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World Social Forum in Tunis - Towards a global international migration space


The organization of the next World Social Forum in Tunisia is important in various regards. It is an opportunity to demonstrate solidarity from social movements worldwide with the liberation process of the peoples of the region from the grip of dictatorships and the anchoring democratic gains so that the revolutions that took place in these countries are not distorted. Attempts of exploitation or perversion of revolutions are at work, and it is necessary to stand firm so that peoples are not deprived from benefits they paid a high price for.


Moreover, given a global context marked by increasing economic, social and political crises, Tunis WSF will also be a highlight for denouncing excesses of neo-liberal system and making proposals so that the slogan "Another world is possible " become a reality.


A global international migrations:space


Regarding contribution of international migration, the Forum of Associations involved in Democratic Struggles about Immigration (Faldi www.openfsm.net/projects/faldi-fsm) proposes the establishment of a "global international migrations space" in the WSF context to foster encounters between the different dynamics across the world.

This space does not intend to be all encompassing in the themes, and is proposed as a place in which to think, exchange, and devise convergences that can contribute  to putting an end to the repressive policies from governments  the North who build walls instead of building bridges between peoples, with the complicity of governments from the South.

With this purpose, Faldi invites associations and international NGOs interested in migration issues to consult towards the establishment of this global space that will include activities proposed by the organizations participating in the WSF (Plenaries, workshops, cultural and artistic expressions ...).


The approach that can be adopted is as follows:

- From proposals of activities registered on the WSF website www.fsm2013.org ,  organizations interested to participate in this space, will devise collectively agglutination/ grouping of their proposals of activities and will submit the request for a space to the organizing committee, mentioning the list of activities that will be in that space

- The central theme of the space is "Freedom of movement and residence of migrants - Access to social economical and cultural rights"

- The space will be prepared with the help of a designer around geographic and thematic themes

. Rights of undocumented migrants, situation of sub-Saharan and maghrebian migrants in the Mediterranean sea, of Latin American migrants in Mexican-American border, of Asian migrants in the Persian Gulf.

. Place and role of youth, sons and daughters of immigrants.

. Situation of immigrant women in the world.

. Situation of refugees and stateless persons around the world.

. Responsibility for global policies about migration pursued by governments in the North and complicity of the governments in the South.

. Migration and development.

. Crises and migrants' rights.


Each sub-thematic area will include all cultural and artistic expressions related to the topic in question (Expos, books, slides, songs, dances, cuisines, spontaneous expressions ...).

Organizations undersigned confirm their agreement with the above call issued by FALDI and to co-build this global international migration  space during WSF Tunis in march 2013, and to consult to harmonize and agglutinate their proposed activities