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 *** prepafsm2016 has renamed this  conversation

« Preparation open assembly EN WSF2016  march 5th » ***

next march 5th there will be an open assembly in montreal about wsf 2016 and here will be the english speaking remote participation room  http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2016/extension16-activites-prepa-montreal

above lnk is the memory of previous assemblies

[22/02/2016] Safwan (tunisia) : Very well received (y)


prepafsm2016 extension: hello everyone  - next saturday march 5th at 10pm montreal time  UTC -4 the open assembly for preparation wsf 2016 will start. you are all invited to attend and also invite other people in this room

[29/02/2016 12:33:01] John Peter (sierra leone).: great


 naveed (Pakistan): Good

John Peter (sierra leone).: okay

prepafsm2016: welcome !

Mamadi (guinea)  Husam Salim (?)  Darlington (zimbawe)   oduor ( kenya  *** pina (turkey) kesh (Nepal) Tilak( sir lanka)   Suzanne (turkey)   has joined the conversation. ***


prepafsm2016: (star) welcome to the 10 person who joined yesterday

 (star) (star) (star) more information here   http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2016/extension15-assemblee-5mars-en

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] *** ousmane has joined the conversation. *** je suis Ousmane BA, je suis entraine de tester le lien et je trouve que c'est impeccable et trés cool.: Merci à vous tous

sandip: (nepal) ?

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prepafsm2016: (star) hello everyone  welcome in the remote participation room for the open preparatory assembly, more information here :



] saadi(Algeria)  has joined the conversation. *** HELLO IM SAADI FROM ALGERIA

prepafsm2016: hello saadi - we are contacting you to come in algeria circle  http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2016/extension16-circles-and-activities-en

  (star) INVITATION 2

 [04/03/2016 09:50:45] Quazi (Bangladesh) : Yes I am here. Welcome

 [04/03/2016 13:12:43] abdelaziz (syria)I am abdulazeez  from syria

 [04/03/2016 20:55:48] Mariame DIABY  (guinee) has joined the conversation. ***

5 of march

 [07:36:56] *** Doug (Canada)  has joined the conversation. ***

[07:37:47] Doug (canada): Hello Everyone! The conference is to start in this group, right? Could anyone tell me in how many hours?

[07:41:13] prepafsm2016: (star) hello doug it will be in 8 hours   at 10 am  eastern time

[07:41:59] Doug (canada): Thank you!  I'm looking forward to it :)

[07:43:02] prepafsm2016: we too !  http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2016/extension15-assemblee-5mars-en

 [10:16:59] spsharma (Nepal) has joined theconversation. ***

 [12:52:38] Seixo (portugal): Good morning!

[12:53:01] sandip (nepal) hlo

[15:01:04] Orsan (netherlands turkey): Starting?

***Good morning! antonio (italy) from Genoa Italy

[15:32:02] ***:Jeannette has joined theconversation. ***

[15:32:35] isabelle (montreal): good morning everybody i'm Isabelle i will be your host for the open assembly of the WSF2016

[15:46:32] abdelaziz (syria)Good morning )Sorry i want to ask exact time to begining

[15:52:29] *** samuel (montreal) has joined the conversation. ***

[15:53:23] Lígia: Hi, I'm Ligia from the Friends of the Forum from Porto Alegre,

[15:54:03] prepafsm2016: (star) hello everyone  the assembly should be starting in a few minutes

[16:01:50] *** Adrian (bolivia)has joined theconversation. ***

[16:02:51] Adrian (bolivia): Hi everyone, I'm adrian from ECOAR))

[16:03:37] samuel (montreal) Hi Adrian!

[16:04:02] prepafsm2016: hello everyone

[16:06:36] Doug (canada): Hello from Montreal!

[16:06:36] Jeannette (Ottawa) _Hi. I'm Jeannette from Ottawa and I am an activist concerning issues around prisoners and incarceration in Canada.

