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Extension FSM2015WSF |                   AR - EN - ES - FR   Extension in 5 points

PRELIMINARY note - you need a recent version of skype to be able to edit the link allowing people to access your skype conversation

Steps to enlarge  on skype and internet your WSF activity BEFORE and DURING the WSF event in Tunis

A public skype room can be opened now and associated to your business. This allows the person with a skype account, simply by following a link to regroup and get in touch with you to the organizers of the activity and start exchanging flexibly by text and audio / video, depending on availability of each .

Then when the activity takes place, Enlargement allows this group of remote participant to participate, either by text + audio skype skype with a small group - or for larger groups (up to 100 people room with possibility of translation by text) in addition to a streaming video (see here soon the link to the page on this topic)

Here are 4 steps to ABCD "expand" your business and make you visible to accommodate other interested participants FSM

A / Find the number for your activity in wsf website

Ø   Login with your username and password in the registration.fsm2015.org site

Ø   Go to "my space"

Ø   Select  on lower left the activity you want to enlarge and View the url  address that appears at the top of the page, and see the number at the end of it : Example "1147" is the activity number that refers to http://registration.fsm2015.org/?q=node/1147 

Rate this serves a number that will identify your activity unambiguous manner

B / Create a chat room on skype, accessible in a click

Open Skype

1 / create a chat room on skype: for this we first click

Ø   Contacts> Create a new conversation


This will create an empty group, the next step is to add the desired persons in the conversation

You click Add someone, or

Ø   Click on a person and then "+" select other people and then OK


The title of the conversation appears at the top of your Skype window, and by default, it is equal to the succession of names of persons selected

2 / edit this title by clicking

The title of the conversation is a link, clicking the top of a window is opened, there is written the default argument's name (blank group) Clicking it becomes a text box that can be changed, it there is a small button (pen) to click to the right of title to change the title. Put a summary of the title of your activity in the WSF website and add (WSF XXXXX activity) where xxx is the note of the activity number noted in A - This allows to find this activity and easily identify your room with this numero

if you do not see a window similar to this one  below when you press on the title of the convereation then you need to update your skype version  


3 / click again on the title of the conversation and select options 

Making conversation history visible to all participants (and those that arrive later see the conversations that took place before their arrival in the room)

Allow people to join the conversation (this is the option that creates the link that will easily come into the room) Clicking the above, we see an "8" horizontal that appears at the top right (watch the icon with an arrow that is next to you out of the conversation, to leave the window click the red x


4 / recovery of the  link in a text

Clicking on the "8" horizontal top right (this button is the equivalent of "copy") and go to the place where we want to see this link (in a skype conversation or in the description of your business. . see Part C) and tape CTRL + V or right-click paste

Or, you type / uri get in the chat room, click on enter and it gives us the desired link: The command / get uri


It looks like text link suivant skype:?chat&blob=D3qsm77Lau6KZkukAfODgWAwpLiPKgC7IvWs-sgFceKLFDC9YbmulgVojo74lOQp-5nNLYq1nvR8xKk43Vs

this link can be copied to a skype conversation, and then the active Clicking on it, a window appears asking permission to use skype, confirming it is automatically a member of the discussion.dans the room you created

Also this link may be in an active link www.openfsm.net (here http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2015/comex15-activites-elargies-x-internet ) - This type of link is also used for WSF cafe  lobby  TUNIS:


C / Edit Record your activity in the WSF website to show it is extended

Ø   Log On with the username and password in .fsm2015.org Registration

Ø   Go to "my space"

Ø   Select the activity you want to expand

Ø   Click on the menu "edit" or "edit" at the top left of the title of the activity)

Change the title by adding at the end "(extended on skype / internet)"

Change "description" by adding in a paragraph such as this one:

This activity has expanded now on the internet and skype room is open for WSF participants interested (you?!:-)) And having a Skype account (see link indication to create one). They can regroup and get in touch with us the organizers of the activity that are also present in this room.  

TO COME Enter your skype account and   Copy this LINK (paste link here along skype obtained as indicated by B4) in your skype AND COPY THE SKYPE IN CONVERSATION WITH YOUR FRIENDS. This link will become active .... you click to access the associated room has our business which we called (put the name of the given room B2)! - 

You can also go back to our activities in the program of expanded activities http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2015/comex15-activites-elargies-x-internet and find an active link to join the room

BEFORE OUR ACTIVITY A dynamic exchange of text and audio can take place between people who meet in this room and we the organizers of this activity.

WHEN OUR ACTIVITY (give date and place if your activity is "out of Tunis", or state "in Tunis 24 -28 March," if your activity is "Tunis") this room will be the place to find all remote participation: A person must meet text or manages the audio call the group, and in parallel, we can also consider providing streaming video skype In the room, o n will keep you in the way. we prepare your participation that day

NOTE If the activity has been merged with another during agglutination, this does not affect the skype room, and the organizers of the activity will ensure continuity of relations (by renaming the room etc ..)

NOTE: If you have translated your business in several languages, make the C operations in various languages   

D) write to callers of the extension team and aicha.efessem at gmail.com

You their report your activity is now extended -

they go on their side filter the list of activities by searching the words "skype" or "internet" in the title-

the extension board is regularly circulated a link to the "program of activities fsm2015 expanded on the Internet"

see the program here http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2015/comex15-activites-elargies-x-internet