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You are cordially invited the World Social Forum (WSF) 2016 Open Assembly on

Thursday, April 21st 10am-1pm at UQAM

montreal time  http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/canada/montreal.

Where: Université du Québec à Montréal,



This Open Assembly will be a chance for people to learn about the WSF, how to get involved in helping plan the next stages of getting ready for the WSF.

We will livestream the Assembly : Web link to come in the chat room

To access the Skype chat room in English : Please copy paste this link in a skype conversation, and click on it: you will be taken to the chat room : https://join.skype.com/KE1h12XI7RJn

Our Skype contact account : prepafsm2016.extension

Also, there will be an alternative (freesoftware): Jitsi Meet: https://meet.jit.si/fsm2016test


Last assembly  http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2016/extension15-assemblee-5mars 






 Methodological deepening and  Mobilization strategies

Dear friends of the WSF 2016 and of the International Council,

We are pleased to invite you to the Second preparatory international seminar of the WSF 2016.

This seminar will be held in Montreal on the 22th and 23th of April 2016 and will also be expanded via the Internet (remote participation). It will gather members of the International Council of the WSF 2016, as well as representatives of organizations and collectives involved in the WSF 2016 process.  

The main objective of this seminar will be to articulate mobilization strategies from local to global for the WSF 2016, and to develop methodological proposals put forward by the WSF 2016 to increase the social and political impact of the social forums process.

This international seminar will be preceded by an open assembly of the WSF 2016 (April 21th) that will serve to update all participating actors on  the overall progress of the organizational process of the WSF 2016. On April 22th, on the occasion of Earth Day, we will kick off the event in the morning with a welcoming ceremony of Syrian immigrants performed by Mohawk leaders.    

    IT IS POSSIBLE TO REMOTELY PARTICIPATE IN THE ASSEMBLY AND THE SEMINAR  ON SKYPE FOLLOWING THIS LINK  leading to existing room preparation assembly : contact skype id - "prepafsm2016.extension"  or follow link https://join.skype.com/KE1h12XI7RJn 

Three specific objectives :   

  • -Develop synergies between local and global strategies of mobilization for the WSF 2016, including the development of common tools (calls for mobilization, newsletters, facilitation of registration, media campaigns, etc.);
  • -Deepen the methodologies proposed by the WSF 2016 (convergence assemblies, initiatives, agora initiatives) to promote the convergence of actors during the WSF 2016 and to ensure the continuity of the initiatives that will result from these meetings;
  • -Contribute to the strengthening of civil society by the locally rooting the social forums’ global dynamics, particularly through the consolidation of the links between local and international networks.

Agenda proposed:



  • Thursday, April 21th, 10h-13h: Open assembly of the WSF 2016


  • Friday, April 22th, 9h-12h: Indigenous welcoming ceremony
  •    12h-14h: Lunch
  •    14h-17h : 1st working session: Methodology of convergence/initiatives
  • Saturday, April 23th,
  • 9h-12h:2nd working session: Mobilization strategies towards the WSF 2016
  •        12h-14h: Lunch
  •        14h-17h: 3rd working session: Initiatives’ tools for sustainability
  •        17h-19h : Cocktail WSF 2016  



We sincerely thank you for your commitment and support.

The success of the WSF 2016 depends without a doubt on our broad collaboration!  

WSF 2016 Collective Montreal