[16:07:00] prepafsm2016: hello please be patient  we are here  getting prepared

 [16:07:51] prepafsm2016: welcome ifran from paksitan

 [16:09:09] isabelle (montreal): hello, this is the link for the direct video:




[16:11:44] samuel (montreal) The classroom is filling up,

[16:12:03] Ksenija (turkey): is there an english translation to this?

[16:12:16] Asma (Montreal): yes there would be an english translation

[16:12:43] Ksenija (turkey): Okay, thanks :)


[16:13:29] Asma (Montreal): there is directly a first nations’ performance

[16:13:31] isabelle (montreal): the introduction start with a spectacle from indigenous people

 [16:15:22] Asma (Montreal): What’s the WSF?

[16:15:38] Adrian (bolivia): world social forum

[16:15:44] Doug (canada): World Social Forum

[16:17:14] Asma (Montreal): it’s the biggest event where there is a place to people to gather together and create another world with better alternatives for us - in other world: a better world is possible —

[16:19:30] prepafsm2016: the video link  http://www.99media.org/en-direct/c3/

[16:19:47] Doug (canada): Since I'm in Montreal, I should have been in the classroom, right?  I missed the invitation, didn't know it was happening.


 [16:20:03] Orsan (netherlands turkey): Video works well! Thanks

[16:21:58] Asma (Montreal): (Now, people are trying to present themselves) —

[16:24:23] Quazi (bangladesh): Welcome. This Quazi from Bangladesh.

 [16:23:13] Asma (Montreal): If you need any sentence to sentence translation, please let us now

[16:23:18] Asma (Montreal): does the video work?

[16:22:55] Doug (canada): Did the video go offline?

 [16:23:42] Adrian (bolivia): nop, there is no streaming

[16:23:44] jeannette_: Yes. I don't understand French too well.

 [16:24:45 | Modifié (16:25:10)] Safwan (tunisia) : the video isn't working on this link : http://www.99media.org/en-direct/c3

[16:24:55] Safwan (tunisia) : stream is still off

[16:25:27] Quazi (bangladesh): Is there Pierre?

[16:25:32] Safwan (tunisia) : We're still without ears nor eyes : well just eyes on text here

[16:25:46] Asma (Montreal): for now people are actually presentiNg themselves - so it would a bit hard to translate all the people’s postions within the group of comers yet, what is also added to the way pf presenting is the fact that we should add  a key word’ about yourself

[16:26:21] Asma (Montreal): Pierre is here

[16:27:06] Quazi (bangladesh): Let me know the video address. So that we can try to watch your programme.

[16:27:07] Safwan (tunisia) : Video is on thanks a lot: http://www.99media.org/en-direct/c3/

[16:27:17] Asma (Montreal): perfect

 [16:27:50] Safwan (tunisia) : Nice to see you all folks in Canada!  yes the video is clear and good thanks

[16:28:29] Doug (canada): Video back for me in Montreal as well.  Thanks!

[16:28:29] Henri (montreal).: still presenting people in the room

[16:28:36] Safwan (tunisia) : Voice is weak of course from those most far from the camera

[16:28:42] Asma (Montreal): yes we are still in the presentation

[16:29:07] Safwan (tunisia) : yes we noticed Asma

 [16:29:00] Quazi (bangladesh): Yes the video is clear

 [16:29:23] Doug (canada): How would I have heard about the live conference?  How did I miss it?

[16:29:46] Safwan (tunisia) : http://www.99media.org/en-direct/c3/

Safwan (tunisia) : Doug (canada) that's the video live link

[16:30:02] Asma (Montreal): Thanks Safwen, I am trying to be an assess  is there any of you who wants to present themselves? I could be your public speaker in the room): Is there anyone who has some words to share with us, please?

[16:32:11] Henri (montreal).: some inspiring words: universla consciousness, diversity of actions, solidarity, equality,

[16:32:40] antonio (italy): from Genoa Italy Forum Ambientalista I deal with ecology. industrial restructuring, non-violence


 [16:33:11] Quazi (bangladesh): I do not understand your language. Is it possible to translate it in English

 [16:33:31] jeannetteOkay, I can't listen to French all day. I have no idea what's going on. I'll someone tomorrow to fill me in. Hope this all goes well.

