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Part A / Terms of Reference - Some questions to start a self Overview Committee

What's this ? 

  • A self-directed overall committee is a collective form of participation voluntary and optional in the 2016 WSF process.
  • It combines and respects the fundamental form of participation is that of self-directed activity on behalf of one or more organizations / collectives to maintain the horizontality of the open space of intercommunication what the WSF.
  • Organizations / collectives gather some of the self-managed activities WSF 2016 they prepare to make a set of activities WSF 2016 visible coherent creative and attractive structured around a shared purpose explained (to network, hold a summer school , include an event in the WSF launch an international campaign to popularize and consolidate an initiative etc. ..).
  • The general committee is the forum for consultation where self-organizing this set of activities the words "pole" "dynamic" can also be used to designate a set of activities.
  • Montreal facilitating collective offers this innovative form of participation to enable a higher quality of preparation for a collective scale and promote the maturation of concrete joint initiatives in space and the WSF 2016 process.

How to start a series of activities and self-managed committee?

  • 1 / Meet organizations / individuals and collective and discuss the vision of such a set of activities its purpose, size, contents form its actors.
  • 2 / Check understanding of each on the fact that a / the committee is a voluntary association of independent groups preparing each activity, and decide to pool to be more effective together for a shared purpose, b / these activities will keep preparers groups, ultimately, control over their vis-à-vis the GT activity (working group) programming and Logistics collective facilitation Montreal etc c / these groups contribute, depending on the operating rules and decisions agreed in the committee, the collective decisions taken in the committee about the set of activities, and they can withdraw freely.
  • 3 / Liaise with the GT Programming and announce the name and purpose of the new group
  • 4 / Make visible on a space / website (*), the new self-managing committee this set and the project of this set and are gradually clarify its aims, operating rules, its name. (*) OpenFSM.net interoccupy weroes facebook and many other sites offer this type of spaces).
  • 5 / GT entered the programming committee and all in a   reference list on the WSF 2016 website (*) See page  http://openfsm.net/projects/fsm2016wsf-prepint/prepint16-liste-ensembles
  • 6 / When the WSF 2016 site is available, one of the business groups of the preparation together with at least 3 organizations involved, initiates the description of this self-directed together, the others come and join the co directors are appointed for edit this page and do acts of participation on behalf of the whole.

Who can come to contribute in a set / overall committee?   A person or organization

  • 1.   considers, - publicly for organizations - such as participating in the WSF process, such and as described by the WSF Charter, which specifies an ideological positioning, goals, participants of values, and general operating process rules accepted by all,
  • 2.   participates or intends to participate in the WSF 2016, with an "activity" that can contribute to the shared goal, announced by the committee of the whole, and formulated in the public literature describing this set.
  • 3.    agrees to cooperate with other business groups preparers within the committee according to the operating rules specified in its collaborative web space or plug in the WSF 2016 site.

Where and When works and acts a general committee of self-directed activities?

The Committee prepares a set of activities. These activities can be distributed over time (preliminary activities before July 2016, local activities July and August 2016, in Montreal Activities 9-14 August 2016) and in space (activities in the World Social Territory of 9 to 14 August 2016, and local and preliminary activities all over the world).

Concretely four broad categories-Run sets are possible by participants at the WSF 2016

1 A set of activities in a REGION (Preliminary and local in July August 2016), prepared in a committee centered in this Region.

February 1 set of activities MONTREAL (Preliminary then in the World Social Territory August 9-14, prepared in a committee centered MONTREAL.

March 1 set of activities in a REGION (Preliminary and local in July August 2016) and then MONTREAL (in the World Social Territory August 9-14, prepared in a committee centered in this Region.

April 1 set of preliminary and local activities VARIOUS REGIONS IN MONTREAL then in the World Social Territory 9-14 August, INTERNET prepared in a committee with people from DIFFERENT REGIONS.

Who is related to a whole committee? 

