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To the International Council of World Social Forum  ( april 2015)

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As Mesopotamia Social Forum [facilitating commitee], acting in Middle East, we would like to organize a thematic forum on “Democratic Confederalizm” in Diyarbakir, Kurdistan (part in Turkey) in April/ May 2016,  with the partnership of  World Social Forum. [in the frame of wsf process]

Within the framework of democratic confederalizm, we’d like to have [ give occasion of ] a large-scale debate with [ among] participants on women emancipation, ecological society, communal economy and democratic confederal system which is based on free and common life of people’s from different beliefs and cultures as also practised in Rojava Revolution and Kobane Resistance. Our thematic forum will consist of debates on democratic confederalizm in theory and practices, including the abovementioned main topics and sub-topics related to these issues. Below, you can find a brief summary of democratic confederalizm:

Capitalist modernity homogenizes, standardizes and colonizes people, and destroys their self-defences.  The antidote of monistic, possessive, nature and male-dominant institutionalism of capitalist system is democratic autonomy system which is based on democratic, ecologic and women emancipatory paradigm, and draws its strength from its self-resources and people’ self-power. Democratic autonomy is the right to autonomous and specific organization of each community from the smallest to the largest. Democratic autonomy of different units paves the way to democratic confederalizm.

The democratic confederal system within the framework of democratic modernity is the alternative of the nation state which is the basic form of capitalist modernity. It is possible to define it as the political administration form without being a state.  In this sense, the history of societal life is confederalizm, not central states.

Democratic confederalizm is a system based on democratic nation and radical democracy, a system which every people and belief groups in communes and communities could gather and create an equal and fair life. Each community, ethnicity, culture, religious community, intellectual movements, economical units etc. expresses themselves by creating autonomous structures. Each unit, such as free women, self-defence, youth, education, health and economy, can unify with other direct democracy components and form confederal units.

Today, Rojava Revolution (canton system) as a democratic autonomous and confederal structuring model is in practice in Middle East, where is turned into a constant conflict area and colonized part by part by the imperial powers. With the confederalist structuring based on self-autonomy in Rojava, people from different ethnicities, beliefs and cultures living in the same geography have had the possibility to govern themselves, organize their lives and institutionalize themselves in accordance with their beliefs and languages. The applied democratic policy in Rojava is the building form of democratic confederalizm. Women have undertaken their leading role in this democratic confederalism’s structure with their gender-specific and autunomous organization. The model applied in Rojava has turned into a big hope for Middle Eastern people.