[16:33:33] Henri (montreal).: yes, it is in french

[16:33:45] Asma (Montreal): What would like us to translate for you @quad baby?

[16:33:56] Henri (montreal).: normally, we write here in english as translated...Merci Asma !

[16:34:47] Quazi (bangladesh): Then its ok. I am watching the video

[16:35:07] Doug (canada): The guests are introducing themselves and each is providing keywords of their choosing:  Solidarity, proletariat, solutions have come-up. Health and safety, mobilization, transition.

[16:36:06] Asma (Montreal): Hello all, I am Asma and would hopefully translate for you or provide summaries of what’s happening whenever it’s possible

[16:36:10] Doug (canada): Curiosity.  Engagement.Peace. Alter-wordlist(sm) Solidarity, mobilization, co-construction.  Build together.  Re-create together. World mobilization. Social Justice.  Inclusion. Assembly.  Together. Humanity.

[16:37:33] Adrian (bolivia): Asma, could you share the agenda for this meeting? Pleas

Safwan (tunisia) : Thanks Ghali Asma for your effort , am Safwan Ghezayel I represent the WSF 2016 Tunisian committee our key word is "Volun-team-change".

[16:40:19] Doug (canada): Non-violence.  Engagement, and a bunch of other words...

[16:40:36] Asma (Montreal): I wil present you Safwen one moment please

[16:40:46] Herr arif (pakistan)greetings and peace from Pakistani community

[16:41:51] Henri (montreal).: Thanks Safwan i'll try to  introduce you !

 [16:43:01] Quazi (bangladesh): Is there any participant from Bangladesh?

[16:43:41] Henri (montreal).: Hi, i'm facilitating from Montreal. I don't know yet...:-)

[16:44:11] Safwan (tunisia) : Thanks Henri and Ghali Asma

[16:45:53] Safwan (tunisia) : Aghosh this is the video live link of the assembly : http://www.99media.org/en-direct/c3/

[16:46:13] Doug (canada): No, I was translatin :) ): But thanks

[16:46:16] Asma (Montreal): To fill you up with news: the room is actually almost full — people are fully creative today and I believe we are almost done with the presentations

 [16:47:22] Quazi (bangladesh): Ok, as I am working with adolescent, youth and women, I have aleady sent a press release on national adolescent convention. If you have any question on it, let me know. I will give answer.

[16:47:43] Tilak (sri lanka): I am Tilak form Sri Lanka

[16:48:03] Henri (montreal).: Glad to meet you people!

[16:48:05] Asma (Montreal): Quazi is that your name?

[16:48:24] Quazi (bangladesh): Yes

[16:48:25] isabelle (montreal): me too Henri i am ;glad to know you

[16:48:39] Asma (Montreal): We are pleased to have you online hoping to have you here in Montreal in August

[16:48:57] Quazi (bangladesh): Thanks. I hope so.

[16:49:01] Asma (Montreal): NOW we are going to present the first point; where’s the WSF is heading?

[16:49:03] Henri (montreal).: I'm also

[16:49:08] Safwan (tunisia) : Glad to meet you too Henri and Isabelle and Quazi and asma and Tilak and all of you folks

 [16:49:27] Henri (montreal).: i'm also facilitating the programming group,

[16:49:28] Asma (Montreal): 1. Advancement in the WSF Process is our first point in the scehdule

[16:49:38] Tilak (sri lanka): Ok  tilak

 [16:49:59] Doug (canada): Hello Henri.  Since you're also from Montreal, I'd like to be able to talk.

 [16:50:42] Henri (montreal).: ¸Doug, we have to go on; but you can write me if you wish !

[16:51:37] Doug (canada): I sent you a "friend request", just wanted to make sure you didn't miss it.

 [16:50:31] Asma (Montreal): so now we are presenting the calender of the WSF

There is a delay in the video but, you will see the calender projected on the screen presented by Raphael

We will take your questions Doug, later if you have any upon the presentation of the calender

[16:51:57] Safwan (tunisia) : The live stream if over !!  Video is off

[16:52:52] Asma (Montreal): We are working on the video, thanks for letting us know

[16:53:27] Quazi (bangladesh): Ok. Here time is 10:00 p.m. I am going for dinner.  I may join after half an hour again.

