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la plataforma de afectados por la hipoteca PAH   

la plataforma politica ciudadana barcelona en comu  - the political platform

event2017 fearlesscities bcn en comu information es

ahora el gobierno local en barcelona desde dos anos  y quiere intercambiar experiencias  

now a local governement in barcelona for two years and wanting to exchange experiences  



event2017 fearlesscities municipalist summit program en  

event2017 fearlesscities municipalist summit program es  




The ultimate guide to not get lost at #FearlessCities

June 09, 2017

What is #FearlessCities?

An international municipalist summit organized by Barcelona en Comú that will gather over 700 people from over 180 cities and towns around the world, from the 9th to the 11th of June in Barcelona.

What’s the programme of #FearlessCities meeting?

The full programme is on the FearlessCities website.

Don’t miss the three public and free events:

Friday 7pm at Plaça dels Àngels (near MACBA museum): public event with Ada Colau, Manuela Carmena and other mayors from around the world http://fearlesscities.com/fearless-cities-global-networks/

Saturday 5pm at the main venue, Universitat de Barcelona: democracy from below and municipalism http://fearlesscities.com/public-panel-debate-democracy-bottom-up/

Sunday 6pm at the main venue, Universitat de Barcelona: between neoliberalism and far right: http://fearlesscities.com/between-neoliberalism-far-right/

How can I follow the meeting?

Do you have Twitter? You can track the gathering through @bcnencomu and @bcomuglobal accounts

Do you have Facebook? We’ll give you all the details of the meeting through the Facebook account of Barcelona en Comú.

If you can not come to the meeting you can follow everything via streaming: you can follow the three main public events through the website of the event http://fearlesscities.com/

You can also get all the information through the Telegram channel of Barcelona en Comú and the Whatsapp channel of the meeting: send a message to +34 693 59 43 86 and we’ll add you.