• forum connect asia wsf mobilizing initiative july26 meeting scope

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1/ On 26th July 2021 12hUTC persons linked to organisations (social movements, networks, NGOs)? with a base in Asia? are invited to come together to comment on their interest in participating in the world social forum process in 2021/2022 in various ways.

2/ This 26 july meeting is proposed by ForumConnect, a working group started at the end of 2020 conducting webinars on “connecting participation or facilitation experiences  in the World Social Forum process”, and reaching out to organizations with a focus in Asia and Africa. see the presentation of ForumConnect, and access its activities and initiatives here https://join.wsf2021.net/organizations/3387

3/ 26th meeting agenda .Participants are invited to comment on two perspectives that can be combined:

Asian social forum processes perspective :  perception about, and willingness to be active in, a possible national o regional social forum process in Asia, and the practical steps to that purpose

WSF 2022 Mexico process perspective :perception about, and willingness to be active in, an initiative called “Asia mobilizing towards WSF 2022 Mexico”, consisting in developing an open space of info and exchanges about “why and how  develop WSF in  Asia  and participate in the WSF 2022 process from Asia, with facilitation by a collective of Asian-based organisations, to be developed

4/Two members of the WSF2022 facilitating a collective getting organized in Mexico also members of IC WSF, are invited  in 26th meeting: Rosa Zuniga from CEAAL https://join.wsf2021.net/organizations/1302 ( you can see that this organization is active with activities and initiatives and Hector de la Cueva ( linked to trade unionism in Mexico) . They will comment on the international participation build up for upcoming May 2022 WSF Mexico  and on the mixed format of the WSF2022 event ( combining a virtual event and  a physical event)- taking into account the experience of wsf 2021 virtual see https://wsf2021.net/programa-evento/ )

5/ The facilitating group for the “Asia mobilizing towards WSF 2022 process, mentioned in point 3, a first concretization of which might stem out from this 26th meeting or further ones, would take up tasks such as issue A CALL and INVITE to further meetings, and STIMULATE build up of self organized participations in the WSF 2022 process and event, through different online and local activities, solidarity meetings, and eventually online participation and physical mobilization in activities in Mexico

Organizations willing to be active in the perspectives mentioned in point 3  can make themselves mutually visible in 2021/2022 in the https://join.wsf2021.net/ platform, with their  public activities of dialogue and their shared initiatives of action.