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    from pierre16 on Jun 23, 2016 04:13 PM
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    From: Piero FSM2016 <pierre.george@...>
    Date: 2016-06-23 17:41 GMT+02:00
    Subject: SOLVING THE ISSUE WSF CAFE BAGHDAD MONTREAL Self-managed activity
    to be registered after deadline
    To: "Martina Pignatti M." <martina.pignatti@...>,
    programmation@..., المنتدى الاجتماعي العراقي <isf.iraq@...>,
    Hayfa efessem <hayfa.efessem@...>, Iraqi Social Forum <
    Hello everyone  Ali Hayfa Martina Youssif and programmation team
    thanks Martina for putting me in the loop
    issue is closed  baghdad montreal wsf cafe in incuded in the programmation
    through telecenter in montreal
    Looking forward to comments from  everyone
    1/ the extension team wsf 2016 has been since long in contact with the iraq
    social forum :-) in the perspective of wsf extension 2016 and proposing
    active participation to our iraqi friends
    and we knew about the project of a WSF village in baghdad at the time of
    montreal event
    2/ We had recently a skype meeting wiht ali and youssuf and hayfa
    which decided to create a self organized commitee named "presence of ISF in
     with the purpose ( going till the end of the year) to make visible several
    iraq organizations in the wsf website and showing the diversity of the ISF
    The commiteee is now on line
     ( i have not access to the website at present but you can look up for it
    in the  groups/ self organized commiteee list
     and  Hayfa will make ali or youssif admins and populate it
    3/ We understand that no one from iraq would be present in montrea,l so all
    the activities will be done in the frame of extension
    and good news the registration IS NOT CLOSED for those activities in the
    wsf website until end of 2016
    4/ (Btw you can test declaring extended actiivities in the name of
    unponteper which may want to locate some meetings as extended activites in
    italy or elsewhere
    the profile of italy in the extension is "non existent" at the moment
    which is not the case for other countries as you can see in the
    geographical page
    ( check the orgs and nb links that are left and right of each country line)
    5/ Extension team has in montreal a cluster of rooms in the center of WSF
    territory, named WSF 2016  TELECENTER  dedicated to video conferences (
    that could remind you of belem 2009 Martina :-) )
    So we have following your message and as of now  pre-declare extended
    activity 121 in openfsm  assuming it is co organized by several iraqi
    roganization and unponteper  (please correct as needed)
    and we book a slot 10 12am on august 11 for WSFcafe Baghdad/Montreal
    that is a closed issue !
    SKYPE CHAT ROOM associated with activiy 121 will be created by tomorrow so
    all interested parties can join it
    6/ The concept of "WSF cafe" is actually wider than a teleconference and
    can involve  a series of place where semi random selction of enlarged
    activities in montreal can be done for people in the cafe in baghdad to
    remotely "walk in and out" according to their interest
    this hayfa can elaborate on with iraqi team
    7/ Now this activity can also be announced in wsf website by the unique
    organisation from iraq so far registered which is not an organization
    Hayfa from the extension  team, based in tunisia, can help Ali and Youssyf
     to declare this activity in the name of iraq social fourm
    8/ Furtther to that, one workline we decided with ali and youssiph  is to
    include more people and organiszations from iraq in the wsf website,
    where they can interact and alos declare extended activities in iraq  in
    their own name ,
    and progress in the steps towards active extended  participation
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    > Oggetto: Important request from Iraq: Self-managed activity to be
    > registered after deadline
    > Data: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 13:04:48 +0200
    > Mittente: Martina Pignatti M. <martina.pignatti@...>
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    > A: programmation@...
    > CC: Iraqi social forum <isf.iraq@...> <isf.iraq@...>
    > Dear friends of the GT-programmation,
    > I write you on behalf of the Iraqi Social Forum and of the Iraqi Civil
    > Society Solidarity Initiative, a global intiative of solidarity with the
    > Iraqi civil society that includes many organizations registered for the WSF
    > 2016, some of whom are also part of the WSF International Council.
    > We realized just today that an Extended activity of the WSF (Montreal
    > Cafè) can be organized in Baghdad on August 11, at 5-7 pm, and those of us
    > who will be in Montreal want to connect with the activists in Baghdad at
    > that time, in a self-organized activity.
    > I just registered it as a Convergence Assembly on the WSF website, since I
    > couldn't do otherwise, but it's meant to be a self-managed activity and it
    > needs to happen on August 11 at 10:00, hence in the time-slot of
    > self-managed activities, due to the time difference with Baghdad. You will
    > receive it from the organization "Un ponte per..." titled "Baghdad Cafè
    > with the Iraqi Social Forum" through your online registration system. Could
    > you please switch it to self-managed activity and still accept it???
    > Since it is difficult for Iraqis to reach Canada, due to the visa process,
    > we really want to give visibility to the activists of the Iraqi Social
    > Forum that feel part of the WSF process in Baghdad! We apologize for not
    > being able to define this earlier, but as you may guess working conditions
    > in Baghdad are very complicated.
    > Warmly,
    > Martina
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