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DOC 4 Notes about a January discussion in Geneva about Jai Jagat & WSF - and a quick review of JJ website status as of early june 2019 

These notes are not a report of the meeting in Geneva. The following points reflect views expressed about some points that came in the stream of brief discussion.

1.Absence of notion of “partnership” between JJ and WSF : WSF is not an organization that is managed by a group which establishes partnerships with other organizations. It is a positioned open space process which is in free access as free software, ie that anyone can use, as combination of a formal concept and an ideological positioning, both sketched/described in the WSF charter.

The WSF methodology is sketched and can be further explained by participants with some experience– it is reflected somehow in the doc 2 and doc 3

2. Decision about level of proximity of JJ with WSF process. As per 1/  JJ stakeholders can decide to develop a JJ SOCIAL forum if they wish so, as long, as they are coherent with forms and positioning . And it can be easily argued that JJ values fit in the broad ideological positioning expressed in the WSF charter  (doc 3)

However it has been commented  that for specific reasons, association with WSF is not considered by JJ stakeholders in Geneva. ( eg: the words "social forum" do not appear in the annual report of Geneva JJ association) ( site)

Hence a pragmatic possibility is

-define JJforum as a forum of its own, not a social forum

-use WSF methodology to facilitate this forum, without identifying it as a social forum

- Allow organizations that place self organized activities in JJForum, and are besides conscious participants in WSF process to also express in the JJ website that they also place this activity in WSF process. ( it could be a tick box in the form where to register an activity in JJForum  "we place this activity also in the broader WSF process)

3. Suggestion to formally separate JJ in three parts  
This suggestion remains relevant whatever the decision made in JJ about proximity with WSF doc 2

4. Modalities of dialogue with UN :
it is a point that has  not much discussed and documented .Distinguishing formally JJ dialogue from JJ forum and JJ marches would avoid “implicit” representation of JJ forum participants by "JJ dialoguers"

  • no visible information on this point in JJ website so far 

5. Status of “Youth peace assembly”:
 This assembly which is of especial interest for some JJ stakeholders in Geneva can be handled as a "self-organized assembly" in JJ forum and its follow up process. So it is explicit it is “one among a diversity” of outcomes of JJ 

  • see excerpt about world citizen assembly in (annual report of Geneva JJ association

    Ainsi en juillet 2018, les représentants de Jai Jagat Genève et du projet Genève 2030, proposé par le Bureau international de la Paix, le Forum Démocratique mondial et Civicus (regroupant des dizaines d’importantes ONG internationales), ont décidé de mettre leurs efforts en commun pour la tenue d’une Assemblée mondiale de citoyens de 2020 à 2030 : un évènement majeur prolongeant la Marche mondiale Jai Jagat 2019-2020. 

    Thus, in July 2018, the representatives of Jai Jagat Geneva and the Geneva 2030 project, proposed by the International Peace Bureau, the World Democratic Forum and Civicus (bringing together dozens of important international NGOs), decided to put their efforts in for a World Citizens' Assembly from 2020 to 2030: a major event to extend the Jai Jagat World March 2019-2020

6. Relevance of a “calendar of non-violent futures” as a significant outcome of JJ Forum:

Assuming that  JJ is not amounting to a delegatory process from grassroots to some "JJ dialoguers" with UN officials. it is relevant to show that Jai Jagat is not mainly an event for people traveling to Geneva, but an empowerment process for those organizations and movements taking part in JJ under its Marches and Forum formats. To that end a “JJ Forum calendar of non-violent futures”, with autonomous initiatives promoted by specific arrays of organizations participating in JJMarches or JJ forum and made mutually visible can be an empowerment tool .

With this calendar, which can be updated for some time with facilitation from  JJ Forum committee,  non-violent popular movements across the world publicly and mutually show their readiness to open or use the democratic spaces that the  JJ dialogue is advocating for their concrete initiatives for resistance or community building.

Therefore, it is crucial that JJ Forum facilitators stimulate and support JJ participating organization in announcement and description of non-violent initiatives in JJForum  website,  during all the JJ Forum process up to Geneva, during Geneva, and possibly sometime after it.  (see the diagram http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/event2019-jai-jagat-march-doc2/#diagram)

The public action formulation and dates announced, and assembled in this calendar, when properly disseminated, show the collective action capacity of JJ participants organizations,  agreeing to diverse specific articulations among them.

With those initiatives, Those organizations can keep in relation with the JJ Dialoguers and with JJ Marches committees, through “activities” in the JJ forum, and at the same time, they show themselves as not “dependent” on what happens in "JJ dialogue initiative" ( which is also a self organzed one not representing the JJ Forum) .They can proactively take into account a positive outcome in the JJDialogue, and they are mainly showing their capacity of self-help and mutual help.

