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 All India Thematic Social Forum on Diversity, Dignity and Democracy in Hyderabad - 30th August and 1st of August, 2016  


After the 2007 event of Indian Social Forum, there has not been any other national level social forum event in India although many local processes and attempts at revival were undertaken by various organisations in different cities and towns.  

Keeping in mind the current political scenario and the myriad struggles and movements in India at this point, and the fact that the first WSF event in India was the Asian Social Forum, which was organized in Hyderabad in 2003. Various organizations in Hyderabad, in consultation with some members of the erstwhile India Organising Committee of the WSF process in India, called for a meeting   on  “Peoples movements in India today: Relevance of the Social Forum process” on February 19 and 20, 2016. The main initiative was taken by the broad based peoples movement platform, the Telangana Vidyavantula Vedika. A number of leading organisations and networks and also progressive academics actively participated. Some form the erstwhile WSF IOC also came. Suggestions that came up in the two day meeting, to be taken forward in the Delhi meeting, included the following:

  • ·       The social forum is a useful and relevant process in the current political scenario, and it is important to try and revive the process in India. Hyderabad is ready to contribute to this effort.
  • ·       In the new process there is a need to foreground Dalit and Ambedkarite movements and concerns
  • ·       A conscious attempt must be made to bring in groups and organisations working with religious minorities
  • ·       New youth and students movements must be central, with a view of learning from these and other new movements
  • ·       It is imperative that we build positive agendas, on alternatives rather than only discuss resistance.

·       It is suggested that a Thematic Social Forum be organized on “Diversity, Dignity and Democracy” in the later part of the year. This can be anywhere, but Hyderabad is willing to organize it.

As a follow up to this, an All India Consultative meeting of World Forum held on 15th and 16th March in Delhi at Indian Social Institute, Lodi Road, New Delhi. This meeting endorsed the suggestion of Hyderabad meeting. It was decided to hold two days National Convention on Democracy, Diversity and Dignity on 25th and 26th  of June or 1st and 2nd of July 2016. Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Patna emerged as the possible venues for the convention. A small group was set up to take a call on the venue. Only Hyderabad made a formal proposal so it was the default option. 

In order to take this forward, a meeting was called on the 6th June 2016 in Hyderabad   

check june 16th meeting notes and photos here

and the Hyderabad team decided that they would be hosting the meeting of the thematic forum at end of July 2016 

The dates of the thematic forum are 31st July and 1st August and the slogan is  ' Another India is possible!” Since the time to organise was very short, the working committees were formed immediately to organise the same, while also inviting organisations and experienced WSF IOC members to help in the various committees. 

There are local organising committees, which is open to all organisations, not only local ones but the local representatives of national level organisations too. Besides there are working groups on venue and logistics, Media communications, Program, Mobilisation, Finance. There is also a Culture Committee working with the Program Committee.  All organisations in Hyderabad AND OUTSIDE are welcome to join any of the committees. We are looking forward to gain from the experience of earlier Forums through the contribution and participation of members of the erstwhile committees. 

Two more organising committee meetings were conducted in Hyderabad. all are open online and anyone can participate.   https://join.skype.com/kYQerS02gpQp 

You can register online (www.wsfindia.org).  Attached is list of participants of all the meetings so far.

The important updates on the preparation to the All India Thematic Social forum on Democracy, Dignity and Diversity are below. 

Tentative program: 

  • ·       Opening Plenary ( 31st July Morning - 10.00 - 1.30pm) - Kalabhavan, RTC Cross Roads
  • ·       Parallel Sessions/ Self Managed Activity (31st July afternoon - 2.30 - 6.00pm and 1st Aug morning (9.30 - 1.30 pm at the Dr.B.R. Ambedkar College)
  • ·       Closing Plenary - Sundariya Vigyana Kendra (1st Aug from 2.30 - 6.00 pm followed by Cultural programme) 

Website was under preparation and just went live today and please register for the All India thematic forum using the link below.  www.wsfindia.org

Fund Raising: Initiatives are being undertaken to raise funds to organise the meeting. It was suggested and endorsed by all that each participating organization will be contributing 5000 INR and individual contributions can be of 1000 INR. Other sources for fund raising is also being explored. However this is a low budget event. 

 wsfindia.org website

  espacios-oe dddevent india july2016 concept note


Dear Friends, this is an all India event and we i.e., groups from Hyderabad cannot organise this by ourselves. Most of us, except a few who were organisers of the Asian Social Forum in Hyderabad, are new to organizing this.  We appeal to you to actively participate in this process.  We really hope to make this a success and forge alliances and work towards a better society. Participations can be at different levels such as being a part of the organising team and/or working group, organising a self managed activity, mobilization etc. We hope to hear from you regarding your interest and participation. 

The next meeting of the Organising Commiitee is on 9th July,2016 at Yugantar, Barkatpura, Hyderabad.  You can participate online  - follow the skype link here   https://join.skype.com/kYQerS02gpQp - or attend and also inform your local representatives to attend. Time is short, and so are funds and we will have to work collectively to make this a successPlease share this message and forward to all so that there is active participation from across the country.   

Pl send email ids to add to this email list. Please write to us. Please acknowledge the receipt of this mail and reply to the secretariat. 

Thematic World Social Forum, Hyderabad

Anju Reshma Manikoth (anjureshma.9 at  gmail.com), Tejaswini Madabhushi (mtejaswini  at gmail.com), M. Abhinav (m.abhinav at gmail.com) 

Address: Yugantar Office, 3-4-142/6, Barkatpura, Hyderabad, Telangana, India - 500027, Phone: +91- 40- 23449193; thematicwsf  at gmail.com


Core Committee members of the Organizing Committee

K. Sajaya, Rama Melkote, Ambika A.V, K. Lalita, Meena Menon, Jeevan Kumar, Sashi Kumar, Kodandram, Srinivasa Rao, Pasham Yadgiri, Anjaneyulu M. 


All India Consultative meeting of World Forum held on 15th and 16th March in Delhi at Indian Social Institute Lodi Road deliberated at length various efforts and ways to revive and deepen the World Social Forum process in India.

After the self introduction of the participants, the report of the proceedings of Hyderabad meeting on the “Peoples Movement and Relevance of World Social Forum” held on 18th and 19th February 2016, was presented. 


After the presentation of the report  discussion  was initiated on the present political context and the relevance of World Social Forum process. participants reflected on the various dimensions ranging from the great success of 2004 Mumbai World Social Forum to the causes of the decline and weakening of the process in India in the subsequent years.

 However, every participant emphasized the need and urgency to revive the process as the subjective condition for the revival are quite challenging.

Ms Carminda from Canada one of the coordinators of ‘Montreal WSF process, recalled the great success of 2004 Mumbai World Social Forum and shared the on going preparatory experiences of Montreal World Social Forum to be held from 9th August to 14th August 2016 in Montreal .

Endorsing the suggestion of Hyderabad meeting, it was decided to hold two days National Convention on Democracy. Diversity and Dignity on 25th and 26thJune or 1st and 2nd July 2016.

Bengluru, Hyderabad and Patna emerged as the possible venue for the convention. Members from the respective states are requested to hold the meeting in their states and make a final proposal in this regard at the earliest.

A working group was suggested to coordinate, communicate and facilitate preparatory process of the National Convention.

The next All India Consultation meeting of WSF Process should be held in the city of Venue of Convention once it is decided. 

The detailed report of the two days deliberations will be followed.