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extension2016.jpg Extension WSF 2016 - Questions ... and answers (V0) ( automatic translation from french)

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The extension is a collective dynamic in the WSF process, a trans-event facilitating initiative started in 2008 with a general long-term goal

  • Encourage the development of practices giving , on the occasion of the events of WSF process, concrete access to the "right to participate" in "the open intercommunication space of the WSF."
  • Access is open to individuals and organizations located outside the main place(s) where the event takes place (world social territory) and who are interested in the values ​​and the promise of  WSF.

The extension dynamics goes through decisions from forum event organizing committees to extend "their" event.

It is announced in the concept note of the WSF 2016 Montreal, distributed at the meeting of 29 August 2015 (page 6)

ExTENSION: The forum activities will not only take place in Montreal, but also in all the countries and regions of the world where people would like to prepare activities linked to the forums’ process; this will be the spread out forum which will be integrated in the general programming of the WSF and accessibly by internet. Wheneverpossible, volunteer teams will facilitate "distance participation via the internet" in the activities held in Montreal or elsewhere in the world. 

Extension has two inter related fields of action

  • 1 / development of local activities, i-e out of world social territory located in Montreal (out can be  a suburb of Montreal or Montreal antipodes)
  • 2 / dissemination of remote  internet intercommunication 

  the practice of collective forms of intercommunication in the spirit of the WSF is possible with these two bases. 

    The result of the extension of an  event is that:

    • "Intercommunication open space" of a forum event, initially materialized through activities face to face in one place (called World Social Territory- Montreal) - or a few places, in case of a  polycentric- forum, extends politically and physically with local activities, self organized by actors who are far from this  centric place, and want to participate in this event.
    • These local activities are fully integrated in the WSF program, next to the activities taking place in the world social territory Montreal, which  now become "the center" of the "extended event."
    • Extended forum remains a unique " horizontal open space" as regard intercommunication.
    • Extension is an action from participants and "faciliters" to extend the forum beyond its center or centers, while keeping the facilitation unified

    NOTE "extension" refers rather to an effort and a dynamics, not  to a place. It is advised to  say "10 WSF 2016 local activities in Jakarta as part of the extension  of WSF 2016" rather than "an extension of the WSF 2016 in Jakarta with 10 activities" .

    Indeed the use of the term extension as a place might suggest that: 

    • 1 / These "extensions" are not the WSF itself, ("the" real "WSF is only in Montreal")
    • 2 / There is a fragmentation of the intercommunication dynamics, which exempts the organizers at the center from making efforts to extend the activities taking place there, and organizers of local activities to be seen in the participants' World Social Territory
    • 3 / The "local facilitators" could have some sort of "delegation" from the faclitators in the center of the facilitator to "organize" these "extensions" which would break the facilitation unity, and the dentity of  one open space.