[16:53:36] Asma (Montreal): So here is a summary of how it’s going to work during the WSF

Monday: registration for the WSF and the establishment of the youth camps

[16:55:07] antonio (italy): It is blurred, but I'll see the best table on the site :-))

Tuesday: registration & converging open activities

TRANSL[16:56:09] prepafsm2016 extension: hello there who is translating in english ?

 [16:56:28] Asma (Montreal): Asma - me I translate in english

 [16:56:45] Henri (montreal).: Me, Henri

[16:56:56] Asma (Montreal): Yeyy Henri - thanksfor your help

[16:56:29] prepafsm2016 extension: great!!

 [16:57:12] Henri + Asma (montreal).: Carminda is presenting sites that are available and accepted up to today State on subscription with Katia, we are up to 3,000 people on the web site,

Katia is presenting the state of the number of registred people3386 people are already registred half of those who registred came from the international  50% less for early registration befor march 16th

[16:58:28] Henri (montreal).: oups, 3,306 ! TODAY, from 98 countries (i have to speak...4 min. and come back)


 [16:59:42] isabelle (montreal): Henri is on the caméra!!! he is présenting the name of the programmation

[16:59:44] Asma (Montreal): Henri is talking about the thematic axes  so we have several considerable themes

[17:01:25] Henri (montreal).: there wiil be our 13 themes instead of Axis? Sarah is presentig comittees, with the support of 250 organizations

[17:02:29] Asma (Montreal): such as: alternative economy - youth -  healthetc.

[17:02:34] Henri (montreal).: actually, 14 self-directed comittees,

[17:02:44] Asma (Montreal): 4 thematic forums

[17:06:09] *** Neil (philippines) has joined theconversation. ***

Financial side of the WSF

 [17:06:49] Asma (Montreal): the budget planned is 2 800 000$ which is divided into 3 levels: funds, registration and services


[17:06:54] Henri (montreal).: here is the link for our presentation: https://drive.google.com/drive/shared-with-me  You can see this presentation PLEASE, DO NOT MODIFY . You can may be upload the document in your own files :-)

[17:08:00] Adrian (bolivia): Thank you Henri, and btw you can change the settings on google docs to "view only"

 [17:07:19] Safwan (tunisia) : Thanks Henri : Henri you didn't give us the link of the presentation, that link : https://drive.google.com/drive/shared-with-me is just for each personal shared folder in our google drive

 [17:12:05] Henri (montreal).: Tanks Hi Neil, may be you can communicate with me later, at programmation@fsm2016.org to help you also

 [17:13:12] Neil (philippines): Okay thank you :)

[17:13:22] Adrian (bolivia): Henri, you didn't send the right link


[17:07:14] Asma (Montreal): So please, let’s take part in the success of the WSF and share the news with everyone, we wil give you the time to speak and ask your questions, let us first talk about the registration in workshops and how to register

so here are few tips of how to register your activity. so for people outside Canada. please note that to register you need to go to - a request to register - if it’s complicated to pay with credi card, checque or canadian money

[17:07:26] Neil (philippines): How can we help here from southeast asia

 [17:10:28] Neil (philippines): This is Neil (philippines) from the Philippines.  I'm the executive director of the ASEAN Youth Leaders Association one of the biggest youth led organizations in south east Asia,  hit can we be of assistanceHow can we be of assistance*


 [17:11:58] Asma+ henri (Montreal): so safa is explaining the accommodation ways): which is present on the website according to Safa, the prices vary. For accomodation: see on web site, to ask rooms in a list of possibilitie a greta variety of prices in this list, for reservation

[17:14:15] Safwan (tunisia) : yeah right now are around 150 dollars the night later they'll raise


[17:14:33] Asma + henri (Montreal): there is also, the document of the visa there are people who would also help people in their way to get a visa. On visa campaign: there is a document -on line- we can read, to understand steps to go thru. There are also some volunteers in this team et help, 17, ready to help international people.


