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Hani Serag   ( Egypt)
Dr. Serag is a physician a public health researcher. His previous work includes serving as global coordinator of the People's Health Movement (PHM is a global network of civil society organizations, academic institutes and health activists) and as the director of Health Policy and Systems Program of the Association Health and Environmental Development (a leading civil society organizations in Egypt).
Dr. Serag has participated in designing and setting methodologies for several research projects  and in a wide range of educational and training activities in both the public and global health fields. He has planned, developed curricula for, and taught more than 30 training courseswith focus on health system research 




Brasil 2001-2009, Chico Whitaker  CBJP brasil https://fr-fr.facebook.com/cbjp.dacnbb 
He is an architect and social activist, he was councilor in São Paulo for the PT, executive secretary of the Brazilian Commission for Justice and Peace, co-founder of the World Social Forum, member of the Coalition for a Brazil Free of Nuclear Power Plants, 2006 Nobel Alternative Prize.


India 2004, Gautam Mody NTUI india http://www.ntui.org.in/ 
Gautam Mody is General Secretary of the New Trade Union Initiative. The NTUI was one of the organisations closely involved in hosting the WSF 2004 in Mumbai. Gautam represented the NTUI in the India Organising Committee and was active in the WSF international process until 2010.


Africa 2011-15, Hamouda Soubhi FMAS Morroco http://forumalternatives.org/ Hamouda   works with the Moroccan Council for Human Rights . He is chairman of Forum of south alternative, Morocco. He is at the same time one of the co-founders of Alternatives and of the Forum des alternatives Maroc and many other Moroccan and African  organizations working for human rights. He is currently responsible for the secretariat of the International Council of the World Social Forum


Canada 2016, Carminda MacLorin Katalizo Canada https://www.katalizo.org/ Carminda, from Canada,  Sociology PhD, has been co-coordinator of facilitating collective for organizing WSF montreal 2016.


WSF2021 virtual & Mexico (upcoming), Rosy Zuniga CEAAL Mexico http://ceaal.org/v3/ 

Rosa Zúñiga, is Mexican, a popular educator and sociologist. She is currently the Secretary General of CEAAL and CEAAL's representative on the International Council of the World Social Forum.