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Workshop on the principles of the forum 04/30/2021  

 Justice and Democracy as principles of society  of  social  movements and of WSF itself 

In 2001, the WSF represented a major step in the process of articulating all anti-systemic political forces to neoliberalism and, due to its dynamics of self-management, experienced a new conception of participatory democracy at the global level.

Today, the planetary challenges are enormous and, more than ever, we need spaces for articulation, construction of common proposals and collective impact. Therefore, reflecting on the principles of the WSF, its virtues and its limits is a fundamental task. Even more for those who want another world possible with more democracy and citizen participation.

The Workshop aims to make this reflection from the reflective reading of the WSF Charter of Principles seeking to strengthen learnings and alternatives.

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 PART 1  EXHIBITION OF PRINCIPLES    What is 1 2 3 14  -   What it stands for 4 10 -  Who compose it  (5 8 9  12 13)  -  How it workds 6 7 11



  •  guiding questions from the workshop
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(Transcript proposed by Pierre based on video)  
Parte1 expositions


Hello folks, very good morning, good afternoon to all of you who accompany us here for this activity of the World Social Body Justice democracy very good to have you with us Thank you for joining us here in the next hours , send this link to the s friends will tell you that we are starting our conversation now

 many people dear many people of struggle, many special people who joined to chat a little from this Live 

So let us know and send the link to people, friends through the WhatsApp group, and we are now starting a conversation, A Conversation that will be there for us to think about in depth around the issues related to the World Social Forum itself 

and we are calling the workshop “justice and democracy as the principle of society, the social movement, and the World Social Forum itself”

This activity is part of the first week of mobilization of the World Social Forum on Justice and Democracy https://fsmjd.org 

There is still time to send the link to your friend, to the people you think should be part of your prose, this conversation

And in 2001, the World Social Forum represented a major step in the process of articulating all anti-systemic political forces to neoliberalism, and due to its dynamics of self-management, it experienced a Global act, a new conception of participatory democracy.

 Today, the planetary challenges are enormous, and we have meaning, and more than ever we need space for articulation, construction of common proposals, and collective impact

@ 1 That is why reflecting on the principles of the World Social Forum, its virtues, its limits, is a fundamental task, especially for those who want another possible world, with more democracy and citizen participation.

The workshop today, in this workshop that I said, that has a lot of dear people, and a lot of people who are going to be important, that we listen with mind and heart, it is part of the reflection from reading the letter of principles of the World Social Forum and seeks to strengthen alternative learning around the common good.

So we thought of a Methodology, thought a little to make our conversation, our workshop on The letter of principles of the World Social Forum itself, 

It was elaborated in 2001, as I told you, and has been the reference for all the world and Regional and Thematic editions of the World Social Forum in these 20 years. 

@ 2 We identified four large groups of information that are in this letter and that in our opinion, in the opinion of those who are articulating those who are doing this workshop, we have organized themes for our debate here, the main themes of our debate.

 The First: what does the World Social Forum (Salete 1 2 3 14) what does it stand for (Sheila 4 10) Who composes it (José 5 8 9) and how does it work? (Mauri 6 7 11)  

And for us to really start, for us to think about going from these four items of the main themes of our debate, we will share this content, respecting the order in which they appear in the letter, and we have four debaters, four people invited to read the letter and comment on guiding questions, 

and then we’ll have other guests invited as well, who will contribute to debates.

(PIERRE) (no chat) http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-methodology/charter-fsm-wsf-en   letter of principles and  http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-methodology/charter-fsm- wsf-es-colorized charter of principles colored according to 4 aspects 


So the first round is a round to introduce us to the principles of the letter 

And a second round of guiding questions What is the conception of Justice democracy that the letter professes? who are the subjects at the World Social Forum these are the subjects.

 Is the Social Forum a space? is it a process? are you a political actor? What are the gaps, absences identified and how to overcome them? 

To debate with us we invited dear Salete.

Salete , how nice to have you here, be it by the square. Salete and director of the American Council on Social Sciences Clacso, and member of the international board of the Luciano Mundial forum.

 We also have Sheila, the director of the Paulo Freire Institute, a member of the International Council and then I will ask Sheila for permission because I had thought to start as a phrase by Paulo Freire; I went to Sheila who 

it is necessary to have hope, but to have hope of the verb to hope, because there are people who have the hope of the verb to hope, and the hope of the verb to hope is not hope and hope

 To hope is to get up, To hope is to go after, to hope is to build, to hope is not to give up, to hope is to move forward, to hope is to join with others and others to do otherwise

The words of our dear Paulo Freire,

 and here we continue in the presentation here the dear friend 

José Moroni director of the INESC Economic Studies Institute, representative of the social movements platform for political system reforms, my all-time partner Mauri Cruz and member of Abong's executive is on the board of the World Social forum. 

Open your presentation now in that order and then we will introduce other people here but you can talk here in the chat. 

I'll start in order so can it be? 

We start from the guiding questions. Salete come on

@ 002 SALETE good afternoon everyone? I'm going to start a little bit with the preamble of the letter from the beginning before going into the first question “what is the World Social Forum?

The letter of principles in its preamble, it brings us that 

The Committee of Brazilian entities that devised and organized

organized the first World Social Forum, held in Porto Alegre from 25 to 30 January 2001, considers it necessary and legitimate, after evaluating the results of this Forum and the expectations it created, to establish a Charter of Principles to guide the continuity of this initiative. 

The Principles contained in the Charter, to be respected by everyone who wants to participate in this process and organize new editions of the World Social Forum , consolidate the decisions that presided over the Porto Alegre Forum and ensured its success, and expand its reach, defining guidelines that derive from the logic of these decisions .

I just wanted to make a comment here that the process of building the World Social Forum started in 2000 strongly, in 2000 it brought together many organizations, social movements, networks in the field of culture, education, health, brought together all fields and he was one say surprising meeting that took place in Porto Alegre at that time from 25th to 30th January 2001, and just surprising not only the arrival of the people who physically participated in Porto Alegre, but also the number of organizations, organizations, networks and movements that got involved , Independent of being in Porto Alegre that at that time lived a political time of state management, of city management, which was very important, and with many alternatives in the Brazilian society that was understood could be in the World society.

So in that sense, with all this amazing action that was 2000 and 2001, the letter of principles that we are talking about today and in four big items , so even they are not included in the letter of the principle one after the other , because it was not as soon as it was organized, more so that we can talk to you, an organization was made (of the principles). 

So my first part of the organization is to pass on to you what the World Social Forum is 

So within the letter of principles we find this answer in point 1 when it says: 

1. The World Social Forum is an open meeting space for deepening reflection, the democratic debate of ideas, the formulation of proposals, the free exchange of experiences and the articulation for effective actions, of civil society entities and movements that they oppose neoliberalism and the domination of the world by capital and by any form of imperialism, and are committed to the construction of a planetary society oriented to a fruitful relationship between human beings and between them and the Earth.

When the question comes to us, the World Social Forum is an open space, so can anyone who thinks anything participate? No .

It is explicit there: Who can be part of this space openly, but with very well-defined principles of participation.

PIERRE (in chat) 

The letter through articles 1 4 8 9 10 in particular ideologically locates the forum space , describing / prescribing the values ​​and generic actions of its participants 

9. The World Social Forum will always be an open space to pluralism and the diversity of engagements and actions of the entities and movements that decide to participate in it, as well as to the diversity of gender, ethnicities, cultures, generations and physical capacities, as long as they respect this Charter. of Principles . Party representatives or military organizations should not participate in the Forum. Governors and parliamentarians who assume the commitments of this Charter may be invited to participate, on a personal basis.

 the second principle of which the World Social Forum

2. The World Social Forum in Porto Alegre was an event located in time and space. From now on, (from 2001) in the certainty proclaimed in Porto Alegre that "another world is possible", it becomes a permanent process of searching and building alternatives, which cannot be reduced to the events on which it is based.


It was one of the principles that the World Social Forum today has a very long path from which it has traveled, not only because of this process, its worldwide meetings, but also because it has become a process that has its meetings its event, s your local, national, regional, and worldwide organization and all continents.


see here a census of events since 2012 http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support 


A third point is that


3. The World Social Forum is a worldwide process (as its name says). All meetings that take place as part of this process have an international dimension. .


I add here, precisely because of the comment I made in the previous point, that, even though they are local processes, they have an international dimension. Because any movement, any organization, any network that wants to participate in your organization, as long as they are in accordance with the first principle, is in a condition to be participating and will find an open space for that.


Another point from which the World Social Forum is found in point 14 of the letter of principles and tells us the following:


14. The World Social Forum is a process that stimulates the entities and movements that participate in it to situate their actions, from the local to the national level and seeking an active participation in international instances, as issues of planetary citizenship, introducing transformative practices into the global agenda. who are experimenting with building a new world of solidarity.


We have here, since the beginning of the construction of the 2001 World Social Forum, just for example, we have several very wide range and have happened since then, of thematic global social forums, such as education, solidarity economy, Health, migration among many others. In Porto Alegre, the World Social Forum of Resistances has been taking place in recent years , as well as the very important thematic Social Forum, which strengthens and keeps alive all these proposals of the World Social Forum.