[17:16:11] Tilak (sri lanka): Is there any solidarity accomodation? There are 3-5 persons hope to participate for the Montrial event.

[17:16:23] Asma (Montreal): we would like to inform that we have other alternatives when it comes to accomodation


[17:16:45] Asma (Montreal): we also have a sociofinancement through ULULE If you have any projetc, start since the 15th of March 2016 to get the criwdfunsing until April the campagin will be over and would be shared on the WSF website till June

 [17:18:01] Henri (montreal).: @ Tilak : we did open Crowdfunding to help collecting funds for some people. but actually, we just started this promotion Florent is presenting the crowndfunding, (on line also) the representant of Ulule is sharing an example about the crowdfounding The crowdfunding will link a NGO with someone who will present a project on line also; to become partners

[17:18:34] Tilak (sri lanka): We are in hopefully

 [17:22:03] Safwan (tunisia) : Video/SOund off

[17:22:11] Asma (Montreal): we will check the video

[17:22:48] Tilak (sri lanka): We hope to submit our project before March 15. Still our inside discussion is not finished.  I have to get others views and ideas for that because most of member like to participate to the event.

[17:24:50] Asma (Montreal): Tilak : I would encourage you to also, get some help in explaining your project through volunteers who help in the Ulule

[17:25:58] Tilak (sri lanka): Yes we need Samuel's help


[17:23:41] Asma (Montreal): now we are explaing the extensions- skype - onesfor instance

[17:24:40] Safwan (tunisia) : Who's speaking Asma please?

[17:24:57] Asma (Montreal Henri (montreal).:): it’s Samuel Samuel from GT-Accueilour Facilitaor of the welcoming' WorkingGroup ‘he’s explaining the extension groups, explaining the circles on skype, 60 different, with animation -discussionand how some people who cannot make it could come online and participate and that the process of the WSF won’t be only IN MOntreal rather all over the world there are already 20 extended activities who exsist

 [17:27:26] Tilak (sri lanka): Yes we encorage most of them to participat online

[17:28:00] Neil (philippines): We are willing to host a regional consultation here in southeast asia leading to the forum in montreal

[17:28:03] Henri (montreal).: katina is explaining the EXTENSION of FSM: that the FSM is also all organizations acting in their country, during this year, that we want to be visible on the web site

[17:28:20] Henri (montreal).: Hi Neil


[17:28:42] Asma (Montreal): Samuel is talking about artistical performance and the party side of the WSF ^^  We had last time sort of plastic art


[17:28:58] Henri (montreal).: Hi Neil, oups, i think 2 persons of our group are going to Asia for an event, in a few weeks, i think. where are you Neil ?

[17:29:24] Neil (philippines): I'm in Manila,  Philippines Will they be able to meet me?

[17:29:38] Tilak (sri lanka): When you are come to Asia we will welcome to Sri Lanka.

[17:30:06] isabelle (montreal): Carminda and Raphael will go together in Asia

[17:30:11] Henri (montreal).: I'll note that for them, but i don't know where they go for now !

[17:30:16] isabelle (montreal): Carminda goes to india too

[17:30:20] Neil (philippines): I will be in Singapore from March 14-21 and in Bangkok,  Thailand from March 26-30 if they prefer they can meet me there

 [17:31:16] Asma (Montreal): if you have precision questions, please share us now Open for questions:

[17:31:28] Tilak (sri lanka): If they come to India Sri Lanka is very close and not much cost by airfare

 [17:31:55] Henri (montreal).: OK FTU, i'll note that.

http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2016/extension16-vues-sur-la-dynamique-dextension-fsm2016   here you can see the activities in delhi  Taiwan and Tokyo for the trip to asia

 [17:32:14] Doug (canada): Are you in need of volunteers in Montreal?