    • The extension efforts allows you to see effortlessly bloom new intercom situations: local activities, two-scene activities (collective teleconferences between two or more locations, the expansion of business, individual or collective interests of remotely activities, FSM cafes (rooms where people gather to participate remotely simultaneously has a variety of expanded activity).
    • This gives many people the feeling of being in the WSF participants community who believe that another world is possible and act to build it, to informal meetings, collective experience of the WSF, with situations intercom coming out of each of the local ordinary.
    • The forum offers extended to more people opportunities    from   contacts and informal meetings, or collective situation, with other actors and the ability to go into concrete results networks. This is a concrete access   the promise of the WSF, An open space is extended intercom set up that provides opportunities for local-local and local-central exchanges around the world and around the dates of the center    from   the extended FSM event: more contact, more links, more practice WSF.
    • The expansion efforts also about expanding online preparatory meetings (open meetings, spots of central facilitation working groups functioning of local facilitation committees / support to participation, self-directed committees set function FSM activity. It helps bringing people together "common" process, often "centralized by that non expanded with less delegation made ​​central organizers. The extension is a vector of political techno   which is to make it close and accessible throughout the preparation of the WSF
    • The practice of extension is a strategic form of solidarity contribution to facilitation of the WSF. The "direct" participants in an activity where that will take place on the planet are encouraged to show solidarity with participants "remote" and are organizing to welcome in "their" activity. A collective expertise grows to mix direct interaction and remote interaction in different situations intercom (see table)  
    • The practice of extending develops an autonomous, active, creative, multi-connected, producing the WSF process around it, in a co-production attitude, leveraging the General WSF event to help a local process. This practice is clearly distinct from a consumer of a distant event, organized by others, reserved to those who have been put economic and diplomatic barriers. It allows everyone locally where everyone lives and acts for another possible world of being involved (e) and also facilitating (e) of the WSF process,
    • The trivialization expansion practices could be considered on WSF process inclusive, sustainable, sustainable, decentralized and self-managed logistics without limits, designed as a weaving "local - local" relations, "local center", around a common event website that embodies the open space.    The central event need not be very large, and format can evolve towards polycentric forms etc.
    • The accumulation of experiences extension allows the move towards thematic or general polycentric events, which rely on a common website, and "nodes" of smaller size and lower logistical challenge ds centers with a high proportion bi-vector locations collective relations that cross space and time work (no need to simulténeité among the highlights in the various "nodes"



    Because otherwise repeated practice of participation in the WSF remains a privilege for people and organizations that can mobilize financial and diplomatic resources (visas) for repeated long journeys. This is then not very far from that forums where the "happy few" meet to build their networks


    WHO in the context of the WSF 2016?

    • A team "support expansion Montreal WSF 2016" of the "GT service participants" "support for remote participation and from Montreal." This team will include coordinating and facilitating (e) s of different GT
      •  GT mobilization they will practice the communication distance during the preparation phase) in relation to self-managed local support committees to participation
      • GT programming   they will practice the communication distance during the preparation phase) in connection with the committees preparing Run sets out Montreal
      •  GT Logistics will prepare internet connectivity in the TSM (World Social Territory) for the expansion of joint activities and times
      • GT communication that will prepare and provide in part the expansion of large common moments of the TSM 2016.
      • (see Question When ...)
    • Teams' local support for the FSM2016 extension to and from our region. " stand-alone or integrated into local committees support participants with a mission to facilitate WSF 2016, in connection with the general facilitation undertaken by the collective facilitation centered in Montreal (WSF 2016 is mono-centric)
    • The organizations can choose to hold or not isolated local activities or also to initiate several sets of self-directed activities, with a mix of local activities and TSM variables. These sets allow the pooling of resources and expertise contacts will be a favorable place for the development of local extension practices, if only for the preparation and consultation between internal organization participating in these groups;that are not all in one place.
    • The organizers of WSF 2016 activities of different types (preparatory, preliminary, local, bi-places in Montreal TSM) who may decide to announce the expansion of those below, and prepare to take over the spots Related ,, so accommodate remote participants. They may be accompanied, or not, by support teams for the preparation, or also for the development of the activity.
    • Volunteers support teams below, which come form, remote and on-site or on-site assistance, the organizers of activities.
    • Direct participants, who can extemporaneously concrete steps to accommodate remote participants. (Eg open his phone or laptop and to open a video chat with someone indicated by a volunteer, make written translation Instant etc ...)
    • Future participants in distance express and show in advance, via the channels offered by the support teams and the WSF 2016 websitetheir interest to participate remotely an activity that is or is not advertised as extended .