And we are currently talking about the Pan Amazon Forum, the Pan-Amazon Forum, and also the thematic forum, which is the World Social Forum on Justice and Democracy , which later on, someone could be addressing about it.

I want to reaffirm that @ 1 all of these principles are all put into practice in the editions of the world forum process, I want to record that the first three meetings 2001, 2002 and 2003 took place in Porto Alegre, were fundamental for the strengthening of this process, for the possibility of experimentation with alternative practices, which even in Brazil, many have become local, state, or federal public policies , I want to record that our Brazilian participation was fundamental, especially the decision of the international council of the World Social Forum to be in 2004 with Its edition in India was already a milestone, 

The return in 2005 made it possible for us to work on a different methodology after the challenge we encountered in India, which was fundamental in the field of culture in particular, in the field of relationships, in the field of discovering that the world really is very diverse, and it needs to be another, more just solidarity, and after that, we were in India, (  also 2006 Bamako-Mali Caracas -Venezuela Karachi -Pakistan 2007 Nairobi-Kenya 2008 global week of action). 

We were in the Amazon in 2009, essential with indigenous participation, with the issue of forest, water, traditional peoples, riverside, quilombola, indigenous peoples (also 2011 Dakar-Senega l), we were in Tunisia, we were in Canada. We go to Bahia, this Africa Bahia bridge that is fundamental brings us the possibility of several issues, and now we are in the process of going to Mexico

 I wanted to take a more general approach, because I know that each one that will come after me will be dealing with the themes in more depth and more property. 

Thank you all and we are all here together and together.


@ 003 FRANKLIN Wonderful the highlight here your name in yellow; Salete and director of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences, CLACSO is a member of the international council of the World Social Forum, in addition to being a beloved partnership, it is allied to all causes, from all movements.

Thank you for those who are arriving now, we are doing a workshop on justice and democracy with the principles of society, the social movements of the World Social Forum itself and you can send your comments from the side of the YouTube chat on Facebook and at the end We will consider some questions for us also to be part of our debate.

But now we are going to listen to Sheila, dear director of the Paulo Freire Institute and member of the International Council. Good afternoon, welcome. 


@ 004 SHEILA Thank you Franklin, good afternoon to all of you, and well. Before talking about what the world social forum advocates, I think it's important for us to recover what made it exist . Salete spoke of the strongest action since 2000, to make the first edition feasible in 2001, but I would like to pull a little behind and see 1999, which was a period marked by many manifestations of anti-globalization and by the popular confrontation with the agreements intended by the WTO . 

And here it is important for us to go back a little while thinking about the Seattle conference It happened in 99 more than 50,000 people took to the streets of Seattle to repudiate a WTO meeting in some places when you research, you can find up to 100,000 But it is 50 to 100 thousand people is a lot of people And there were united anarchist ecologists, unionized workers, students, humanist pacifists and it is nice to point out that the motivations and perspectives of each of these groups were different.

For example, the members of humanist NGOs , they oppose the meeting with a way to protest against the advancement of neoliberal policies, which they considered a threat to Human Rights, health, education, political rights, and income-sharing policies, especially in the United States. poorest countries.

The environmentalists expressed themselves with the objective of blocking the WTO negotiations. Send attention to environmental degradation, which was caused at that time by developmentalist policies. workers who saw them threatened. 

For several groups of anarchists , the meeting was an opportunity to demonstrate their rejection of global capitalism for both social and environmental issues. It was in this environment that the World Social Forum was born here that it started to sprout. First edition in January 2001 sought to face up to decision making Discover the directions of humanity that were being discussed in Davos, Switzerland by the summit of the World Economic Forum. 

And thinking about the role of the forum, what he defends, start by looking at this moment in 1999, the World Social Forum opposes disbelief, the united civil society, it strengthens it is possible to believe in this strength, when we are united. 

The World Social Forum opposing neoliberal fatalism , this “no way, let's go on with life, but the world can be the other” thing, so this neoliberal fatalism is a very strong thing in the role of the World Social Forum. 

And it is opposed to the unique thinking for all processes in all meetings democracy in something non-negotiable in the context of the World Social Forum I will say that it is in the DNA of the world social forum to be a forum of resistance against hegemonic Alter world I put to effect of economic globalization. 

And then if we look at the letter of principles, here comes the World Social Forum that defends 

I will highlight principles 4 and 10, which are two principles that bring a little of what the World Social Forum advocates. 


Principle 4 is written like this

4. The alternatives proposed at the World Social Forum are opposed to a globalization process led by large multinational corporations and by governments and international institutions at the service of their interests, with the complicity of national governments. They aim to make prevail, as a new stage in the history of the world, a solidary globalization that respects universal human rights, as well as those of all citizens in all nations and the environment, supported by systems and institutions democratic international organizations at the service of social justice, equality and the sovereignty of peoples.


then principle 10 


10. The World Social Forum is opposed to any totalitarian and reductionist vision of the economy, development and history and the use of violence as a means of social control by the State. It advocates for respect for human rights, for the practice of a true, participatory democracy, for egalitarian, solidary and peaceful relations between people, ethnicities, genders and peoples, condemning all forms of domination as well as the subjection of one human being by the other.


PIERRE (in chat) remark: article 10 and article 7 partially, are the only ones in the charter of principles in which SYNTACICALLY the fsm can be interpreted as an actor “the forum opposes and advocates", “the forum commits itself”, while in the other articles it is clearly presented as a space where actors articulate and act


Well, the World Social Forum has mobilized different struggles and utopias, around new projects of society and alternative proposals. 

If we can look over the history of the forum, I think Salete brings a little bit of that, I highlighted here some statements that we can make about the actions of the forum, about what he defended throughout its history.

It is possible to state that, during this 20-year process, the World Social Forum has valued other development paradigms , in addition to economic growth, such as the Good Life lived by the indigenous Andean population, Amazonians, in contrast to the better living of the capitalist ideology. 

Yes, it is possible in all editions of the forum who participated in the editions of the forum; I think you can see that, the appreciation of other forms of society, of other models of society. 

During this 20-year process, it is possible to affirm that the World Social Forum valued the other forms of economics of the solidarity economy, the economics of the care of feminist movements.

It is possible to say that the World oven tried to base on the World agenda the increase of inequalities produced by the financialization of the economy.

I also think that the forum has played a role here, seeking to strengthen the role of civil society in politics , inspiring a culture of participation in national and international institutional agendas.

And lastly what I highlighted here and that the forum did try to strengthen national and international articulations related to public policies in line with its principles 

So thinking about what I forum advocates, I think to bring a little bit of Esse at the beginning, right where it springs in 1999, to think about what was explicitly put in your letter of principles, and to look a little more at this 20-year journey, than the forum did, answer the question a little what I forum advocates.

But I would like to take the opportunity to leave some questions here already looking at doing this exercise of collecting this data to collect for you, inevitably some questions come.

@ 2 Over these 20 years, has the forum been able to cope with these confrontations, these struggles? The struggles that He defends are very clear, they are very explicit. Now, have we realized, we or xxxx World Social Forum, has it marked its position locally or internationally in defense of what the letter advocates? He has realized this as a World Social Forum condemning the different forms of domination, is this clear in its essence?

 Doing editions every two years makes it possible to contribute effectively to what the forum proposes. So I think that, bringing a little reflection on what he defends is explicit, undeniable, but also some questions. 

I understand that the World Social Forum as a meeting space and a meeting space for visibility and articulation, but not only that. the forum as a space I see the forum as a permanent space of struggle, procedural, and I have no doubt that what makes the forum strong is its potential for political influence, and this, in my view, is the essence of the forum .

I understand that he bought a very important role so far, but that he can and should improve, there is still a lot to improve people, I think that this type of dialogue, this type of discussion, and several groups that have been thinking inside and outside the International Council of I think everything is very positive because there is a lot to improve. That's it folks. 


@ 005 FRANKLIN thank you very good to hear Sheila, be with you on this path Laboriousness with your affection; thank you for your speech, and to continue we have more people, my dear friend and partner 

José Moroni is director of the Institute of socio-economic studio of the representative of the social movements platform for the reform of the political system.


@ 006 32mn JOSE thank you Franklin Good afternoon everyone talking about the World Social Forum and in the last few years we have channeled our energies our dreams our concerns 

In the division we made, I was asking who makes up the Socia Forum l right and a little along the lines of Salete and Sheila I think that the World Social Forum takes place at the moment where he went in that sense the space where he channeled several dreams and several utopias. 

So a little of the channeling of several dreams, several utopia, at a time also when civil society was very attentive , so in the sense of the need to think about other forms of globalization, to think about other ways of seeing the world, not only in relation to Europe , but the question of the South, the question of the North, had at all times the global conjuncture of the war in Iraq in 2003. 