[17:32:23] Nurul Alam Masud: Hello

[17:32:43] *** prepafsm2016 has invited  Aftab  fatma Ratin Al Karimsk ***AKuchera ***ami ***purnai ***Ruchika  ***Loshnee *** amir *** nadeem ***


[17:34:40] Henri (montreal).: Hi, i'm back. montreal

 [17:35:00] Quazi (bangladesh): Hi I am also back.I am watching the video very clear. But do not understand what's issue is going on?

[17:36:13] Safwan (tunisia) : Quazi it's time of diverse questions, if you have one go ahead

[17:36:16] Asma + henri (Montreal): people are asking precision questions.some questions were asked in public here, and people from collective FSM are answering. about subscriptioN, differences between individual and organizations. <There will be a document accessible on the website, to help doing this subscription. about the language question: we are going to work on arabIC


 [17:39:01] Quazi (bangladesh): My question is how adolescents and youth  can involve to make another world.

[17:40:49] Henri (montreal).: Quazi, there is s group comittee “Sapce of Youth, you can write to them, cej.mob  at  fsm2016.org  the 14 comittees regroup organizations which are working together to think-planify-suggest activities


[17:41:35] Asma (Montreal): about the registration, you need to register artist in front of your activity,


[17:42:27] Asma (Montreal): before the break, we have this lovely  activity* that Isabelle is presenting  go and see two people you don’t know and give some points about the excpectations from the WSF and what are bringing to the WSF when coming here

[17:44:58] Quazi (bangladesh): Tomorrow morning I have office. Day after tomorrow I have another presentation on International Women Day. After observing the day, I will send you some message and photo. By the way, did you paste my photo in the website? About the Adolescent convention' s photo?


[17:46:37] Henri (montreal).: 10 min pause, i'll be back :-)

 [17:53:33] *** illa ottawa bishwakarma has joined theconversation. ***

[17:53:49] *** guest:dil_ _c64887f3 has joined th econversation. ***

[17:55:28] *** prepafsm2016 has invited bhola- Cidi ***

[18:00:24] illaottawa: Hello, I just joined and am unable to see the video or get any sound. Is the live streaming working? Many thanks for your help!

[18:01:05] prepafsm2016: not working at the moment they are having a break  you can read upstream  welcome  !

[18:06:16] Henri (montreal).: (back on)

[18:06:42] Quazi (bangladesh): I am going to sleep now. See you tomorrow. wave)

 [18:07:12] Henri (montreal).: Thank you Quazi very much We will communicate !

 [18:08:21] Henri (montreal).: Sarah is talking to sollicitate participation at info  at fsm2016.org

[18:09:00] Henri (montreal).: If people has some events, they can communicate on our Facebook page (FSM2016WSF).

[18:09:37] isabelle (montreal): for those of you who want to meet Carminda or Raphael during their trip around Asia send me you mail i will give it to them for the visit!!!


 [18:10:14] Asma (Montreal): we are back from the break so we are now sharing some of the conferences’ themes  we are working on

the are other thematic axes  that we could see

CARMINDA is going to talk about he Human Resources and the horizontal way of the WSF

SPARKS so we have within the Big Conferences among these people, there will be ‘the ignited people’ - those who would inspire

[18:15:22] Henri (montreal).: We were presenting 16 themes for those conferences, and 6 principles to respect: men-women, know voices and new voices .Also, Carminda speaks about interns and the needs of the NGOs’.we have 8 GT groups, and 5 permanent staff, and stagiaires (intern scholarship) ).: in Montreal


[18:16:43] Asma (Montreal): that wre offering the interships. the handicap comitte also, looks for interns? Some comittees are looking for internship (here);for instance the communication team? safa is now going to talk about the advocacy


and now we are back to financing

 [18:20:36] Asma (Montreal):  Henri (montreal).: Raphael is inviting to support financial income for the FSM so please, the best way to contribute to the WSF creation is to register in groups  because as we explained 32% of the finance structure is based on the registration and having that, would boost our process. Organizations ca contribute with financial, printing material, or human resources that can help.