  • 1 with its member / participant s: The committee functions as the group of voluntary organizations providing or activities to the set of activities that is the purpose of the committee. The committee may also enlist the services of persons not linked to these organizations.
  • 2 with members / potential participants: The committee develops as it wishes its communication to offer many activities preparers groups announced in the WSF 2016 to join while taking care not to be intrusive to participants, and that a policy of inclusion too eclectic or superficial does not come blur the clarity of its purpose and thus its effectiveness and attractiveness for its first participating members. Wherever possible webfsm2016.net site will enable participants to indicate their interest in a together
  • 3 with one or more local committees to support the participation - the idea of the set of activities, courses or sequence that the committee is working to develop and implement, may have emerged in, or thanks to meetings around such local committee (some of which are in Montreal!), with which the whole committee can have interpersonal relationships, the other hand if the set has activities outside the World Social Territory or is centered outside Montreal, it may request support committee has local assets in regions where these activities will take place
  • 4 with GT and logistics service to the participants Montréa to receive the support offered to participants in the World Social Territory
  • 5 Finally, with the GT Programming will take account of all activities in the WSF 2016 programming respecting as far as possible its internal logic, and its self-programming (sequencing of activities and sizes)

With what resources?

  •  An overall committee, self-managed collective form, works with motivation, talent, and resources of its participants, even them involved in the FSM2016 by preparing activités.il consists volunteers around the assembly of these various self organized activities in the WSF 2016
  • It is considered as a collective interlocutor for programming, it is visible as such in the fsm2016.net website, on a par with other sets, it can be allocated a permanent location, often called a "space", has managed alone or to share with other committees set. (eventually being helped in this by a support committee) Otherwise it does not receive funds, legitimacy of signs, or special benefit from the facilitation Collective.


B / Terms of reference - logical framework of a self-directed overall committee activities in the WSF 2016

1 / General Purpose Committee of a comprehensive self-directed activities (ECA):

  • offer in the open space of the WSF 2016, a series of activities including the sequencing, the form, content, and animation is relevant and attractive compared to a shared purpose announced by the committee for this set.
  • The set and the committee is a collective form of participation that respects the autonomy of activities that are articulated within it.
  • The cohesion and effectiveness of Coité based on voluntary membership groups preparers of activities that need to be included in the Committee and to include their activity in general, and can withdraw freely.

2 / What to expect from its participation in a general committee of self-directed activity?

Cooperation in the preparation and coordination of a set of activities in the WSF 2016 is motivated by a shared purpose among stakeholders committee. This cooperation can bring them a lot 

  • 0 / articulation with geographically distant groups, the convergence experience and networking within a set of activities,
  • 1 / design with creativity and collective intelligence of a group of activities WSF 2016 freely associated creative and attractive as a shared purpose between the co organizers of the whole.
  • 2 / pooling of resources and experiences Effect for crossing logistical and methodological levels.
  • 3 / Preparation and realization of activities, each with the possibility of including new co-pickers among the members of comtié, ensuring creative way their respective contribution to the agreed goal of all
  • 4 / effect of attraction and increase the number of actors included in the committee, the number of activities in all (up to what is relevant), and the number of participants during the activities,
  • 4 / Relevance of presented and promoted initiatives in this set, using flexible forms as proposed engaging declarations for signature by organizations and individuals in the preparation or during assemblies included in the set.
  • 5 / Visibility obtained in the open space of the WSF 2016 and WSF website in 2016 and in the civil society of the committee of the action area by displaying a large number of actors involved and self programming quality, the pooling of communication efforts, the dynamic operation of a collaborative space autonomy, the status of "all" the 2016 SM web site,
  • 6 / "fair visibility", obtained in the world social territory through the allocation (and eventual decision by WG programming based on criteria defined in advance) permanent places where the animation of the assembly can be centered

3 / The Missions Committee of an overall self-directed activity in the WSF 2016

The whole activity and his committee are self organized. Its missions are those that the committee gives to achieve its shared purpose in accordance with the principles of the WSF charter, and the terms of the collective interests defined by FSM 2016 Montreal facilitation.

4 / Some point vigilance suggestions for operating a local committee

  • 1 / Clarity of purpose announced for this set, and internal operation of the entire committee. Participants in the committee call people with the right to publish the record of all the fsm2016 site.
  • 2 / Respect the decisions by the hosts protocols committee that the committee provides. An overall committee can bring a word, a collective "we" in the WSF space, since the decision protocols and advertising these statements are defined and respected within the committee. The business preparers groups included in the Committee are invited to co-define and enforce these protocols.
  • 3 / Care given to the internal coherence of all: consistency between the content of the activity statements in the fsm2016 website and content of Record all in the same site, and consistency and quality of the preparation of the setting work of this content
  • 4 / quality communication with local support committees and has the participation GT in Montreal.