So this whole conjuncture too, which was put up by Sheila and Salete, which led I think that a Social Forum was this space for channeling these dreams and utopias

So the first question Who make up the forum? I think that and whoever shares these dreams of these utopias, regardless of the ways that each one has to realize their dreams and utopias, make up the forum, being in accordance with that letter of prince with the Principles that were mentioned before.

So that is why the forum, since the beginning, has been a space for the articulation of civil society in all countries of the world , but at the same time it is not intended to be a representative instance of civil society.

The Forum never said that it was the representation of the planetary civil society Mondial


PIERRE (in chat) 

5. The World Social Forum brings together and articulates only entities and movements from civil society from all countries of the world, but it does not intend to be a representative body of world civil society .


8. The World Social Forum is a plural and diverse space, non-denominational, non-governmental and non-partisan, which articulates in a decentralized way, in a network, entities and movements engaged in concrete actions, from the local to the international level, through the construction of another world .


I think this is an interesting thing, and one that you cannot lose sight of, why? Because @ 1 as soon as the forum becomes a representative body, it will start to create thinking in terms of hierarchies for this representation, which I find very problematic, very problematic.

We think that this gives us the concern of not hierarchizing the different subjects that are present working in the forum, how does that make the forum have a political voice? Because I share the idea that the social forum, it must have a political, and permanent, and permanent voice.

@ 2 So, how do you do that, without working on this dimension of representation? I think that we have to be able to do this, I think that we cannot fall into the forum in this matter of having instances that represent the forum, because this will be hierarchized, and we also know that in the struggles and in the recognition of the different political subjects, if it also has a hierarchy right? 

So while it is important that it is not a space for representation, which represents world civil society, but not representing, not placing itself in this place of representing civil society, as it is possible for the World Social Forum to be, to have a political position in the world? 

The other aspect is also that the forum? Who make up the forum, is a very plural and diverse space, right? But it is not confessional, it is not governmental and it is not partisan, and it articulates in a decentralized manner all the movements of civil society organizations at various local, regional, national, international levels. 



and here people asked, is the forum more of a non-denominational space, that is, not of churches, but there are several activities of the churches within the forum, if there are several activities of the churches within the forum, even there was also activity within the forum also of the parties politicians

Precisely this dimension of the plural forum, but who is the subject of the construction, and who is recognized as the subject of the construction of the forum, it is not the churches, it is not the parties AND it is not the governments.

This is also signaling where we understand, what we understand to be the political subjects of this society that we want to build , within these principles of the social forum, right?

So the issue of subjects that is present and the forum recognizes how its builders are actually also political subjects that the forum wants and should build as subjects of the construction of the new society, you are not just a dimension of the social forum, subjects of the forum, 3 subjects that the forum recognizes as subjects of transformation 


PIERRE (in chat)  https://join.wsf2021.net/actions-calendar   here in this calendar in the virtual social forum 2021 you can see the actions of the active articulations in the forum who are subjects of transformation recognized in the forum  

PIERRE (in chat) 

12. The World Social Forum, as a space for exchanging experiences, encourages knowledge and mutual recognition of the entities and movements that participate in it, valuing their exchange, especially what society is building to center economic activity and political action on meeting the needs of human beings and respecting nature, in the present and for future generations.


13. The World Social Forum, as a space for articulation, seeks to strengthen and create new national and international articulations between entities and movements in society, which increase, both in the sphere of public and private life, the capacity for non-violent social resistance to process of dehumanization that the world is experiencing and the violence used by the State, and reinforce the humanizing initiatives underway by the action of these movements and entities.

So, I think another aspect, another aspect that is in the letter of principles appears in several, right? not with a level of elaboration that we have today, this letter is basically two decades old right? The forum's letter of principles, so today there would be other formulations as well, but thinking, I, as someone who is almost elderly in this life, right, for that moment, at various moments in the letter, you speak of the land issue, you speak of the ecological issue , is putting in that place the letter and the subjects of construction of this political project, also the rights of the land.

I say that this is not right in the written text Aliyah is not said there, because at that moment, twenty years ago we did not have this formulation, but the germ of this formulation is already read, when he puts the issue of beings on the same level humans and the earth, 

PIERRE (in chat) final of article 1 of the charter / “committed to the construction of a planetary society oriented to a fruitful relationship between human beings and between them and the Earth”.

I think that this way of   @ 4 also recognizing the land as a subject of law and also as fundamental in the construction of these utopias in the new society is a great contribution of the forum. 

It is not so explicit but you see that the germ of this formulation is, which I think is fundamental. 

The question that has posed the mabel , whether forum and space the process the political actor, I do not want, and not only that of view, I am not on the fence, but I think the forum is these three things you know? I think the forum is these three things, it ’s the political synthesis of the forum , and if those three things, you understand how much space that brings everyone together, that agrees with those principles, but that has sometimes different political projects, that have strategies different, but that is the space for that, for this plurality it is also a permanent process.

@ 5 As a permanent process, it is in constant transformation and constant, so to speak, reformulation . You can't be alone in this either. because I realize that sometimes, it is a matter of understanding the forum only as a process, I think it loses the political dimension, you know, that it is becoming a political subject, a political subject, but a political subject, I come back at the beginning of the speech , that it is not a matter of representation, that it does not place itself in that place of representation of world civil society .

So for me the forum is the political synthesis of being an open and wide plural space, with You are different political conceptions, more and this space in which this civil society that wants to build another world and the synthesis of another possible and sensational world, that space in the process a permanent thing of the process, @ 6 understanding of the process to be a permanent thing, that is to say that our political synthesis, it takes place in the daily social political struggle , also that being a process, the political synthesis, it takes place in everyday struggle, why it is not an event, why it is not just an event.

Also the dimension of the process and the one that does not take place in this political struggle, the syntheses we are living in gives a pandemic what we are going to do if this is happening in this fight that we are doing against the genocide government. 

it is also a dimension of the process, you know, and being a political subject in society I think the forum has to be, it has to be. 

More with all care not to rank with all possible care for those who do not hierarchize struggles and subject and find that the struggle of capital and fundamental contradiction and the struggle for the rights of the LGBT community that it is but for later, it cannot have that dimension of hierarchy, when I say hierarchy and that.


So when you think of the forum as a political Subject, I think that the forum is not that yet if it is to walk with it, @ 7 we have to think about other political references, a reference that we have, precisely in the world of political representation of representative democracy , we have the capacity to think of the World Social Forum as a political subject, but not as the issue of representation. 

it is a great challenge and this is the contribution that the forum can make even to the political system that we have worldwide that only serves capital and oppression and destroying them to the land obliged. 

PIERRE to say that the forum is at the same time a process space and an actor creates, in my view, a confusion that distorts the imaginary and the way of thinking about the forum. The charter fundamentally presents the forum as a space (principle 1) where it is possible to implement a process of articulation of dialogue, to reflect the to act, it is the letter clearly places the participants as the actors of the process, and aside the wording of principle 10 takes care to present the forum as a place. The forum appears as an actor only as a result of the actions of its various participants. Consider that everything is done by participants, facilitators and a realistic self-discipline that stimulates creativity in the way of implementing the forum, and avoids illusions or captures in relation to the image of the “forum actor” that has been colonizing the participants' imagination - see herehttp://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2020-discusionfsm-input46-es   and  http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2020-discusionfsm-input22-es  

@ 007 44mn FRANKLIN Thank you dear Moroni o Moroni director of the INESC Institute, also representative of the platform of social movements for the reform of the political system thank you always good dear to count on you, even if virtually, I miss you, your embrace there, we will pass be together again.

We now also have a class to contribute to us in unveiling here the World Social Forum of the charter of principles. 

Mauri Cruz who is a member of the executive board of ABONG and the International Council of World Social and also a partner of all hours Mauri Good afternoon 

@ 008 MAURI Good afternoon fran, everyone, here Good to be last here in this first round, because the debate heats up, and I think we are being very happy 

This our methodology workshop, which we are managing to bring up the central issues .

I asked you to help me and put the items from the principles of the cards 6 7 11 I will read the prince and then I will give a comment on my task here for reflection and how the forum works? how does it work, how is the dynamics of the forum this subject this actor and process this space that very well Salete Sheila And now Moroni brought it, right? So the letter of principle, and perhaps one of the most debated topics over these 20 years, it says the following:

6. The meetings of the World Social Forum are not of a deliberative nature as a World Social Forum. Therefore, no one will be authorized to express, in the name of the Forum , in any of its editions, positions that they would claim to belong to all of its / its participants. Participants should not be called upon to make decisions, by vote or acclamation, as a group of Forum participants, on statements or proposals for action that engage everyone or the majority and that they propose to be taken in a timely manner. Forum's position as a Forum. Therefore, it does not constitute an instance of power, to be disputed by the participants of its meetings, nor does it intend to constitute the only alternative for articulation and action of the entities and movements that participate in it.

7. However, entities or groups of entities participating in the Forum's meetings must be guaranteed the freedom to deliberate, during the same, on statements and actions that they decide to develop, alone or in an articulated manner with other participants. The World Social Forum undertakes to disseminate these decisions widely, by the means at its disposal, without directives, hierarchies, censorship and restrictions, but as deliberations of the entities or groups of entities that have assumed them .