[18:21:32] Asma (Montreal): Question time Now, the discussion is open for Q&A. If you have any ?since we are done with the presentation of needs, we are open for recieveig your questionsraise your hands :-)I / Henri could take your questionsyes, i can i'll take note of questions for this room

[18:22:58] Asma (Montreal): me too,:)

[18:23:16] Henri (montreal).: (merci Asma)

 [18:23:36] Asma (Montreal): ( pas de soucis @Henri)

[18:23:21] Safwan (tunisia) : Video/Sounds are OFF

 [18:25:01] Henri (montreal).: yes, the video will restart...

[18:25:18] Safwan (tunisia) : Video/Sound still off

[18:25:40] Safwan (tunisia) : Video/Sound are on Thanks

 [18:25:21] Asma (Montreal): Sarah is just explaining how ll activities are part of the WSF

 [18:25:55] Asma (Montreal): and it’s not an event but, more a process and those who would like to change the world, we’re together

[18:25:57] Henri (montreal).: (click again on the videostreaming to catch again )

[18:26:04] Asma (Montreal): it’s working now check it please

[18:26:08] Henri (montreal).: Any question ? feel free to ask...

[18:26:27] Safwan (tunisia) : There are groups of NGOs and CSOs in tunisia who are seeking to raise their voice to the WSF community to interact with other NGOs and CSOs over the world, could the WSF help them and how?

[18:26:43] Asma (Montreal): A good question,  (Montreal): we will ask this

 [18:27:06] Safwan (tunisia) : these same NGOs and CSOs that are mobilizing to raise their voice to the worldn are ready to help the WSF too , how?: yes in TUnisia and Morrocco

[18:27:18] Asma (Montreal): since you present the tunsian committee : at least those am in connection with

 [18:27:32] Safwan (tunisia) : yes I represent the TUnisian COmmittee

[18:29:38] Safwan (tunisia) : and there are more than 300 associations and NGOs in Tunisia who are preparing together to raise their voices through the WSF 2016 in August but who want to start raising their voices with other associations over the world to help each other empower their voices through activities and actions from now till AUgust ..

educational NGOs Environmental, Justice, cultural, and so on but they still don't know how could the WSF help them raise their voices to the WSF or with the WSF till the August event

[18:30:30] Henri (montreal).: Yes, Asma will speak for you, thank you.

 [18:30:52] Asma (Montreal): ok safwen I will take your question after the man who is speaking about the LBGT NGO

[18:31:37] Safwan (tunisia) : take your time Asma/Henri ask it whenever it's suitable as you see

[18:32:25] Adrian (bolivia): also, could someone pleas transcribe the questions and responses?

[18:32:28] Henri + asma (montreal).: yes,sure Adrian  Me and Henri will try to write the questions, but, sometimes it’s a bit hard to type everything :)

[18:33:27] Henri (montreal).: Otherwise, i know that there is a skype circle, for Tunisian region which include some organizations in your country..

[18:34:51 | Safwan (tunisia) : Another question, NGOs and CSOs are wondering how they could use the WSF logos and mediatic aspects to include their actions and activities within the WSF movement?


[18:35:17] jaymartha605: hello

 [18:33:19] *** prepafsm2016 has invited jaymarth

[18:33:33] prepafsm2016: welcome jayma from sierra leone

 [18:35:25] Henri (montreal).: Hi Jaymar

[18:42:03] Henri (montreal).: Can you follow on livestream jay livestream here: http://www.99media.org/en-direct/c3/


 [18:35:39] bhola-bhattarai: Hello

[18:35:52 | Modifié (18:36:30)] Safwan (tunisia) : The humble lady who was talking about the logo and so on ..please what's her name?

[18:36:26] Henri (montreal).: Raphael, safa, and Genevieve are answering some points expressed.

[18:36:39] Asma (Montreal): her name is Katia and she’s the coordinator of the communication team

[18:37:19] Adrian (bolivia): is the communication team also in charge of the website?

the co-coordinator of the website group is Therese [18:39:32] Henri (montreal).: some discussion are still going on, with communication, website, and way to SEE the information. Comittees and GT groups all give their meeting calendar, so people can follow and integrate those circles, to discuSS.

[18:44:34] Henri (montreal).: Hi Alseny ! welcome  still period of exchange with comments and questions.