    • By the decision and therefore the commitment of the group facilitation in Montreal which affirms the right to participation in the WSF, assumes the leadership of the extension, and raise local teams, is setting up a team in Montreal and proposes ways internet access in the World Social Territory
    • By the action of mobilization GT which explains the extension to support committees embryos participation and suggests the setting up support team of local extension. People mobilization groups establish links with local-run committees whose members are also orgnisateurs local or TSM Business operating or active volunteers in local support groups extension, this should result in the progressive development of the involvement Facilitators of the GT mob in Montreal extension support team as a measure that approximates the évement 9-14 August
    • By the action of local support committee participation, which have the extension and provide support for training and assistance to local events organizers
    • B y the action team "extended support" WG service to Montreal and then TSM participants through teams of volunteers gradually extension.qui welcome the enlargement of wills "TSM" activities and participation of wills distance TSM's activities to where there is no local team
    •  By the action of these volunteer teams forming the organizers, ensuring enlargement gestures and also inviting   Solidarity direct participants to the remote participants.



    • With internet accessible in the World Social Territory, (connection in theaters in Montreal and also in the common times) in places of local activities (responsibility of the organizers) or via personal mobile connections (volunteers or solidarity participants) or by small films loaded quickly on the internet.
    •  With the equipment of participants    smartphones and computer extension volunteers and several direct participants, and people have entrusted their organizations to expand their activities.
    • With the homepage WSF 2016, which shows a remotely accessible WSF 2016 program
      • activities as announced expanded online (accessed remotely)
      • the links to these activities extended to skype rooms to make contact in advance with the "guest people" hosting or hosting remote participants,
      • links to streaming video channels that will work when these activities take place.
    • OpenFSM.net with the site, which allows voluntary groups or local TSM to create spaces where organize and make visible participants in their area they propose to support for remote participation.



    • By combining in the local activities of direct intercommunication situations and distance, so that the participation of people experience out of Montreal    is varied and interesting (see table)
    • Respecting in local activities and support to the extension that they can be made, the principles of the WSF
    • By making visible on the website
    • Creating a local extension support team as soon as a dynamics of local participation is emerging and making it visible on the Internet (example of collaborative space "self-directed support committee has participation)
    • Recalling that the extension is a collective dynamic that makes the WSF process locally    accessible and also more robust, thanks
      • the practical cooperation which contribute to the holding of local activities and their expansion
      • the practical cooperation which contribute to the   Remote participation in these activities    and in activities in the TSM Montreal



    • Wherever SM 2016 held activities (preparatory, preliminary, local, including activities "coffee WSF 2016 in my city" which are an opportunity to connect to the diversity of the WSF 2016.
    • In the World Social Territory in Montreal that welcomes particularly interesting activities for all participants WSF 2016.



    • During the preparation phase: creation of local support teams, or TSM team and developing a collective expertise in these teams
      • people invested in the GT and GT mobilization programming develop M-12 to M-3 trade with the future activity organizers, facilitators and presenters sets of activities to support teams expansion in local councils support to participation.
      • They will accompany these people up during and after the event in Montreal and some will strengthen M-3 operational presence in the TSM extension support team. They will form a senior volunteer from M-3 to lead teams and maintaining relations with geographical data themselves in relation to coordination and local teams able to coach volunteers from -15 to J for local intercommunications> Montreal and local-local.
    • During the WSF 2016 event in July in August with extended
      • local-local interconnections to M-1 and M + 1 (consolidation of ties Montreal will take place throughout the world, with synchronized preparation in two or more places (bi-premises activities) or participations distance crossed in two activities has held various dates
      • of Montreal intercommunications> Local Montrealers will be offered to future participants, led by the mob of people and prog GT. They will take place in mobile tele-centers in venues in various places, and enable investments in local activities before and after the August 9-14 .. Or they will be the WSF coffee while many activities are accessible remotely .. During this period, the TSM does not yet exist, or longer, and Montrealers are participating remotely in the WSF 2016 expanded activities
    • During the event in Montreal Aug. 9-14 t with local intercommunications> Montreal
      • extension support team in Montreal possible coordination with alternative media for streaming video coverage attend expanding joint activities and moments in the TSM Montreal
      • Teams support the local extension and their local committees organize coffee WSF in their city, giving to see the diversity and size of trade