PIERRE (in chat) article 7 in fact it is the forum facilitators who do this, not "the forum"

 https://join.wsf2021.net/actions-calendar   here in this calendar in the virtual social forum 2021 you can see the actions of the self organized articulations active in the forum who are subjects of transformation recognized in the forum 

It is the tenth principle that dialogue will work, right.

11. The World Social Forum, as a space for debate, is a movement of ideas that encourages reflection, and the transparent dissemination of the results of that reflection, on the mechanisms and instruments of capital domination, on the means and actions of resistance and overcoming of this domination, on the alternatives proposed to solve the problems of social exclusion and inequality that the process of capitalist globalization, with its racist, sexist and environmentally destructive dimensions, is creating, internationally and within countries .


I think that this issue, I think that Moroni was very happy, now in the problematization he brings, because this element, this debate is an element that was born with the forum, the forum is only in Space, the forum and only the process, the forum is just a subject , an actor an incidence, a subject of political incidence in space, I think it is very happy for Moroni to say that @ 1 there is no contradiction in the forum being, to have the 3 dimensions that complement each other.

I think that this view, this dimension, this horizontal logic is self-managed, that the Forum defended, is a proposal is practical , because we are talking about a letter of principles that guided twenty years, tens of hundreds of Processes of the World Social forum, we have 13 social forums face-to-face worlds, we now had the 14th which was a virtual World Social forum, and we had hundreds of thematic forums, from regional forums 

I think that a fundamental question that this letter brought, that the forum brought and the principle of each participant of the forum, each person who participates in a political process has autonomy to carry out their discussions, their agendas, to articulate their decisions, without interference from a forum coordination, a forum command , nobody has the right in the forum process, to give limits and determination, other than those of the letter of principles From the letter of principles itself, which establishes, as Salete says, the parameter.

The year and space forum, the process of political positioning, of any and all opinions he has on his side, he has an opinion on what happens in humanity.

In this way, the forum also contributes to overcoming helping @ 2 overcoming a practice of political hegemonism that is characteristic of the World left , the idea as Moroni says and in a very way they also as if there were hierarchies between social movements, there were among the causes you first came the economics causes, the identity causes as if it could hierarchize the human rights prayers and forum in the way it was proposed and it worked and it has worked until today, right, Rota all and all with equal values ​​and importance because all and all freedoms autonomy to organize their agenda their movements their organizations their dynamics

I also think that Moroni, Salete, and Sheila have already put it well, the forum, its vision of horizontality, it works in the recognition of our diversity, and the diversity of protagonism, there is no idea in the forum that the activity promoted by entity X is more important than activity B. We have classified Cruzeiro But they are in financial limits, you can't put translations in all rooms, and then you have to debate the GT methodology of the forum, and make sure that each activity organization has at least two hours Machine, it is not ah we will leave the room with translation for such entities, which are the most important of the forum. That does not exist. 

Of course there is a whole debate, a discussion, the spaces at the solidarity economy fair and the spaces in the activities, @ 3 the way the program is organized, the way thematic assemblies are organized , that is to say so that everyone works who claim a place of voice, part of their place of speech, from that social movement to their cause, there is room for that, this has been guaranteed, I think it is a great wealth. 

And that is why I incorporate into the anti-systemic anti-capitalist political struggle, a very large set of social movements and organizations, who see themselves in the anti-capitalist struggle and who, at least in my opinion, @ 4 before the process of the world social forum, at least Globally , they did not see themselves as part of this process, I think when we participate in a global social forum, we see this, right, culture as if seeing the anti capitalist system, articulated with the struggle of the union movement, articulated with the indigenous struggle quilombola, the fight to fight hunger, I will not sit here for 10 minutes, and I think to end these positive points, that the forum has managed to build collective positions. 

The letter expresses this, @ 5 the letter expresses collective positions, as it is a vision of globalization in solidarity, as it is a vision with another evaluation of Human Rights, so there are guidelines and themes, which we as organizations and social movements, as subjects of law , we express and wake up, 

So the forum he managed, and in our understanding, in my understanding, he still manages to build what Moroni says very well , a subject of political positioning , because if he would not stop making sense and 

PIERRE (no chat) The letter through articles 1 4 8 9 10 in particular ideologically locate the forum space , describing / prescribing the values ​​and generic actions of its participants

And that does not mean , as Moroni said very well, to build a hierarchy, to build an organization, with coordination, with command , and that does mean betting on this process of collective construction. 

I think, concluding there, that the limits of our letter of principle, and the limits that it places, that we need to face, because since 2000 until today, I think that we as an anti-capitalist social field that defends a humanist society , moving forward is multi-building, they are not political positioning, but as an alternative to capitalism. In other words, we already live in some situations and some proposals, values ​​after capitalism, but capitalism remains very strong, very powerful, and putting its claws more and more.

Oxfam there demonstrates each year the share of global inequalities, so the forum, as a subject, as a process, as an anti-capitalist space, it needs to see itself in a process of overcoming capitalism, it needs to have sense, in addition to meeting and discussing these questions. 

And from that point of view, @ 6 we need to think that the forum needs to find alternatives for us to increase our consensus.

If we build consensus to develop a charter of principles, it is necessary that we build new consensus, that we increase the degree of consensus , not only about the criticism of the system, but about the alternatives, About the strengthening of the alternatives .

PIERRE the degrees of consensus in the forum can be seen as a fabric of concrete initiatives (struggles campaigns processes transforming agendas) of resistance and alternatives of wide participation promoted by explicit articulations of participating organizations. This form is visible in the implementation of the virtual fsm 2021  https://join.wsf2021.net/initiatives  

When we, as a forum, oppose Davos, at the Davos World Forum, it means that we have opinions about the things that Davos puts forward, and therefore those opinions are political positions. 

So it seems to me, and I end with this question, that @ 7  is a false controversy, which I have said a lot in our debates, this idea of saying that the forum is space, or subject to the actor. No ! The forum is a plural democratic space, as we all put it right, but it does have a role, a role in the anti-capitalist struggle, and it needs to fulfill that role and that function.

At the risk of ceasing to have felt what he said. I think here that we have already lived through the forum process for 20 years of experience, of collective construction in a democratic way, that we are mature and mature for this, you know, to look at the present world, and think about how to transform it in this present moment.

The pandemic brings us a deep crisis, but it brings us many opportunities as well, because it puts the planet in a situation of health crisis. 

So I conclude with this, as I enjoyed reading fran (by Paulo Freire), I am a person of hope, I think that there is no politics without hope, when I lose hope, I think that I will not do politics anymore. 

I am a person of hope and I believe that we are in a good moment in processes at the World Social Forum, both in the Global process and in this process of the Social Forum on Justice, which is, like everyone else, painful and pleasurable; Thanks.

PIERRE (in chat)   the charter does not speak of the “facilitation” actions necessary for the process and event to take place, the forum process is maintained collectively, and has all the accumulated experience, and has much to explore and do to implement with creativity forum principles - among others possible this illustrative table http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-methodology/charter-fsm-wsf-es-table3 


part 2


@ 009 FRANKLIN how good, how good dear Mauri, who is part of our executive board at ABONG, always good to talk to you and listen to you. I miss you in the next rounds of our coffee especially, and then we had this first part of the workshop, for those who are arriving now we are in the workshop “Justice democracy Like the principles of society or of the social movements of the World Social Forum itself.”

We’ve now seen these four dear people: Salete, Sheila, Moroni and Mauri gave us an overview of the letter from the World Social Forum, 

And then we highlighted some questions, or guiding questions s What is the conception of Justice and democracy and the professed letter of principles ?, who are the subjects? How does the social forum articulate these subjects ?, The world social forum and space, the process or political actor? Which Lagoons were identified as absences and how to overcome them ?.

Those were the guiding questions and we would like to thank the people who are here with us on youtube: Pierre, Raquel, antonio, Stephanie, we are talking about adding to congratulate the creators of this debate, we have Carlos Tibúrcio very good intervention congratulations comrade salete sheila featured Placements by Comrade Moroni.

The staff can use the site here to chat here, to position our presidentLGBT simmy the entire LGBT community, also I think he is not president the legend of it.

A little witch that we now have and that we open for the deb ate and we invite loved ones too, Débora Rodrigues, activist of the NGO ng vida Brasil, she has to make up the executive board of ABONG and the international council of the World Social Forum, Ataíde Mota, director of Ibase and also a member of ABong's Board of Directors, the International Council of the World Social Forum.

Simmy Lara , my friend sister companion transvestite president LGBT house none Cunha in São Bernardo do Campo she is coordinator of transcidadania program in the city of São Paulo and national coordinator LGBTMas in the government of President Dilma

They are the people that we open with a debate I would like to see the boys I saw there beginning with dear Débora be very welcome and axé.

@ 010 DEBORAH axé, saravá, namaste. Good afternoon guys. it’s very nice there, people already brought it, I think we’re making a lot of progress with the discussions we’ve had in the right international council.

