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EXTENSION OF WSF2016 in 2017

For a participation without borders

For a more permanent and accessible process




The World Social Forum 2016 was held from August 9 to 14, 2016 in downtown Montreal (Canada).  Working groups of WSF 2016 Collective built the World Social Territory (WST) which hosted 1200 self-managed activities.


Whether you have come to Montreal or not, you can get involved in the WSF 2016 through the extension dynamics. This gives you the option to:

·      Participate remotely in meetings organized by us in montreal  in the post WSF 2016 phase,after various assemblies in the pre event phase 

·   Etablish committees in your area to inform about the WSF, and encourage the organization of activities and the distance participation

·  Announce on the web site, fsm2016.org and /or on the openfsm.ne,  prepare, and animate, activities at home out of Montreal throughout the year 2016 and 2017 ("extended activities"). As of end of 2016 there are 270 activities in more than 40  countries you can participate in

·     Participate remotely via the Internet in activities taking place away from home in Montreal or elsewhere ("activities enlarged on Internet") (  chronological order and follow the skype links)


Everyone can contribute to the extension dynamics and benefit from it. The goal is that each person, wherever she is, can live the experience of participating in WSF activities and contribute to the collective construction of a better world. Organizations or collectives around the world can generate  "at home" and around them, dialogues within the WSF, and make contact with others to develop change carrying  initiatives  from local to global. The extension is a tool for discovering  the WSF process , in complement of greater events dialoguing and cooperating without borders, sharing our reasons for hope and action, and experience solidarity.


*    AUTO ORGANIZATION: Logistical implementation of extendidas or enlarged activities is up those who organize them. Volunteer teams can be set up locally to support remote/distance participation. "Extended activities" of any type can be arranged (discussion workshops, conferences, round tables) and also activities held in several places simultaneously, or taking place entirely on the Internet. Everyone can, with a simple laptop or mobile phone device connected to the Internet, and widely used software, help "enlarge on the Internet" WSF meetings and activities, thus enabling tens or hundreds of people, to participate remotely in them.

*   SUPPORT IN MONTREAL: The WSF 2016 Collective is seeing to providing good internet coverage in the WST. It will support organizers of activities enlarged on internet from Montreal , and will see to the live Internet broadcasting of 'common moments'' (march, opening moment, evening conferences,  convergence assemblies, Agora  of initiatives ...).

* PARTICIPATION FEE AND EXTENSION: Participants whether they come to Montreal or not, are invited to register as soon as possible on fsm2016.org website  ( inscription is free but closed for the moment)  to include themselves in the interaction dynamics of WSF 2016. They are invited to donate on line to contribute to organizational costs. Registration of activities is free.

CONTACTS in 2017

*    Contact extension support team and announce placement of activities in the dynamics writing to  extension at fsm2016.org   o en facebook  ' vaillant efessem"  or come in the facebook group

*   Participate remotely in assemblies / meetings  in Montreal  o get included in welcome circles by country contact skype:       "prepafsm2016.extension"

*     Get involved in the WSF  extension dynamics:   fill the involvement  form and get in the info mailing lists by country

*     Inquire About the extension http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2016