841333580, Bhawana-9851124248, Punya-9851042108, Bishnu-9851100282), Association of Youth Organization Nepal-AYON (Aja-9841340906), National Youth Federation Nepal-NYFN (Lokraj-9841414549), Youth Initiative (Santosh-9841483877), Collective Campaign for Peace-COCAP ( Saroj Nepal-9841788026), Human Rights Journalists´ Association-HURJA (Chhatra-985103862)
For detailed information:
Dhangadi Secretariat
Youth Action Nepal                          
LN Chowk, Dhangadi, Kailali
Phone No.: 9848425587 (Tapraj Joshi)
Email: tapraj in youthaction.org.np
Kathmandu Secretariat
Youth Action Nepal
117/42 Janapath Marg, Anamnagar, Kathmandu
Phone No: 014771535
Email:nysf2014 in gmail.com,