And then to help in this debate, I was listening to some things, it is also getting to know the experience at the World Social forum, and to think that everyone will bring some questions, and the right articulation, so it is an extremely important role for strengthening the movements. social, of civil society organizations, who makes the political struggle in different parts of the world. 

There I am a political militant in the movements, whose outside the Brazilian Forum of solidarity economy, is the creation of the World Social Forum, it was at the World Social Forum that we established a political charter that guided this defense of another economy

I agree with these ideas that, @ 1 even though we have a lot of difficulty defining this political positioning of the forum, in the forum spaces, some political guidelines are taken and some guidelines are defined, 

But I also see in the presence of the movements that groups more fragile or invisible populations, within the forum

But then the provocation for you, @ 2, we have a certain difficulty in bringing it to the international council, right? And you can be with the examples: we can, for example, I stayed on the thematic axis of Economic Justice this year in the virtual forum, and there I saw indigenous populations, traditional peoples, Indians from different parts of Latin America, a tremendous capillarity of looks about economic models, new economic models, or in the wake of another paradigm, a well-structured concrete proposal, with debates with a large network of articulation, but we do not see this within the International Council.

How is it that this issue, in the same way the issue of black women, because we have an active participation of women, and the networks of women there in the forum are able to project themselves very strongly, but we are unable to bring this agenda of the struggle of black resistance into the CI as well

However, in these issues that you bring and for us, that Moroni said we have, it is a positioning and that the political positioning in the synthesis of the daily political struggle, right, @ 3  how does that fit in that space (CI) WSF), which are often in the direction of what we are doing , and how we can make this space, which Mauri affirms that of all those he treated in the process of equality, he manages to recognize these resistance struggles so important for the synthesis of everyday struggles right? 

I will provoke you! me passing FRAN to this issue of the debate. 


CARLOS 'in the chat) Thanks. Deborah. Congratulations. Valid taunts .

@ 011 FRANKLIN maravilha How nice Débora dear, thanks for the provocations thanks for being here with us; in the sequence Simi lara the president naLGBT dear Movie Whatever you have to contribute with us, be welcome simmy. 

@ 012 SIMMY Thank you loves, thank you for the invitation, to be part of this debate Good afternoon to all who are present. 

Carol of you important from my little square there, ah I was hungry I'm going to lab 

But let's talk. I took some of the weighting out of my companionship and out of my reality; 

I went to the forum in 2001 when the Forum Funds of I experienced a more common image as for society, right? I was in the student movement by bus from Belém until I arrived in Porto Alegre, we lived in the Youth camp, we went back and the bus for two weeks living this magic and what an incredible Bule gade are for debate on what we believe I have made possible,

And then I participate in the Forum of Belém, I reside in Belém, and still in that same image of identity ne, for society here and the reading of homosexuality, still with No Movimento, already the lgbtq movement. 

Then I participated in Porto Alegre and Bahia, already with this widespread gender identity, assuming myself as a transvestite and in the LGBT movement that more, in the forum another forum I went with management was actually at the Federal level. 

And they were completely different forums, this is the same trajectory I saw this forum becoming more powerful in what concerns discussions and @ 1 of the last forum I participated in Bahia, we saw an increase in transversality in the agendas , an application to dialogue not only in that one since the beginning of the forum, we have already been able to debate in this trajectory how the discal element disc movement with other movements, women's movements, these transversal dialogues were made possible.

But I confess that in the last forums I was as a transvestite as well as I experienced all the other spaces, a lot of times and we don’t look for an identification grid I’m not talking, I’m talking about discovering a little bit on this agenda to understand our local of our struggle anybody saying disconnect with that and that it is not possible, with society, @ 2 it is not possible another project of society that takes into account and that is based only on the Economic question and it is not enough for us to say we are anti-capitalist, the people need to be lgbt phobia racial anti-capitalist, because for me the World Social Forum, he is not in the field of just an answer to Davos.

She is in the field of showing a project that has another economic path, which is not capitalism, the World Social Forum and the space of dispute for humanity 

We want to dispute this humanity that has been sick since much of capitalism made a pact, with such patriarchy.

and in my opinion, there is no way for us to break down the pillars that hold the power in the hand that holds, of the white men, if we don’t assume debate like the structural ones in all the construction we do, and we understand that any move that we do, we will need @ 3 to bring them debates as structural lan, they are not intersectional. They are parallel and are structuring .

Indigenous agenda, racial issue, gender issue and gender identity sexuality issues.

It is not enough for us to add gender sexual orientation, we need to bring it to the center of the debate. 

Once of the movement of the last social forum in Bahia, we were starting an LGBT plenary that we did, and I said to people @ 4  “because we don’t have a World Social Forum on gender and sexuality” and, because there are so many thematic social forums then I wondered if this is the way for us to understand that this has to be at the center of the debate? of the construction of the agenda, in the construction of the structure of the World Social Forum as a whole. 

I don’t know if it would be a better strategy, you know, but I imagine it’s with quotas. it is not to be a quota, and to be structural of this new model of society that we want, and builds a new model of society, which continues to leave out many people

And I was about to say this here because I lived in these forums, I know they are places As I told you, this is not the body image, because life in the forum, it brings this debate, and how we grew up with these guidelines from 2001 until now, now we need to add these guidelines in the construction of the totality of these relations of these structural experiences of the event itself. 

And we ask you are you an actor? Structure like that here in the chat excuse What is the social forum? 

I think he is all of this for me, you know ?, because @ 5 he is also a subject, he is a strategy, he becomes the way, do not be a central subject , then everyone has to go out and do it , but he is political, from the moment that world society we are gathered here, and will not pass, because we are here, and we will dispute this society, this humanity, and these resistances in that plane putting our mark, putting our voice, putting our fight.

So, @ 6 from the moment we do this, we are being the political subject of this World fight, 

So, in my opinion, time later has our limits in this process. 

And as we can, looking at a place for debate, it is all of this from the moment we mark it in society. 

And I confess to you that, at the moment when we are living, I miss us a lot, we did the social forum in virtuality, we are learning these models , maybe it will appear when we go to the face-to-face World Social forum again, maybe the people bring a lot of these experiences, more to be together and together in this seeing, meeting, reading the political experience as an LGBT movement that learned last, within the forum space, because the exchange comes from us as a double , it comes from a double also learns gets big on it. 

And here to conclude, I think, I talked a little about this issue of absences gaps, but I think we can overcome, shrink, bringing everything we think, which is decisive for this dispute, it is not what we do for we are not, we try try try try, everyone is always missing something, but I will go down that we propose, from the moment we put ourselves in this fight, that we put ourselves in the militancy, that and we said, that we want to be here. 

So long live, long live at the World Social Forum . Congratulations to all of us who built these strategies, congratulations on our boldness to continue building these strategies, and to think about how it will continue to build the relationship with the pandemic,

Because the pandemic will pass, it will pass, we have enough science for that and this genocidal government will not vaccinate, but only that the pandemic will leave for more vulnerable populations and allies in Brazil, specifically the disgrace that this government is leaving, to disrupt and end various public policies, and destroy Amazon, and everything we are seeing, these, 

But from these wounds, they will need a lot of political articulation, a lot of World social forum, a lot of unity in the journey between us all and everyone for us to overcome what is coming here, which is still ongoing, and which perpasa I will not give up fighting for justice and pro democracy for everyone Thank you sorry if I extended ok?


ARTGAY in the chat Capitalism, patriarchy and racism is the structuring triad of all forms of oppression and inequality

@ 013 FRANKLIN yes my dear thank you thank you always good to hear you very good when you start talking i stopped the clock, that robe for Simi she is a joke thank you dear always a lot of embarrassment between us. 

We also have as one of the scouts a dear partner of all hours Ataíde executive director of IBASEInstituto Brasileiro de Ciências Sociais Económicos, member of the international Council also of the World Social Forum and of the executive board of Abong. Ataíde dear very welcome. 

@ 014 ATAIDE thank you Fran, thank you all, congratulations for the debate so great congratulations on the last presentations of Deborah and Simi that preceded me. Total Respect. I will try not to be repetitive, because I think the most important fundamental questions were presented very well. 

So I wanted to talk about two aspects that I think, however, that I speak to reflect the world social forum, that I read some things that I participate in the meetings to ask if we didn’t also need to reflect on the forum in the exercise of self-critical analysis. 

When we speak for example, when we ask if I forum is space the process the author, I think it is clear to the couple some xxxx people that a dispute over what @ 1 some see as the need for the forum to become an actor political, less space is more actor, or still be a space more performance of a political actor, and this brings a lot of doubts, a lot of questioning , brings a lot of attention to the discussion in the North, it’s not all bad

 It is a discussion has to be done, but how it was done with magician batizamento

And here I wanted to bring two elements that I think are important for us to discuss:

 one and the time, right , when we talk about the beginning of the world social forum, how the social forum arose from the fantastic result he had, from the energy he was able to capture and transform into an immobilizing wave, as says candid who was ibase. 

We are talking about twenty years , and the world has changed, capitalism has changed, society has changed, many things have changed, and we need to reflect on what the forum needs to change to be able to deal with it. 

