• act521 dialogue on systemic alternatives at finnish social forum

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Online Accompaniment  Dialogue on Systemic Alternatives at Finnish Social Forum 2018  
Arbis Helsinki Act521 May 4th

WHO?  With the placement of this  activity in  wsf extension dynamics Dynex1WSF ,  siemenpuu  assert themselves as  "participating instance" in the world social forum process, as described by its charter  world social forum charter    

WHEN? WHERE?  May 4th  12h-13h30   see time difference with your region:  https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/finland)  

WHAT?  workshop in  Finnish social forum ,event 31 in  http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2018-calendar  see page  http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/event2019-finnish-social-forum

The following seminar will be held in English (totally or partially)  DIALOGUE ON SYSTEMIC ALTERNATIVES 


Worldwide, there is a search for radical, systemic alternatives to dominant structures of inequity, injustice, and unsustainability which have created multiple global crises. The session will introduce and discuss several initiatives from the Global South that are providing alternative concepts, examples and actions. They include the Global Tapestry of Alternatives from India, Systemic Alternatives from Bolivia and the thematic World Social Forum on Transformative Economies. Marta Music active in all these will initiate the discussion.

This event will also build on Siemenpuu Foundation’s dedicated website on systemic alternatives (in Finnish): muutosvaihtoehdot.fi.

HOW DO I PARTICIPATE REMOTELY? https://www.facebook.com/Siemenpuu/videos/340875016616726/

 watch the video live with the link given in the chat room  +  comment or make input in written or audio form in the Whatsapp chat in contact with correspondents in Helsinki    


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