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 Program1 Tunis(1000) - Program2 TelecentreTunis(60) - Program3 Local/outof Tunis(150)- Program4 Extended Tunis (100)-Program5 Extended Global(50)

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>in yellow indications for wsf cafe participants who are not in tunis > 


Extension of a WSF event is a collective dynamics aiming at providing access to the "right to participate in the WSF process from where one lives and acts for another possible world", using among other means possibilities of the Internet.

WSF 2015 has an extended format, and more than 150 WSF activities "outside Tunis"(Program3) joined the 1000 activities confirmed in Tunis (Program1). .

To provide access to the campus to those who are not in Tunis, we are dozens of extension commission volunteers doing several things:

On March24th, We  stream (i-e film on the internet) the opening march if you can "stream" too contact us to share  the link to your video channel  > follow us this is for you

From March 25 to 28, we help their organizers to enlarge on internet 100 to 200 activities and convergence assemblies> check>(Program4) (video chat room  for remote participants, live video on the internet) > you can come in the enlargment  skype rooms 

If you have a standalone internet connection (3G key) contact us and come to enlarge activities you are interested in. >>>>Find here our Facebook contacts and video channels http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2015/comex15videos  >check those channels and get in contact with extension volunteers on skype and facebook - you will be notified in wsf cafe main rooms - discuss in the topics room 

We move on campus filming and interviewing to allow remote participants to feel the atmosphere of the campus in Tunis Greet us  and share your experience of the forum in these interviews  > follow us this is for you 

We welcome you in TELECENTRE EXTENSION TUNIS 2015 located right next to the university restaurant on the 2nd floor ( see the WSF plan)  open from 9am to 9pm

You can participate in collective dialogues via video conference with groups away from Tunis (Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, France, Nepal, Palestine, Senegal Tunisia .. (see  Program2 of "out of Tunis" space) In the evening, you can come improvise video conferences with groups in your region >you can come inthe enlargement skype roomsProgram5

In the room of CAFE FSM TUNIS, open 9am 9pm , you can share your experience of this WSF with some of the hundreds of WSF participants from over 30 countries registered in the Café, and those you invite : Personal or small group audio chats , comments of videos showing activities in the campus. Bring your laptop! >be connected in the main cafe rooms 9h21h to have opportunity of conversation with people in tunis 

March 28 13h in downtown Tunis we film on internet the WSF2015 final moment on Bourguiba Avenue and Closing March  > follow us this is for you- share your impressions in wsf cafe main rooms

With extension of WSF extension another connected world is possible:-)! participants outside Tunis  will appreciate your contribution to extension

Contact Extension Commission sofiene.extension extension at gmail.com - 21784170 / aicha.efessem at gmail.com - 54274341 - http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2015