It is almost unfair for us to expect to have the same performance that he had before in the world so different, as we are living today, right.

We had a huge conservative wave on several levels, which advanced in several countries, Brazil is a totally different place than it was twenty years ago 

We even from the World Social Forum with the presence of former president of global left leaders, and today that would be impossible to happen in Brazil, for example, because we have stepped back a lot, conservatism has advanced. So we need to be able to reflect these things, because they are part of the fabric today of a political scenario of a very different situation. 

The economy has changed, capitalism has changed, we have a whole generation of workers who cannot fit anywhere we formed with relatives so accustomed to darn é and a whole new generation of excluded from the digital economy, yeah, and a whole new generation. applications, there are many differences that we need to be able to think about them, incorporate the risk that we are not understanding, which I think is a nice function of the forum but it is also dangerous,

 and that the second point I want to bring up. I think it has to do with the conceptions, with the subject  

At some point, I participated in the forum several times in but it is a country, I participated a lot in the organization of the forum that @ 2 when you are in the organization? you don’t see anything, you fight for it to happen and participate little , so there’s a moment when the forum, @ 3 as if it were a cauldron, where everyone entered with enormous energy here in the turntable and a ray of light to go to the target, hit hard, and shake, and we can make an impact in the Global debate. 

But at some point, the state of the cauldron becomes more important, because it fed us, @ 4  we went to the forum in a spirit of feedback, of strengthening, and often lost sight of what we needed do it politically , with that energy that we were accumulating ahi.

over time I think that the energy has been lost, and today I am in doubt if what we want to bring back this mobilizing capacity, this wave, you know, that we were able to say something to the world, if we want to strengthen us first because we are very staggered, you know. 

And then I @ 5  am afraid that we will not be able to do both . If we do not have a clear vision of what is happening, we may not be able to do both: stop at the necessary self-empowerment, rather at dao the next step than the ability to influence public debate, 

PIERRE (in chat) in the first decade of the forum, the campaign against the FTAA used the forum and I made a political impact from the strength it accumulated, without asking to be formally endorsed "by the forum"

That I agree with Mauri, she @ 6 doesn’t need to be done in the traditionalist or hierarchical way, you can be creative in that ancestry of the World Forum of the World Social Forum you can have a political agenda for the world, in a completely different way, it doesn’t have to be with a united order, it can be unprecedented, it can be multiple, it can be varied , but we need, if not to lose this potential of sight, 

And sometimes, I think we're losing it of view, it is very important, especially today, it is very important that we have spaces to strengthen each other, because the whole world, many people are being attacked on several levels, is being vilified, rights are being violated and our self defense is very important right now. 

So, that's what I wanted to say, so the challenges that are posed by the forum are very big, but @ 7 I think there is a creative, transformative energy, which she is able to mobilize again, it will be a difficult and even painful exercise , but I think, I believe that my hope, it goes in that direction, we are able to reach that moment of energy agitation again, we need to have clear scenarios and difficulties that are happening today, which are different from that went to see it years ago that's it folks.

CARLOS (in chat) Good lines too, Symmy and Ataíde. The political revitalization process is very important 

PIERRE Still after two decades it has a lot of potential to implement the vision of the fsm principles letter in concrete manifestations http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-methodology/charter-fsm-wsf-es-table3 


@ 015 FRANKLIN Maravilha Ataíde dear that good your contributions, good to hear and we are together. And we can also participate by sending reflections by sending here to us on the YouTube chat on Facebook the gang On the side I drowned Brazil, capitalism, patriarchy, racism, is the structural path of all forms of oppression and inequality

And then you want to share here talk a little bit What are you thinking? From this workshop in the speeches of our first and our companions, send your opinion here and we thought three guiding questions,

I'm going to read it again even for those who want to participate, talk a little bit, what is the concept of justice and democracy that the World Social Forum's letter of principles professes? Who are the subjects of the changes, and how does the World Social Forum articulate all these subjects? and the Social Forum is the political author's process space? What are the gaps and absences identified by overcoming them? 

Then we return again to companions who started the debate with us Sheila Mauri Salete Moroni and with you, if you also want to contribute and debate, based on what you brought to this Workshop

And we are calling justice and democracy on the principle of society and social movements and the World Social Forum itself, and it is part of the first week of mobilization of the World Social Forum Justice is democracy.

 Anyone who would like to talk a little now, take a walk, we’re going to get ours, it’s going to be good to hear them too. 

@ 016 SHEILA can I catch the ball?

So I was thinking here about those placements that were made last. I think what Débora Simmy and Ataides bring, this last line from Ataíde, @ 1 that we can lose sight of the potential of the World Social Forum, especially in the confrontation

ahi taking another question that was put to, the capitalism of patriarchy and racism, I think that saw Ataíde, which worries me a lot, in these several years there, that I participate in the forum that represented The Paulo Freire Institute in the international council, it is that I feel that, in this way, the face-to-face editions are very rich, but it is possible to do more, 

Then when Moroni brings it, he places the process here, it takes place through these many daily routines, OK I agree, there is a whole articulation that is mobilized in the forums and then it doesn’t go there, it often comes and enhances actions and everything else. But what is possible to do more, you can do more, like this political actor here, yes I agree when it was said here that he is already a political actor, due to the very art that is present 

As simmy said and puts her voice to the world, we are here facing it, yes, it is already a political actor apart from that, yes it has a strength. But what we can do has many struggles, I think principle 7 of the letter Okay, I cried was to give visibility without hierarchizing it, we will give visibility in the struggles that are brought into it. 

So how can I think first, @ 2 I think that the international council, exactly with Débora says, it needs to expand, it needs to have a lot more people, with a lot more colors, it's a lot more fights, it took a long time without opening for new subjects enter, and now, they have this perspective of openness, and we need to mobilize different groups so that they actually enter, actively participate in the council. 

But I think this question has no answer, how do we influence politically, more effectively Fights that are absolutely in tune, a letter of principles, how do we keep silent in the face of atrocities that happen in the world, and that are absolutely supported by the charter of principles.

I think this is an answer that has worried a lot of people, a question that has worried many of us on the board, and we need, I think, to open the discussion to try to build this answer, because it is difficult to arrive at. point of an answer that produces those transformations that are so necessary; 

I think this is it: @ 3 has a lot of potential, which needs to be better used, we need to build this “how to do” together. And that 

@ 018 MAURI I'm also going to speak here, try to talk to Déborah, my partner at CI, hi to Simy and our next ABONG representative on the International Council.

In the first one I think, as soon as we did an analysis, and I think @ 1 the conclusion of the processes in the forum as a process and subject space, he is, he is, no one could say that he is or is not, it I am the one who wrote several times, you know, year and year, we will end the forum 

I am one of those who write that @ 2 nobody has the power to end the forum, nobody owns the forum to end the forum

PIERRE to say that the forum is at the same time a process space and an actor creates, in my view, a confusion that distorts the imaginary and the way of thinking about the forum. (see @ 007) 

The forum will end because he wants to end , not because someone will declare his end, and that, and the forum has been renewed, so I think the forum has played a very important role, I think 

And then Deborah at work is @ 3 I sincerely belong to those people who do not understand the right CI, because if no one speaks on behalf of the Forum, if no one is authorized to speak on behalf of the forum, what is CI? 

What is the international board of the forum? What is there for? What is the function? not who decides its composition, not that it doesn't need to,

 As we talk here, a space for permanent articulation, yes, between face-to-face events, in our dynamics of world forums, there needs to be an articulation, to choose the agenda, where it will take place, but it does not have to be an international council, it doesn't even have to be something airtight and closed , consolidated, in people who are stuck, personas and organizations 

PIERRE the CI was instituted approving the charter of principles and can be affirmed coherently with the principles, as a facilitating community, which is not a political organ see http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2020-discusionfsm-input31-es 

I think, I have said this several times that @ 4 I don’t see the forum in Crisis, the forum will never be much beyond what social movements are, in our process,

@ 5 But yes, if we want we need a space for political articulation between face-to-face events, and this space has to be the face of the historical moment

There is no point in having a CI that does not have a lot of representation from the LGBT community, a lot of representation from the black movement, a lot of representation from the indigenous movement, a lot of representation from the women's movement, these are the movements that are antisystemic today, which is the main thing , they are not the global atlermundist movements that discuss with the UN

So yes I think and this, for me I feel the need for us to find this point as well as Ataíde put it, Ataide I think it brought like this, @ 6  I think we will study our live here later, to brush up on the issues here , because a debate is not about the crisis of the World Social Forum, and a debate about the power of the forum as a tool, as an instrument where all the moments are in the struggle 

PIERRE (no chat) http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/event2021-fsm-justicia-y-democracia-brasil

here the workshop documentation and transcript 

And yes, there is someone in crisis at the Social Forum, but it is not the forum, we have a challenge here, I think, it is a challenge we are going to provoke the process of the forum, how to overcome this challenge, @ 7 how do we invent the international articulation process, and it is not necessarily just to expand participation in the international council, this idea of ​​creativity and Ataide spoke there, motivated me here, I think we are together here ahi.  

