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Good Morning

You recently confirmed activity in Tunis in the FSM2015 and you have checked the "extension / expansion - yes" with the explanation:

The WSF Tunis 2015 an "extended" format to allow the widest possible to the people and organizations who wish to participate in the process of the World Social Forum participation, wherever they are on the planet. Would you like your business to be spread on the internet? (You will then be contacted by the Extension Committee regarding the terms of this extension) (have a skype room / make a streaming ... to develop relationships with people who do not come in Tunis, give them the possibility to follow to participate to intervene, keep a video of the activity etc)

We are voluntary extension of the commission in relation to the organizations in your area (1 africamerasia / 2 Anglophone north / Francophone 3 north / 4  Maghreb / 5 Mashreq).

That is why we contact you with this message. (See my facebook skype in the message i just sent to you

Our team is sized to provide support during the March 27 to 25 El Manar campus  to about 150 activities, and more than 450 organizers  have already expressed they wanted to practice the enlargement of their activity through the Internet for remote participation in their activity. We can not support everyone


  • We offer to all those who contact us by skype or facebook an exchange to prepare a enlargement BEFORE AND AFTER  forum days, and also can be  DURING forum days  "by yourself" ( Enlargement A through skype  room + self organization)
  • Then, we propose, on case by case  and no later than March 21, to about 150 of you, according to our confirmed  possibilities and our priority criteria,our support for enlargement DURING your  activity on  the campus  inTunis (Enlargement B with support from us on skype or video streaming)

When proposed by us, enlargement B completes  enlargement A


A - Enlargement internet by yourself, contact us, prior to the forum

Enlargement allows people interested in your activity  and who are not present in Tunis to get in touch with you on skype, it can be BEFORE AFTER DURING forum days

Here are action steps

@ A1 - Contact us on skype or facebook -our contact information in the email we just sent you

@ A2 -Fill as soon as possible following form which has 6 points


The form is a  support  for exchange , you can contact us before filling or send us the form and we get in contact afterwards. This allows us to establish a cooperative relationship through skype and facebook with you or the people you indicate on the form.

@ A3 - Check "yes" to the proposal to enlarge on Skype (point 2 of the form) giving assurance of a certain degree of visibility of your activity on the internet, at least with skype room before and after the 24 28 March

(You can create by yourself the room with the instructions in the link here) http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2015/comex15-elargir-mon-activite-sur-internet-fr

@ A4 -Indicate a contact person (point 3 of the form) present in Tunis with you (this may be yourself, but you maybe quite busy organizing your acitvity ) who comes to tunis with a laptop and wants to contribute to the expansion of your activity on internet and knows a little about Skype, or already know how to broadcast video streaming

@ A5 -we get in touch : you have our skype account and facebook and we yours ... .. if you fill out the form!

@ A6 -during this exchange, we can create the skype room together (if the information does not allow you to do in A2), and comment on what you can do in this room before and after the days of the forum, and what  you can do during your activity on the El Manar campus with or without our support

@ A7- Using the information on Form, completed by our exchange, we publish the link to your skype room in the enlarged program

@ A8 -this forum

Two cases if we can not support you during the week

  • there is an internet wifi coverage in the room where your activity is taking place (this will be the case in many rooms, because the internet coverage was significantly improved on campus since 2O13) the person in charge of enlargement in your team can remain present and connected in the skype room, in text mode or audio mode with the people who came in your SKYPE room  BEFORE that day

Possibly, that person can also learn to make a video streaming, . A number of organizations "stream 'regularly their activities and we can show you how come A5 during our discussions prior to the forum  http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2015/comex15-filmer-mon-activite-sur-internet-fr

  • There is no internet in the room and no one in the room has a laptop with 3G dongle  to lend you , and therefore there will be no enlargement during the activity, and the expansion remains active before and after , which is already something


B Enlarging your activity , with our support

Following the exchange indicated A5, and after the start of operation of your skype room, we tell you based  on our planning and by 21 March at the latest, if we are committing to supporting you DURING your activity

We come into the room at the  time indicated by the program to support your enlargement with one or two volunteer with a PC, and if necessary, an independent internet connection.

We can arrange with you to help operation of Skype or video streaming of your activity (we can talk before about that in the skype room)



Hope to meet you soon in A1 or A5 steps


voluntteer from  extension commission for your region (1 africamerasia / 2 Anglophone north / Francophone 3 north / 4  Maghreb / 5 Mashreq).

my skype or xxxxx.efessem xxxx.fsm

my facebook or xxxx.efessem xxxx.fsm