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 Firenze2022 program   download here 


 INVITATION (text drafted for feb 22 meeting)

A European common space for all civil society organisations and movements: 

we need to develop a systemic progressive alternative in a shared way.

Who are we and what are our aims?

We are European social actors - associations, social movements, trade unions, social networks, from all European regions and generations.

Diverse and plural in cultures and experiences, with our various thematic or transversal

mandates, we act for climate, for economic and social rights, for gender equality, for racial justice, for just peace, for democracy, for fundamental rights,… 

In this dramatic period we are committed to address the danger of eco-social collapse, the war in Ukraine, the devastating consequences of the growing inequality and multiple vulnerabilities that more and more people face.

We stand for inclusion against the far-right and regressive populist agendas that are taking place in our societies. In many ways, we all contribute for the effective access to all rights for all people.

Whatever the successes or the defeat of our fights, we share a common belief: our thematic and/or geographical and/or generational reality, if isolated, is not enough to achieve the aims we pursue. 

Our actions need to be complemented by being inserted in a shared systemic alternative, as the multiple crises our societies face are interlinked in many ways.   

The European space is one of the relevant spaces for exchange of experiences and coordination.

Building such a space for our actions is a matter of urgency:

- to clearly show that all our knowledge and practices, compose a credible systemic alternative


- to advance the systemic alternative proposal, building spaces for transversal discussion

- to socialise our platforms, campaigns, events, mobilisations

- to provide us with a relevant space to move forward with joint campaigns, events and

mobilisations when possible

- to increase our capacity to be in solidarity within ourselves, giving each other support when


We, who met in “2022Florence” for the 20th anniversary of the first European Social Forum, wish to continue being together and widen the circle in order to build the necessary shared space in an inclusive manner.

In order to progress in this direction, we will start working through monthly online meetings and some face-to-face meetings.

We have the goal of a face-to-face European event, larger than 2022 Firenze, in the second half of 2023 that would be more inclusive of activists’ realities. http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/event2023-eucos-event

We invite you to take part in this process.

You can join the convergence process by writing to 2022Firenze in gmail dot com



Firenze2022 program   download here 




10th-13th November 2022
Twenty years after the European Social Forum, where is Europe going? 


The next international meeting will be held on Wednesday September 14th at 5:30 pm CET at this link:

The link can be circulated, but not posted on websites and social media for security reasons.

The meeting will be divided into two parts:

1) updates and information on the programme and participation
2) first discussion on European reconnection tools 

the meeting will be in English

Some info about the event, after the first international meeting that took place on July:


Twenty years after the first European Social Forum, 2022Firenze wants to be an additional opportunity, together with others that are taking place in Europe, to foster the convergence of European social actors, organisations and social movements, after a long period of geographical and thematic fragmentation and in a tragic time.

Climate collapse, war and its consequences all over the world, exponential growth of social and gender inequalities, fortress Europe and racism, democratic crisis are the product of a system that we have never stopped contesting, through struggles and concrete practices.

We believe it is really necessary for the European social alternative to rebuild connection, communication, dialogue and discussion, common initiative.

This is why we invite you to participate in 2022Firenze, hoping that together we will be able to provide us at least with some first tools that, although simple and light, will help a new common path.

Special attention, in the organisation of the event, will be given to gender balance, to the movement’s new generations, to the presence of all the European regions and of the southern shore of the Mediterranean, as well as, of course, to some international presences from other continents.


November 10th and 11th, 2022

November 10th and 11th will be two days at disposal for networks and social actors to organise meetings, assemblies, initiatives in Florence

These initiatives will favour the arrival in Florence of Italian and European participants, they will allow to deepen themes and contents, to strengthen alliances and relations

The themes, format, duration, contents, invitations and locations of the events will be freely decided by the promoters

The organisation and financing of these events will be the responsibility of the promoters

The list of events will be public, and communicated as part of the 2022Firenze programme

It will be possible to get in touch with the promoters of the self-organized events to propose merging or collaborations.

The Italian committee is available to help identify locations.

The list of events already decided is available here (in a provisional form) with the promoters' contacts: 

Italian, European and international networks and organisations wishing to hold their own event in Florence should write to: 2022firenze  at gmail.com

November 12th and 13th

On 12 and 13 November, a large plenary assembly will be held very likely at the Mandela Forum (the sports palace in Florence) for general discussion on topics of common interest.

The assembly will be divided into three sessions of three hours each. 

The themes of the three sessions will be transversal:

1) Where is Europe going? What role for Europe in the changing world? 

2) How to move from resentment to collective hope? How to take popular consensus away from the Right?

3) Being right is not enough: how to be more effective in the time of emptied democracy?

Each session will have introductions and speeches that ensure geographical, thematic and gender balance, and will be organised in such a way as to encourage real and interesting dialogue.

It will be possible to speak in Italian, English, French and Castilian. It will be possible to listen in English.

Other initiatives (cultural and/or mobilisation) will be discussed along the preparatory path.


Programme and information will be on the websitehttp://www.2022firenze.eu (soon online)

For European and international relations, we will build a dedicated mailing list.

The list of shared initiatives, with useful information to create dialogue and relations with promoters, can be found here:

The international presences will be listed in this shared file, which we ask everyone to update as and when you confirm your presence:


The Italian committee undertakes to guarantee:

the organisation in Italy and in Florence
the coordination of international relations and participation
the rental of the plenary assembly hall
simultaneous translation

The Italian committee is unable to provide funds for travel and accommodation. 

Each network and organisation (both Italian and international) is invited to do what it can to help international participation, especially from countries with fewer possibilities.


We invite you to spread the information in your own organisations and networks

We invite you to organise your own self-organised events on November 10th and 11th, or to partecipate in other organised events

We invite you to inform about your participation in 2022Firenze, by sending an email to: 2022Florence and filling the shared list: 

Thanks, and see you soon!

The Italian Committee