PIERRE elements about debate, partly resistive, partly creative, in echo of the debate that Mauri speaks of  http://openfsm.net/projects/dibco1/dibco1-2020-discusionfsm/#ES  

FRANKLIN Wonderful Mauri dear very good Deborah asked for the speech. 

@ 019 DEBORAH I will deepen the provocation, saw Mauri. I think it's not just the presence of representation, taking on the struggle that Agent Bota in the letter looks cute and hands it over to black women to black people

 Take your fight, take the population, defend the issue of LGBT that more entry he carries his fight, be @ 1 we do not incorporate in the great actions of the forum, from the point of view of its representation, and of its political speech ,

 And here I say the forum needs to position itself politically, because otherwise it is a deafening omission , right? 

Today, for example @ 2 in Brazil in 2016; the forum refused to take a position r On the issue of Brazil, and today we saw there that we have given too many 400,000 deaths result and result of 2016 right? 

And this is an omission of the forum, as it is not political, but no, we are political from the struggles, that is, each one taking care of its right ?.

And this is a provocation the question is, right, so how does the forum do what Simy put there in the story that you look at 



We need to deconstruct, based on the forum's struggles, the issue of machismo, racism and xenophobia of all the “isms” that we have out there, we put the letter in, deliver the specific groups to take care of you, right? @ 3 I think that this absence, this silence that sometimes we are carries these struggles, yes, we feel , and as if we always need to shout so that you who are in the other struggles can hear us. It is simply more ahi provocation. 

PIERRE (in the chat) Observation until 2016 was a consensual practice in the CI that, for political expression of the member entities of the IC, declarations are used in the name of the list of signed entities. http://openfsm.net/projects/icmembers-declarations/ (some statements by IC members)

The tension of the IC montréal 2016 meeting was that a group of pro-Palestinian militants, and a group of organizations from Brazil, insisted instead to use this channel above, to request two declarations from the IC as IC which did not fit with the established practice and the facilitating tasks of the IC and the non-politically representative profile of the IC. 

FRANKLIN great Débora Good to hear your teasing.

@ 020 SALETE these provocations are very good Deborah, is her eternal human social fragment , @ 1 we have a culture of fragmentation of the pieces, this is a question that I ask independently of 2000 for Cá, the forum, for the whole life, we it is fragmented and we cannot look, we look, we look, but we do not see, and we do not listen to each other

So this is a problem there, as humans are in fragmentation, they are the same human newspaper for all places, including the World Social Forum, and for the international council, the problem will transfer to those same places, so I understand that the challenge is very big, 

I want to make a provocation here, Mauri puts it when you say “the forum didn’t want to take a position ” In fact, he puts it, I reply here it wasn’t, it is 2016 Montreal was one of the only forums that wasn’t, but it was a position of the Council Internacional, @ 2 and where does the international council come from?

In the first year, there was no international council, but there was a group of organizations, organizations and movements that started the first World Social Forum process, and because of all the external and internal provocations and etc., @ 3 there was this creation of the international Council, so that this space can be said, of facilitation, of taking care of the process, a certain responsibility for the process, it could have more participation, if bigger be more plural, more participative etc. 

PIERRE (in chat)  what are IC s tasks ? Here is a description made at the CI meeting in Casablanca in 2013. In the tasks, this list of “politically representing the forum, which is incompatible with principle 6, http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/casa13-wsfic-tasks-tareas-taches-cifsm/#ES

The forum is a collectively maintained process, the CI can be useful for that -

and we have all the questions about it, and thought it was legitimate, you are bringing it here, but I have the same understanding of Mauri since always, that @ 4 the forum he exists, he is from the moment he was born, 

The first meeting in 2001, the way we managed to make it possible for everyone to get there, then continued in a different way, there each one in his own way, in his place, in his territory, in his nation , in your region, there is more planetary is that we have a field of humanity that manages to look more planetarily across the land, it doesn’t put people I am linked to its territory, I already know, I want to pull the field human rights,

PIERRE (in chat) here in the event calendar related right or indirectly with the WSF process http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2021-calendar/#lista   see version between salvador and virtual social forum  http: // openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2018-calendar/#lista 

We need to understand and think territory is not local when we deal with the humanities, human beings and the rights they have, so what I understand is the same as Mauri, the forum never stopped, the forum never became smaller, the forum has always continued everywhere, the groups put more strength in it, less strength, it depends on which and the group, what is the objective, what are the needs that it meets, 

So what's the point? the question is to really look at it , because this international and global process has gained a differentiated body, where it went to, so what is our capacity to look at it, what a little effort we have made, and Marco is doing it everyone, we are involved in the international council there, and little effort has been made, looking at the regional thematic forums, looking at the World Social Forum process, which took place in other regions and in other countries, and @ 5 trying to keep these new spaces, these new places, these achievements and discoveries

They may have strength within this process, however many and others always have the tendency to keep the old , without the care that it is necessary for these post-pandemic times, we will have to be able to look at it, and to it doesn't have to kill what exists, we need to look at what exists with the planetary eyes , with the eyes of the planet's humanity, not with the eyes of our little piece, of our house, of our place.

So I wanted to say simmy is welcome regardless of the official Mauri right, everyone and we are all very important in this process. Come on, roll up your sleeves;

FRANKLIN public engagement in simmy, there are a lot of people there, so it will be recorded for posterity, simmy; Sheila asked to make considerations; 

@ 021 SHEILA I think it's important to put it here I totally agree with Mauri with a salete that and the crisis is not from the forum, the forum remained strong from the rest of the process, with more or less energy, but always alive, that @ 1 the crisis is in the international council . The position that was not the forum but the council that did not want to position itself . I was at that meeting in Montreal in 2016, and it was not the board that did not want to take a stand. 

We had about 80 people present and there were 3 organizations that opposed the position against the coup in Brazil. One of those people, but especially put himself saying that He took the Council if he just screamed, shouted, and then like @ 2 there is a rule that nothing is decided by vote, but by consensus, it became the consensus dictatorship, because then a fine large minority, an immense minority to be able to block a decision, which would have been taken by an international council by the majority, can say 99% of the international council, more than that was in favor of a political position at that time,

PIERRE observation: mentioning that if we opted for a CI that is not politically relevant, but to facilitate taking care of the process, the issue of consensus applies only to facilitation decisions to maintain the unity of the process, so the decisions of political expression are among the various self-organized articulations of participating entities that decide them. Taking account of political diversity in the forum space

As I was at the meeting, I was extremely crazy when the council taking a stand against it was not a fight, it was very difficult, it was a lot of discussion, and we were unable to get it approved, and I wanted to put in that same meeting there were representatives of Kurd women and representative of the Palestinian people, asking for the political positioning of the forum at that time, 

So the defeat and sadness at that event at that meeting was not only due to the coup that is going on in Brazil, but it was because of the Kurdish women who left in frustration and the Palestinian leaders who were there as well.

It was very sad I remember there was a moment when I retired I went for a walk in the surrounding so as not to jump anyone's coast, because it was very tense and then the Palestinian man with the calloused hand put his hand on my arm saying: “ they never suffered ”, like Calam they never suffered, and that has remained in my heart until today, 

Because that knows, if I forum does not show solidarity, it assumes the struggles of different peoples, it does not assume these struggles politically, @ 3 is not the forum, and the international council of the forum is complicated, how do we change these bonds? , And many times and they are not put on that People Sorry I said a lot again.

PIERRE (in the chat) Observation until 2016 was a consensual practice in the IC that, for political expression of the member entities of the CI, declarations are used in the name of the list of signed entities. http://openfsm.net/projects/icmembers-declarations/ (some statements by IC members)

The tension of the IC montréal 2016 meeting was that a group of pro-Palestinian militants, and a group of organizations from Brazil, insisted instead to use this channel above, to request two declarations from the IC, as IC, which did not fit with the established practice and the facilitating tasks of the CI and the non-politically representative profile of the IC. 

For several members of the CI, there is a temptation to reduce the forum to the IC, lies that the IC can count as a problematic attempt to create a community that facilitates a part of the forum process (world events) that therefore approves the principles at the same time. same moment that is being instituted, not a political direction 

FRANKLIN always very good to hear thanks for the considerations 

@ 022 MAURI I know that Simi and Ataíde want to speak, but I wanted to get into the controversy because I think it dialogues with our debate. 

First @ 1 the fact that CI, deciding something is not the forum deciding anything, because the letter of principles says that nobody speaks on behalf of the forum, because otherwise we are making official that CI speaks on behalf of the forum .

 Does CI speak on behalf of the forum ? this is the question, which I think you have to ask, whether or not I was in Canada, but I know that many activities in defense of Brazil happened in Canada, it is the fact that we come back from this disagreement of the CI.

The blockade, as we call it, in the veto of the minority, the relation to the majority of the CI, does not mean that the Canadian forum did not remove hundreds of motions of solidarity with Dilma is with the Brazilian people, that @ 2 the forum took a stand against the scam is Brazil 

The CI did not take a stand, you did not take a stand, but the forum took a stand , and we know a lot, look on social networks, we will see activities that will happen.