[18:48:26] Asma (Montreal): @Safwen: your question has been asked

[18:47:50] Safwan (tunisia) : Thanks Asma/Henri: Who's speaking now please?

 [18:48:30] Asma (Montreal): and it’s Raphael  who is speakin  Raphael, co-coordinator. Now carminda.


[18:43:05] *** Alseny  has joined theconversation. ***

 [18:45:08] Alseny  : cmt devenir conférencier

[18:45:38] Asma (Montreal): Alsney: this is the english extension  would you like an english response or a french one?

[18:46:20] Alseny  Dalo Bangoura: French

 [18:48:17] Asma (Montreal): @Alseny: il y a quatre choses que le star pourra le faire - mobiliser le monde pour particper au FSM , -

[18:48:46] Asma (Montreal): @Alsney, please check the french extension  @Alseny: Preparation  assemblée ouverte FR fsm2016  5 mars

 [18[18:49:51] Alseny  : cmt faire

 [18:49:38] Asma (Montreal): merci@Alsney$ @Henri - please guide him* @Henri: help @Alsney to go the french extension thanks

[18:53:06] Henri (montreal).: Alseny: essaie de te connecter dans l'autre salle, dont le titre est preprafsm2016 implication, demande à être incluse.

 [18:57:00] Alseny  : ok

[18:52:08] Asma (Montreal): Le lien vers l.extension française https://www.facebook.com/events/1233233116705800/

[19:01:01] Alseny  Dalo Bangoura: Ok! thanks



 [18:51:39] jaymartha605:   please can some body come to my aid  I am a sierra leaonean  I  want to attend this conference in canada but am having problems with the registration . I need help to go through this registration

[18:55:34] Asma (Montreal): @Jamyrtha — Please check the coordinator of the website therese.guay at fms2016.org

 [18:53:40] Safwan (tunisia) : Video/Sound OFFLINE

[18:53:51] Asma (Montreal): we will check the video  one moment please

[18:55:03] Safwan (tunisia) : Video/SOund  ON Thanks

[18:56:36] Asma (Montreal): perfect safwen

[18:56:44] Henri (montreal).: abNy comment ? people ? any questionswere are stll answering question, for example for translation in other languages here  and on visibility on the web site.

[19:00:36] Asma (Montreal): the three official langaues are: French, English, Spanish

 [19:01:41] prepafsm2016: http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2016/extension16-vues-sur-la-dynamique-dextension-fsm2016 this is the list of extended activites  in the wrold at the moment   we are expecting much more   ....

[19:01:47] Asma (Montreal): The GA is over  thank you for being here and hopefully we would be seeing you soon

 [19:02:17] Safwan (tunisia) : Thanks Asma/Henri and everybody , nice meeting you all

[19:02:29] Asma (Montreal): Still another question that Raphael is answering - to remind yo that registration is a form of solidarity

[19:02:35] Alseny  : thanks see you bangoura

 [19:02:37] Henri (montreal).: I congratulate you presence here in this room, in Frecnh room (262) AND 66 in the spanish room :-)

[19:02:37] prepafsm2016: safwan we are expecting them in tunisia too :-)


[19:04:15] Henri (montreal).: Thank you very much. In the progrmming group, there is also a discussion room, WHEN PARTICIPANT HAS SUBSCRIBE ON THE WEB SITE. (more than 3,000 participants

[19:04:22] Asma (Montreal): @Alsney: this is the english extension, please redirect yourself to the french one


[19:04:31] Asma (Montreal): Thank you everyone for being here  online

[19:04:50] Henri (montreal).: Thank you everyone for your energy !

[19:05:29] prepafsm2016: (star) thank you henri and samuel for making extension a reality today

[19:06:29] Asma (Montreal): two closure questions: what are your excpectation from the WSFandwhat would excite you to attend it

[19:08:20] Safwan (tunisia) : Wishing that WSF Continues being a culture empowered by all its activists intellectually to not stay an event that reunites people to leave each other later till the next event.

[19:08:37] Safwan (tunisia) : Thank you all