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2- Use of Skype for dynamic expansion outside Montreal

With enlargement on the internet, your business come in expansion dynamics over 100 activities falling outside the world social territory that the organizers have placed since the beginning of this dynamic. 

These 100+ activities all have a Skype chat room where you can go by yourself, following the Skype links that are in the business presentation pages in the Geographical Chronological list or the extension that you find here. 

GEOGRAPHIC list by countries situated extensive activities outside the world social territory - everywhere and throughout the year 2016:http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2016/extension16-cercles-implication 

Chronological list of extended activities: 

Here we explain why we use Skype and give information in connection with the Self libriste committee of Montreal: 

To come into the chat room by following the link, you must agree to launch Skype and enter your Skype name and password or create a valid guest account one day. Once arrivé.e in the chat room, you can contact by text with the organizers and participants enrolled in the room. 

Skype chat room allows exchanges by FIRST ACCESS WRITING among its participants (it is very flexible, no need to be connected at the same time and chat written happening everywhere. You see your next login on the Skype various rooms where you are and the number of messages that are exchanged there in your absence). 

Skype chat room then allows audio / video exchanges, if the quality of the internet makes and if less than 25 people in the room. 

Of course you can contact directly with some of the participants in the room and have written conversations or audio / private video with them out of the room.



3 -A talk / chat room to expand your online business in Montreal

We propose, as a first concrete step, create now a "conversation" chat room wrote in Skype, which will be associated with your business. 

This chat room will be online until the end of the year "around" the theme of your business in montreal that will last 2 hours

so this is a way to give continuity to your business over time, 

View the online entrant, the chat room the possibility of following the event in Montreal to go to contact activity organizers that were not able to participate during the event either for lack of time or because we were not in Montreal

The rooms online activities in Montreal will be grouped in a page EXPANSION MONTREAL 


Once the room creates, on receipt of this form, a volunteer member of our team will contact you by email or skype to alert you to give you the link to the room, your line in the table MONTREAL showing the enlargement progamme on the internet since Montreal and waiting for you in "your" chat room

LEARNING / development you or people you just can not designate are not familiar with Skype, you can become the exchanging with the volunteer who will be your contact person in this room and you will meet by video-audio on Skype 


You can animate this room and invite yourself your contacts on Skype, you can circulate in your networks link to this room. 

With this link, people who have a Skype account can come by herself in the room and those who do not can have a guest account for a duration of 24 hours. 

During exchanges in the room BEFORE the date of the activity, you can familiarize yourself with the handling of the room, you "fill" your chat room, and you give guidance on the preparation of your business and also tell people interested (invited or came by it themselves) what type of inclusion you offer them a dURING activity, with several possibilities 

AFTER activity, trade may continue and you can circulate documentation elements and inform on the action of your activity 




Montreal Your activity is visible via a listing page in the WSF website and a mention in the paper program 
The list of activities is here https://fsm2016.org/activites_liste/ 

  • Treat the documentation of your activity, indicate in its page links to pictures of the notes of the minutes of videos that allow after blow to seize the wealth of exchanges that took place there and open to initiatives action or other business prospects in the dynamic expansion or other events forum etc.
  • make visible this documentation available from the WSF sites with interlinks with other initiatives, activities and events is to contribute to the quality of the WSF process in 2016

Several options are available to you 

1- YOUR SITES Opening pages in the sites of our organizations, by making connections with the site WSF 2016

2 / OPENFSM.net Now do open a PAGE on our activity in space "and the WSF Myland" with the help of the team extension support, and we even edit, making connections with the site WSF 2016 and other dynamic extension activities

3 / - Open after our contact in the chat room in a SPACE OPENFSM.net   with the help of the team extension support, and edit and manage our memes, making connections with the site WSF 2016, and other dynamic extension activities

The openfsm.net site can be a "common" site where space or create a page documentation relevant complement to this record activity. It is already used for local activities extended beyond visible Montreal

  • It carries an important documentation of the WSF process and allows editing pages and sub pages activities in spaces countries see the list of existing countries in the geographical areas http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2016/extension16-cercles page -involvement
  • It also allows the creation of autonomous space for activities or initiatives with a wiki blog mail lists - see these autonomies spaces in the page http://openfsm.net/projects projects
  • Documentation page or resource space can be created on your request for your business and you can come or edit this page edit and manage this space. This page can be accessed in the apge "Montreal

4 -site WSF 2016 We keep abreast of opportunities to touch the page description of our activity in the site fsm2016 and communication includes clear links to the various documents if and when possible 

  • Record activity is limited in size and with a photograph. We could repeat the descripition part and put links as shown above.
  • Due to unexpected technical limitation description party can not wear active link by simply clicking to other internet address: you have to put the Internet addresses of links in plain text form, and participants should copy paste in the line of their browser to activate

5 - We keep abreast of possilibités to come and show our activie in memoriafsm site contactiva