@ 3 We cannot empower the subject, a space if people different than anyone else speak the name of the forum . I think this is perhaps the most significant issue, and I think and I will bring here a good example, if not we symbolize the space with, 

In January 2017 in Porto Alegre Janeiro, at the CI meeting, there was a majority defending the Social Forum in Salvador, we had a majority and were there three organizations that were against it? And @ 4 we built the debate without voting, without voting, we built the debate, from the point of view that the three entities recognized that the majority of the council understood in March 2018 Salvador could host the forum, 

And so we did, and the forum was wonderful, and the three people who were against, entities that were against, organized activities in Salvador, did activities, praised the forum in Salvador. 

PIERRE (on chat) agreeing with mauri about the fact that CI is not a representative of the forum - and its tasks are not to represent, but rather to “facilitate”, needing to think about what this is and the example that Mauri gives in 2017 and about a decision to accept a proposal for a world event that is one of his facilitation tasks where practice of the consensus protocol hat Mauri refers to - you can see the discussion here  http://openfsm.net/projects/ic- extended / ci-portoalegre-201701-notas-21tarde and the form of consensus built and intervention 181

So, @ 5  I think our dilemma is one of process, I see sometimes, in the dynamics of the CI, the struggle of the hegemonism of the traditional left, that in social movements we do not practice more , we do not practice this type of posture anymore, but in CI still and that, it is passed in the Brazilian international political struggle, this is not the daily struggle, in our daily struggle and the other, that is why I think we have a good excuse I just wanted to punctuate kisses.

FRANKLIN Perfect dear thank you Your considerations finally passing through our closing ahi Simmy and Ataíde, simmy has consideration. 

@ 023 SIMMY I wanted to say that I don’t have xxxxx and I don’t have that delicacy that Sheila has. So think about it, I'm here to walk a lot, but Salete knows me more collected. But a pleasure, a pleasure to build, I think we have to occupy the next places , I think we have to think more than the indigenous people 

I think that this exercise of collective construction too, understanding that even when diverging building E that sometimes is an exercise, and it is a humanistic exercise in the solidary exercise of words, and these hard falls, often not understanding the words, still ah to get involved with that, right. 

Because I believe in a revolution, I consider myself revolutionary, but I consider myself a revolutionary without any aspect in a certain concern , between us it is not possible to be revolutionary except. More of the same desire to build several mobilizations, of the formats that were possible in the past, the period we see as many as we are going to strengthen on the Impact that arrived. A kiss to everyone, it can kill me fantastic to celebrate with this live ready.

@ 024 ATAIDE I wanted to say that I agree with the view of Salete de Mauri, yes it is a process so let's embrace, the process and let's transform it, let's make it dynamic, let's do what I need , um, 

I even understand @ 1 I don’t want to be cruel, some people who hold on to the process in an ungenerous way No, because they need the process to have a little energy, 

But we will try to contribute to the process, they are not taken from him, if we only take him out to eat, the process ends up suffering

Or as I said, I have a lot of hope at the World Social Forum, today more than ever, @ 2  we are starting very slowly to turn around , a march of conservative strength, but we know that it will not be easy, the we know that it will not be removed from the face of the earth overnight, it will have to be pushed from side to side slowly

So a process does not have to be done, Bolsonaro may fall, but in this generation of Bolsonaro and the like there to continue doing and sending the same barbarities. So the fight will really continue, we need a forum capable of doing this where against conservatism is in favor of life so we can continue fighting we will remain strong. 



@ 025 FRANKLIN Thanks Ataide for the considerations, this is an activity that is part of the World Social Forum mobilization week, 

and the idea was for us to take this workshop to debate justice and democracy as principles of the society of the social movements of the World Social Forum itself” .

It will be recorded on our networks on YouTube, Facebook, for those who think it is worth it, send it to friends, send it to colleagues, I think it is worth reflecting on from the letter of principles of the World Social Forum, seeking to strengthen learning and alternatives. 

Do you have any more questions, companions? Things to talk about? otherwise we will be waxed and thank you. 

There were people here who participated with us, stayed with Live news all the time, thanks for staying there, with us .

Moroni falls there apologized, his house lacked energy, sent a message, so he can't stay with us in the end, but we had this dear group here, this dear people, who help us to build this more loving world fairer more egalitarian and more combative more abused:

Salete camba director Latin American Council for Social Sciences clacso and member of the World Cup  

Sheila  sercom, director Paulo Freire Institute and members of the international council one hundred years of Paulo Freire,

 José Antônio Moroni Who had a problem with the electric light needed to leave. He is director of the inesc National Institute of socioeconomic studies he represents the platform of social movements for the reform of the political system 

dear to Mauri Cruz member of the hamburger executive board is from the international council of the World Social Forum, 

we also had very special guests Débora Rodrigues activist from the NGO ng vida Brasil and is part of the executive board of Abong, also an international council of the World Social Forum 

Simi L plowing my friend brother current feminist transvestite LGBT president coordinator of trans citizenship in the city of São Paulo and national LGBT coordinator in the government of the battered president Dilma and the 

Ataido Mota executive director of the IBASE Institute for Social Economic Analysis and also a member of the International Council of the World Social forum. 

Mauri final remarks?

@ 26 MAURI just congratulate the class. I think we were successful in our idea of ​​a workshop, I think it really paid off , I think it was good Thanks for the support. We built this workshop there in Zap, right, we build it step by step in Zap, it worked and Thanks Thanks here enough I think we will continue in this debate Thank you.

CELIA (in chat) Congratulations to the activists and speakers this afternoon!

FRANKLIN Maravilha Salete sister of your bye in the class?

@ 027 SALETE just to thank each one here, who is here with us, at that moment this construction was by Zap. Whenever Mauri kicks off, we run to help

To thank the three who came here for the debate Débora, Simmy, Ataide, and very important to thank everyone who participated there on YouTube and other channels that are broadcasting and we continue, that the debate has been going on since 2000, and I hope it will continue for a long time many, many years still, and that things will be resolved some, some continue to debate and others tire.

@ 028 SHEILA Thank you for the opportunity to be here, I think the idea came from Mauri for what I understand Salete also got on the boat, after he started to provoke on WhatsApp. So Congratulations Mauri for the idea. 

@ 029 MAURI or and Moroni at the facilitating meeting of the World Social Forum, justice is democracy, Mistral.

@ 030 SHEILA cool, very good, thanks for the opportunity, it was really cool to be here, and for those who are watching it on YouTube, we thought it was cool to say that the forum is in process and construction of the Mexican edition,

@ 1 The next face-to-face edition will be in Mexico, when the pandemic allows it, there are groups being articulated for the inclusive construction of this edition. @ 2 are still being defined,  but it is always possible to approach this process, try to integrate it into the construction process of the next face-to-face edition. 

So here is the invitation to access the forum pages and make contact with organizers to get closer to this process. Big hug to all of you thank you guys. 

PIERRE (in chat)  https://wsf2021.net/proceso2021-info1/   to continue with the 2021 process and  https://wsf2021.net to be able to contact mexico

@ 031 SIMMY Big kisses, love, and come to our next meeting and chatting ideas popping up, popping up the debate here, for sure if it were in person, we’ll be here, everybody, unfortunately, this technology is going on, 

But let's think how we extending this conversation , we spend all day in these conversations, and no more that sociability between us but it has been around -1 Some virtual coffee for us to cross our informality will organizations of phases.

PIERRE (no chat) virtual cafes yes! 

@ 032 DEBORAH Thank you for this debate, we continue these reflections, how long we spend there almost every weekend, right, more important and we will continue this reflection, so I also agree as I did in the provocations here at CI, with this story of that the forum exists

 and make sure that @ 1 I think you need CI to look at the forum and listen to the voices of the forum, right, but that this forum is daily in our struggles, and many networks the joints are built, leaving the forum built in the process

So the forum is an expensive space for us, it is very important, and it has helped us to continue in the struggle, and the resistance space is alive, right, we have issues to be resolved, but it remains strong and alive in the struggle of resistance, against capitalism and inside, we are fighting against patriarchy, against racism, we need to show more is present is alive is strong and that. Thanks. 

PIERRE A function of the forum expressed in principle 1 and to provide a facilitating context for powerful articulations that the participants wanted to build, the role of the CI can be to help to implement a forum that is very appropriate for its participants and that fulfills its functions well. 

@ 033 ATAIDE People Thank you very much, it was great. I hope to continue this conversation here, because to move on, to get our hands dirty, but moving on . Thank you very much guys. 

@ 034 FRANKLIN Thank you all, never in the history of this country we were so much Ice closing at 4 pm exactly, Mauri remembers to invite everyone and everyone to follow, @ 1 to know more about the World Social Forum justice is democracy to   follow through the channels on YouTube, and on the forum page  https://fsmjd.org   social time justice and democracy resist, follow here and there

It will be good to have you with us, big hug. Thank you that we have a blessed weekend. Big hug bye