5 / Principles and elements for the development of all internal and Associated committee

  • 1 / The activities in the WSF 2016 are public and are carried on by organizations or collective
  • 2 / To promote diversity and inclusiveness and according to established practice in the WSF, a participating organization can not be a leader (*) of more than 5 activities in the WSF 2016, and can be present as co -préparatrice in a lot of activities. (*) The lead agency for an activity is one that is considered ultimately responsible activity by Montreal GTA and support the local committee participation
  • 3 / A preparer of a group activity can ask to be included in several sets and several committees, since the expectations of each Committee on the content and form of the activity due to its inclusion in these various sets are deemed compliant by interested
  • 4 / The Committee shall ensure that the content of the date the form the place of each of all the component activities is consistent with the overall structure of the committee defined according to its finalité.En case of inconsistency between a set and an activity part, the WG will consider priority programming options preparer group activity.
  • 5 / set can include several activities become "assemblies" (a group of business preparer 5 organizations from two continents may request that his activity becomes a meeting) - For example, a kit may include an identification meeting of initiatives and a valuation of Assembly initiatives that have been discussed during the self programmed activities between.
  • 6 / The Committee cooperates with the GT programming and with groups pickers each activity component so that the programming is known realistic coherent and may be more readily observed by the GT programming in cooperation with the logistics WP and WG service participants .

6 / considerations on the relationship between self-directed whole committee and the group facilitation FSM2016 Montreal

  • 1 / Self-managed areas and their associated committees are simple forms of collective participation, voluntary and optional in the open space of the WSF intercommunication horizontal and only in 2016, they do not have a facilitative role of the WSF 2016, nor mandate of facilitating WSF 2016 Montreal Collective. and does not enjoy exclusivity or prérogativepar compared to other types participants.Ils are therefore can not invoke it in other participating organizations in the WSF 2016 or be a must to participate in the WSF.
  • 2 / set and its overall committee via its dynamic growth of cooperation and are bringing new players into the open space of the WSF and this contributes to the mobilization for WSF 2016,
  •  3 / The Collective can allocate if possible, depending on the logistical resources available, and fair size criteria etc. a permanent place of world social territory together with one or more of activity.   This place called "space" allows the committee to operate from August 9 to 14 and continuously offer flexible animations. It can accommodate a party, and some only, of all the activities (principle of diversity). A self-directed ensemble animates committee or co-hosts as the case this permanent location (this space ")
  • 4 / A Self whole committee can therefore be based informally with another set of self-managed committee, including co-manage a "space" allocated by the co-GT program. or to co-manage the activities included in the two together, which can be a way to cross and related actions
  • 5 / An overall committee is not a director of a "zone" World Social Territory. anim ator or a dimension / welcoming thematic axis in the website fsm2016.net all the activities that their preparation Group located in these dimensions. These facilitation roles fall under the GT program
  • 6 /   The overall committees are invited to ensure that some of their participant (s) is as contributors in the GT program sub-working groups

These groups have a facilitation mission WSF 2016 thematic dimension or physical area of TSM and will be responsible for operational programming.

Through this channel, each general committee takes the measure of the diversity of the forum, the presence of other groups and also many activities outside of a package (half the total?) And equity constraints and mix for programming. This presence of people involved in both the overall and committees WSF facilitation contributes to facilitating decisions / relevant programming and serene.

  • 7 / WG programming respects the fullest extent of internal programming can be self built by a set (sequencing close synchronization of all activities.
    • After consultation with the committee of the whole, and taking, in case of inconsistency, which is in the business card as a reference, it program
      • part of all activities in "space" that has been allocated to this one,
      • another part "nearby" of this space,
      • a third party "around the World Social Territory", with also chosen, and
      • fourth part "elsewhere" with random addition
    • The distinction of these four category to be assessed according to the size of the total and proportion out activities together is a creative mix of programming means and technical flexibility for programming
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- Part C / exchange of experience between committees Run sets of activities

The content of this part is located in a collaborative space and comes from various contributors, writing in their names, indicative complementary elements on committees, with a diversity of views, formulations, etc.for form of exchange experience across the different thematic committees between sets.