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SCHEDULE OF self organized ACTIVITIES OF thematic social Forum onENERGY: For what? For whom? How? http://fst-energia.org



  • 9h to 15h Registration / Accreditation UNB / BSAS
  • 15h to 18hAbertura the Thematic Social Forum, with Mambembrincantes Cultural Group, wheels conversation and the ascent of the balloon FST-Energy Lawn Congress


DAY 08/08

University of Brasilia - Block South Wing Rooms - Next to the Institute of Biology. South end of Minhocão


  • 9am to 12pm Misereor y los Socios Panorama general systems suministros power of three countries (Bolivia, Brazil - Peru) ROOM 02
  • 9am to 12pm Collective Green City Pilot Project Sustainability: Public Transportation and Electric Solar Energy ROOM 04 - Room Theme: Public Transportation and ÁreasVerdes
  • 9am to 12pm MAB -Movimento dosAtingidos by Dams resistance and struggle of the people affected by dams: Belo Monte - Tapajós River - Wood River - Garabi and Panambi ROOM 05
  • 9am to 12pm Coalition For a Free Brazil Nuclear Nuclear Power Plants we terminate the Agreement Brazil - Germany 1975 06 ROOM - Room Theme: Nuclear
  • 9am to 12pm Brazil Greenpeace Energy Revolution, a path to clean energy umamatriz and fair ROOM 07
  • 9am to 12pm Movement Tapajós table dialogues hydroelectric Norio Tapajós ROOM 09
  • 9am to 12pm IBASE / INESC / International Rivers / DAR BNDES, energy and its regional investimentoshidroelétricos ROOM 10
  • 9am to 12pm FBOMS Shares of climate change, efficient use and renewable energy generation: challenges of sustainable living ROOM 11
  • 9am to 12pm IDhES Balance Institute of Thematic Groups of 20 + FST 2012 -Rio ROOM 14
  • 9h to 16h Articulation of the PovosIndígenas Brazil - APIB impacts of energy projects on the territories and indigenous peoples ROOM 12
  • 9am to 17:30 Pastoral Commission Daterra / Bahia energy projects in river basins in Brazil: strengths and proposals decomunidades impacted ROOM 13



  • 13h30 to 16h Platform for Energy Workers' and Peasants The current energy model and alternatives Popular ROOM 21
  • 13h30 to 16h Collective Green City Center back to people. Social inclusion and sustainability: an example of Brasilia ROOM 03 Central Station - Room Theme:
  • Public Transport and Green Areas
  • 13h30 to 16h ActionAid Brazil and PHASE traces MT Perverse AgriEnergy in the state of Mato Grosso ROOM 22
  • 13h30 to 16h30 Forum Climate Change and Social Justice Seminar on the importance of decentralized energy for life in the twenty-first century ROOM 23
  • 13h30 to 16h30 Coalition For a Free Brazil Plants NuclearesA issue of insecurity in Angra: the obsolete design of the nuclear plant ROOM 06 - Room Theme: Nuclear
  • 13h30h at 16h Collective Electric Vehicle Green City, Clean Energy / Solar, Energy Efficiency for Low Carbon Society ROOM 04 - Theme Room: Public Transport and Green Areas
  • 15:30 to 18:30 INESC / IBASE / Caritas Brasileira Toward COP20: the Brazilian civil society organizations and their participation ROOM 20
  • 16h to 18h Panamazônicos Rivers Alliance of Hydropower in the Amazon: environmental conflicts and resistance movements ROOM 24
  • 16:30 to 18:30 Free Pass Movement -DFA fight of zero tariffs against apocalipsemotorizado! ROOM 25
  • 16:30 às19h30 World March Climate / Energy Matrix Brazil World - Climate Emergency - Popular Mobilization ROOM 26
  • 16:30 às18h30 CBJP, FMCJS, AAB, IBASE, Xô Nuclear, CPT, Rivers Alliance, MST, MAB, Pastoral Social / CNBB, Mining Committee. Table Controversy candidates with the Government of the Federal District Auditorium BSAS
  • 19h to 21h Forum and Social Climate / Front Justice Changes for a New Energy Policy for Brazil, CNBB - Pastoral Social Campaign Launch: ENERGY FOR LIFE Auditorium BSAS


DAY 09/08

University of Brasilia - Block South Wing Rooms - Next to the Institute of Biology. South end of Minhocão


  • 9am to 12pm IBASE Pre-salt and fracking - transformations of the Brazilian energy matrix ROOM 02
  • 9am to 12pm Brazilian Articulation Antinuclear - AAB Strategies of Resistance - Nuclear Xô ROOM 06 - Theme Room: Nuclear
  • 9am to 12pm Environmental Forum of Big Lake Curuai Roundtable on the impacts of mining on local communities in the Lower Amazon region ROOM 04
  • 9am to 12pm Pastoral Council Fishermen Wind Energy and Impacts on Traditional Communities ROOM 05
  • 9am to 12pm Collective Green City Roads End Park in Federal District? Sustainability or expansion of rodoviarista model? DF in the opposite direction of clean energy and sustainable public transport? ROOM 04 - Room Theme: Public Transport and Green Areas
  • 9am to 12pm Forum Climate Change and Social Justice Workshop enhancement practices of decentralized energy and suggestions for making the most effective CampanhaENERGIA FOR LIFE! ROOM 07
  • 10am to 12pm Lagim - UNB / Green City UNB Maintenance of biodiversity in urban areas ROOM 03 - Room Theme: Public Transport and Green Areas



