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Enter the kind of activity you are proposing

Tunis 2015 will have an "extended" form to allow the broadest participation of people and organizations who feel part of the WSF process, wherever they are on the planet.

The WSF 2015 organizing committee has set up (6) “spaces for coordinating struggles" [link to page including the different spaces, not yet ready] in which the different activities will be grouped according to the topics to highlight the struggles, resistances, alternatives ... relevant to the activities. These spaces should be understood broadly as they are designed to cover different topics. Please indicate below the space in which you want to register your event

El Manar Campus has different-capacity rooms. Please indicate below your needs in terms of room size to conduct your activity. PS: We will make every effort to meet your request. However, it is obvious that the technical constraints may lead to arbitration in the allocation of rooms. If this concerns you, you will of course be informed of the change.

Slot allocation
  8h30-11h 11h30-14h 15h-17h30
25 march
26 march
27 march

The WSF 2015 takes place from 24 to 28 March 2015. However, only the days of March 25 and 26 (3 slots per day) and the morning of 27 March (2 slots) will be dedicated to self-organized activities. Please state when you would prefer your activity to take place. (We’ll do our best to respect your preferences; however, to ensure a good distribution of activities in time, we might refer to arbitration. Thank you for your understanding)

NOTE FOR VIDEO CONFERENCES  with tunis  ( considered as activities out of tunis )  ROOMS WILL BE OPEN LATER  see the confirmation form

The WSF Tunis 2015 has an "extended" format to allow the participation of the largest possible number of people and organizations wherever they are on the planet. Would you like your activity to be spread on the internet? (you will then be contacted by the Extension Committee regarding the terms of this extension)

if you say "yes" , then check extension guide part 3   


 and fill  the enlargement  preparation form 


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