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GFET (Facilitating group of special thematic space)

Future of the WSF meeting December 8. 2020 - Francine - Meena- Mike - Pierre

Following terms of references and tasks for the group were agreed (draft for review) 

  1. The GFET "Future of the forum" refers to the Generic Terms of Reference for GFETs - see those TOR Version2 and Version3 here ( with 5 tasks A B C D E ) 

  2. "Future of the forum" thematic is seen in this GFET both as a "special thematic space" , somehow distinct form the 8 other thematic spaces in WSF 2021 and as a "cross cutting theme" (about how participants in their various activities and struggles/initiatives see and use the forum)

  3. The GFET will not organize a panel or big event on future of the forum during WSF2021 event so as to let the self-organized discussions flow (so no implementation of task A and B) 

  4. The GFET will cense the self-organized activities proposed in the registration system of WSF 2021 for the days 23rd to 30th January which will be related to "Future of the WSF", either as a thematic space and or as a cross cutting theme 

  5. This GFET may make suggestion to avoid simultaneity of those activities and may issue suggestions related to mutual consideration between those activities in order to foster cross participation in them (Tasks C D E) 

  6. This GFET will have email sent to participants that will have expressed Future of the Forum as an interest in their WSF 2021 registration and invite them to join the EX015 Future of WSF WhatsApp participation groups (EN ES FR version). There, each GFET member person can interact with participants along her own views 

  7. An agreed perspective in this GFET is trying to formulate a limited common list of questions about WSF and circulate it as an online form gathering answers among the participants in this thematic space and beyond

  • A next GFET meeting will take place before end of 2020