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Forum Connect : Purpose, Contact, &Team     

ENGLISH To potential participants in FORUM CONNECT SESSIONS 

We are contributors to "FORUM CONNECT ", a self organized working group to contribute to systematize information regarding the World Social forum (WSF) in a didactic process to educate all of us.

Our goal is to develop a body of knowledge through FORUM CONNECT dialogue sessions, and the documentation from those, that will help better understand, and practice as participants , the WSF, and possibly, to better implement its manifestations in “facilitating collectives”. 

We invite everyone in the WSF open space of encounters who would like to participate in these Forum Connect dialogues to come with their questions and experiences, if any, about WSF . We hope this participation will help find ways in which to get involved.

We can be contacted at forumconnect-wg at riseup.ne


ESPANOL A les posibles participantes en FORUM CONNECT SESSIONS 
Somos colaboradores de "FORUM CONNECT", un grupo de trabajo autoorganizado para contribuir a sistematizar la información sobre el Foro Social Mundial (FSM) en un proceso didáctico para educarnos a todos.
Nuestro objetivo es desarrollar un cuerpo de conocimientos a través de las sesiones de diálogo FORUM CONNECT, y la documentación de las mismas, que ayudará a comprender mejor y practicar como participantes el FSM, y posiblemente, a implementar mejor sus manifestaciones en “facilitar colectivos”. 
Invitamos a todos en el espacio abierto de encuentros del FSM que deseen participar en estos diálogos de Forum Connect a que vengan con sus preguntas y experiencias , si las hay, sobre el FSM. Esperamos que esta participación ayude a encontrar formas de involucrarse .

nos pueden contactar en forumconnect-wg at riseup.ne


FRANCAIS Aux participants potentiels aux SESSIONS FORUM CONNECT 
Nous contribuons à "FORUM CONNECT", un groupe de travail auto-organisé pour contribuer à systématiser les informations concernant le Forum Social Mondial (FSM) dans un processus didactique pour nous éduquer tous.
Notre objectif est de développer un corpus de connaissances à travers les sessions de dialogue FORUM CONNECT, et la documentation de celles-ci, qui aideront à mieux comprendre et pratiquer en tant que participants, le FSM, et éventuellement, à mieux mettre en œuvre ses manifestations en «facilitant les collectifs». 
Nous invitons tout le monde dans l'espace ouvert de rencontres du FSM qui voudrait participer à ces dialogues de Forum Connect à venir avec leurs questions et expériences , le cas échéant, sur le FSM. Nous espérons que cette participation aidera à trouver des moyens de s'impliquer .

vous pouvez nous contacter a forumconnect-wg at riseup.ne


Forum Connect :  Team

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  • Kin Chi 
Professor Lau Kin Chi is Adjunct Associate Professor of the Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University, and Coordinator of Programme on Cultures of Sustainability, Centre for Cultural Research and Development, Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China. She is one of the founding members of Global University for Sustainability, a board member of PeaceWomen Across the Globe Association, and a member of the Executive Committee of Asian Regional Exchange for New Alternatives



Kin Chi PX00170  https://wsf2021.net/lista1-de-participantes/#100 


  • Meena

Meena R Menon is Working President of the Working People's Charter, a nationwide network for labour organisations working with informal labour in India. She is a labour activist, writer-researcher and historian. She has played a key role in the socal forum process in India.  She is co-convenor of the Social Justice cluster of the Asia Europe People's Forum. 

Meena PX00180  https://wsf2021.net/lista1-de-participantes/#100


  • Mike

Mike Davies is the Coordinator for Anglophone Africa in the International Alliance of Inhabitants, the co-founder of SMART Harare,  the Chair of the Urban Farming Association Zimbabwe and the Farm Manager at the Pomona Community Farm in Harare, Zimbabwe. He sits on the Board of Magamba Network, a cultural activist network. He has coordinated several events at various World Social Forums for the African Assembly of Inhabitants and the International Tribunal on Evictions.



 Mike PX00175 https://wsf2021.net/lista1-de-participantes/#100


  • Pierre
Pierre George has helped facilitate various World Social Forum events since 2003, including regional and thematic forums. He represents Caritas Internationalis, an international NGO network, on the WSF's International Council. Active in the context of WSF International Council Communication working group, he administers a website (www.openfsm.net), an online space for participation in and facilitation of the WSF process. He contributes to FORUMCONNECT in personal capacity 



Pierre  PX00003 https://wsf2021.net/lista1-de-participantes/#100