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The 3rd Urban Social Forum (19th December 2015) creates an open and inclusive space for civil society organizations, students, academics and social leaders from all over Indonesia to gather. The Urban Social Forum is an annual event that provides an opportunity for participants to debate ideas, exchange experiences and knowledge, and network with other leaders and organizations working on pressing urban issues throughout the country.



The objective of the event is to offer Indonesian social actors and civil society an opportunity to connect with others in their field. The Urban Social Forums are aimed at promoting awareness of urban issues, improving understanding of current practices and encouraging collaboration. Together, the civil society community can develop a common vision about how to overcome the challenges that determine our urban future.


The 1st Urban Social Forum was held in Solo in 2013 and brought together 120 individuals from 20 different NGOs, 10 cities were represented. The 2nd Urban Social Forum was held in 2014, the event grew and gathered about 300 participants from 105 different institutions; around 20 cities were represented. The growing popularity for the Urban Social Forum can be attributed to a growing awareness of the need for civil society to debate and collaboration to develop and promote solutions for today’s complex urban problems.

A parallel development is the increasing interest and involvement of a young generation of citizens in improving our cities. The 3rd Urban Social Forum responds to this growing participation of youth by integrating the Youth Urban Forum into the USF. In part events youth groups have presented their ideas, activities and debated pressing urban issues; we plan to give them more room and encouragement t


The Saturday will be a full day of panels, workshops and activities,including music and entertainment. The following panels will run during the entire day in parallel session format. This means that there will be a

diverse selection of panels for participants to choose from, and no one person will have the same experience. We hope to offer a very rich and interesting selection of themes.o do s



 full booklet download 32 pages pdf






The Urban Social Forum is a collectively organized annual event by Kota Kita and its partners, consisting of City governments,civil society organizations, academics, and urban enthusiasts. Urban Social Forum (USF) will be held for the third time on the18th -19th December 2015 in Surabaya. This will be the first time the event will not be in Solo, and this signals its growthand maturation, as it is now traveling to different cities throughout the country. The Urban Social Forum will take place inthe iconic Kebun Binatang Surabaya, one of the city’s most contested public spaces, and for the first time feature the Urban Youth Film Festival and Urban Idea Expo.

There is an incredible diversity of intersting work currently taking place in cities across Indonesia. However, given its dispersed and fragmented nature, there are few opportunities for civil society to network and learn from one another. The Urban Social Forum creates this space. Year-by-year this event grows and increasingly forms social ties, creates new collaborations andhelps share knowledge. It is an open and inclusive space for civil society organizations, students, academics, and social  leaders from all over Indonesia.