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Google Hangouts manual for Streaming!



How to stream from your Gmail account?

  •  After entering your Gmail space (box receiving mails), activates your account (google +) by simply clicking link
  •  Looked at the top right near your image as shown in screenshot below, you will normally find your name with a "+" meaning your google + account! Click n your name!

  • Now you're on your home page of your Google + account! Look left in the Vertical menu, click Hangouts

  • Then click the blue "Start Hangout"
  • In the window that opens, enter a name in the sequence you're gonna shoot; precise audience (in our case it is always public), and then you click the "create" button, if it does not work, you must validate the google youtube channel automatically created for you, you just have to click on the blue link 'Click', you choose the SMS validation option, a message will be sent to your phone number, you must type the code received in the given field, that's it. Now go back to the page hangout, repeat the previous two steps and usually you will have the access to the page of your channel, you just click on the blue button "Create."

  •  Then wait for the bottom button turns green, and start streaming! and check the streaming is ok by listening to the sound quality in the youtube channel 

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