7/ Importance of specific features in JJ Forum website : 

A clear enough reflection of JJ  structure and methodology in JJ website is of great importance to convey JJ to many groups . 

Intended or implemented features, in the web site can be in connection with those expectations : 1/ Make clear the distinction and connections between Dialogue, Marches, and Forum. 2/ Implement registration of "activities" and "initiatives" in JJ Forum  as an "openspace forum" using "WSF like" methodology, around a JJ reference document  https://jaijagatgeneve.ch/charte/ (french version) https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/e8031f_80267eb9dfe547e9b928b88907b9deb1.pdf (english version)  

For JJ Forum 3 or 4 main registration forms can be evolved :  one or two  for registering participants persons, and their participant organizations, one for placing activities ( whether in country with marches, in Geneva , in rest of the world  see (see the diagram http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/event2019-jai-jagat-march-doc2/#diagram) ) , one for announcing initiatives ( with description of goals of promoters , up to 3 main internal task list, and up to 3  main  public  non violent action dates – with a clear differences between tasks and actions) see links http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/event2019-jai-jagat-march-doc2

8/ Review of JJ website as of june 2019 in relation to  points above ( particularly  3 4 6 7 ) 


  • JJ Dialogue (not distinguisjed in the JJ website)

The notion of JJ Dialogue is not distinguished .
it appears in the Geneva action forum  
"there will be a dialogue. This is not an anti-movement, rather it is geared to advancing creative solutions to local/global challenges.......There will be a People’s Parliament. This will help with the expected dialogue with global institutions. The UN organizations are interested in gaining support for the proper implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This interaction will also be an opportunity for civil society to share alternatives and best practices in an effort to respond to the four pillars of: 
(1) Eradication of  poverty,(2) Eliminating social exclusion,(3) Ameliorating the climate crisis, 4) Halting conflict and violence.
These four pillars represent the critical development issues faced by people in survival crisis. Unless the people at the grassroots are consulted and make their Governments accountable these goals will not be realised. Thus, the Jai Jagat action advocates for bottom up engagement and problem solving.

  • see below questions on methodology of Geneva action forum  

  • JJ Forum (name "Geneva action forum " https://www.jaijagat2020.org/genevaaction   
  • "The main purpose of the forum is to have people meet each other and build solidarity and have a People’s Parliament."
    it appears the action forum will have mainly the format of a people's parliament, which seems distant from the format of openspace forum used in WSF events 

    QUESTION : What is the methodology of the action forum, aside from people's parliament  ?  what is the methodology of people's parliament ? (see some ideas about forum and dialogue in part 2 and 3 and diagram of  http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/event2019-jai-jagat-march-doc2

    • The dialoguing group maintains communication with JJ participants in the frame of self-organized activities placed in JJForum. Some activities can be organized by grassroots movements with JJDialoguing group members as invitees, some can be organized by JJD Dialoguing group, some can be co-organized. Some other dialoguing party representatives ( UN institution, states, corporations) can be invited in certain JFF activities, and accept or not the exercise. 
  • JJ Marches  https://www.jaijagat2020.org/globalpeacemarch
    Note: Activities along the march are now announced as ( being only?)  "peace conferences" with an apparent closed list   https://www.jaijagat2020.org/peaceconference 

  • JJ campaign -JJ  is presented as a campaign with  a act local think global strategy strategy page  https://www.jaijagat2020.org/thestrategy

  • There is an open ended invitation to connect local actions to JJ campaign  https://www.jaijagat2020.org/actlocal the jai jagat 2020 campaign is a platform designed to help you lead a nonviolent action.we offer guidances, resources and limelight. when you wish to plan an action and connect it with the jai jagat 2020 campaign please contact us at news at jaijagat2020.org 
  • There is an open ended invitation to connect to join JJ advocacy groups https://www.jaijagat2020.org/thinkglobal  with 8 advocacy groups   https://www.jaijagat2020.org/copy-of-educate-to-nonviolence-1 ( that how far the website goes, the next step of info to each group is work in progress) 
  • QUESTION   How do the local action groups and the advocacy group  appear / behave in the Geneva action forum  / peoples parliament? What is the methodology of the campaign beyond Geneva forum
  • Note related to point 6   notion of "action" can be linked to  notion of  "initiative", -  notion of global advocacy can ALSO be linked to  notion of  "initiative" -  which could in turn allow  assembling an evolutionnary calendar of futures with action dates of those initiatives?