  • 13h30 to 16h30 Ecological Association of Social Cooperation - EcoBrasil Ecosocialism and Energy 09
  • 13h30 to 16h30 Association Solar Energy XXI Century - History and Use by 10 ComunidadesSALA
  • 13:30 às15h30 Mato Grosso Forum for Environment and Development - FORMAD State of the Art of Hydropower Projects in Paraguay Basin, Teles Pires and Juruena and the Challenges of Socia Control ROOM l11
  • 13:30 to 19hs Brazilian Environmental Justice Network, FASE, CPP, AHOMAR, Instituto Terramar, Weaves, CPT Oil for what and for whom? Paths of resistance from the perspective of environmental justice ".SALA 13
  • 14h to 16h Collective City Paper Trails: clean energy, human rights, health benefit, the economy and meioambiente ROOM 03 - Room Theme: Public Transport and Green Areas
  • 14h to 16h30 Brazilian Articulation Antinuclear - AAB The Cycle of Nuclear and Community Health 06 - Room Theme: Nuclear
  • 19:30 CBJP, FMCJS, AAB, IBASE, Xô Nuclear, CPT, Rivers Alliance, MST, MAB, Pastoral Social / CNBB Committee Mining Controversy Table with candidates for President of the Republic Auditorium BSAS



DAY 09/08 (University of Brasília - Block Salas South Wing) - Next to the Institute of Biology. South end of Minhocão


  • 16:30 World March Climate / Energy Matrix SOS ClimaTerra Agenda Climate Emergency and Popular Mobilization ROOM 12
  • 16:30 Coalition for a Free Brazil UsinasNucleares and Articulation Antinuclear Brazil Brazilian Stocks for a Free UsinasNucleares ROOM 06

DAY 10/08

Fair  of conclusions, innovations and cultural attractions in the City Park.

Location: Parking 12 Hours: from 9 to 17 h

From 14 to 17: FST rising balloon with passengers

  • Green City Collective (9am) Energy Corps for Sustainability
  • Coalition for a Free Brazil Nuclear Plants Bulb Moser - How to light with the sunlight through plastic bottles. Presentation by the author of the invention, Alfredo Moser
  • Fishermen and Fisherwomen Campaign Movement by Territory Fishing: another proposal for the Energy Model
  • Frei Beda Institute of Social Development and FMCJS Solar Energy in Settlement Acauã and campaign ENERGY FOR LIFE!
  • World March for Climate / Climate SOS Dynamic Earth and Pedagogy of Popular Mobilization in the Choose Energy Matrix
  • State Department Of Education / Cuiabá-West Environmental Education Center in pedagogical practices of electrical power in the Field Education
  • Green City Collective Education as fundamental to preserve the sustainable energy factor


Green City Collective Burle Marx Park: Ecological Sanctuary in the Capital of the Republic

Collective Green City Citizen Oversight: energy, transport, environment

  Collective Green City Clean Energy: Metro DF - present and future




15h Opening of the Thematic Social Forum in Mambembrincantes Lawn Cultural Group of the National Congress


  • 13h RCBallerini - viola UNB - Hall of Building BSAS
  • 13:30 Junior & Victor Ferreira Angeleas - accordion and mandolin UNB - Hall of Building BSAS


  • 13h Bruno Yakalos - bouzouki and guitar 7 string UNB - Hall of Building BSAS
  • 13:30 Mandrake - UNB duo guitars - Hall of Building BSAS


  • 10h Cultural Group-Foot Savannah City Park - Parking 12
  • 11h Sivuquinha Band and Park City - Parking 12
  • 13h Carlos Pial - Percussion City Park - Parking 12
  • 15h Cultural Group Mambembrincantes City Park - Parking 12



  • 1 Entities that promote the FST-Energy wish to publish, after the event, the wealth of debates, workshops, alternative practices, agreements and joint action, artistic creativity and everything else that is experienced in it.
  • Collaboration of all promoters of activities so that the debates are valued 2 For this to be possible, necessary, decisions to support and strengthen initiatives including new joints and concrete actions.
  • 3 Firstly, it will be good that some volunteer (a) be responsible for collecting what is done in each activity, remembering that it is essential to contribute to the Assemblies of Convergence and the originality of each activity can enrich the publication Post-Forum.
  • 4 Similarly, on each Assembly Convergence is important to choose a volunteer (a) to collect the fruits of agreements between entities wishing to take ordinary to advance the construction of the Other World is Possible and Necessary commitments, hastening the overthrow of capitalism globalized neoliberal.
  • 5 This progressive and self-organized process of systematization is necessary also for the wealth of the Forum will be present at the Fair Initiatives, which will take place in Park City, on August 10.
  • 6 Finally, but not least, will be delivering the Secretariat of the Forum of systematization of ready-made reports. Who prefer to send later via the Internet, please do this until August 20 at fst.energia@gmail.co