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website FMML  WFFM 1 - hosted in rio20.net

Main social and citizen movements appeared in the world in 2011 ( Arab spring, indignant, occupy wall street etc.. ) have shown the critical role of information and communication, and intercommunication between citizens, for "another possible world" to happen,  

  World Forum of Free media WFFM  / Fórum Mundial de Mídia Livre (FMML)  is an extended event in World Social Forum process. WFFM “center” will be in Rio next June 16th17th on occasion of Rio+20 UN conferences and peoples summit.

Activities Self organized by participants in WFFM, between 15 and 23 of June, anywhere in the world will be an occasion to act creatively locally and globally for the right to communication , for technological appropriation, public policies on media, and to strengthen many links between free media and software activists and social movements and civil society organizations.

 “Extension” of WFFM means two things

1/ Beyond “activities held in Rio”, “local activities” and “tele-encounter” activities between two places or more, identifying with WSF charter, can be set up anywhere in the world  and will be visible as activities on the WFFM website

2/ In those three types of activities, organizers will be invited and supported to prepare  them for “Tele-participation” through webcasting and text chat, in order to allow remote  interchange and participation around their activities , beyond distance

To porvide possibility of teleparticipation in the panels of fmml and in some workshops in room of  ECO UFRJ campus just down sugar load on 16 e 17   there is a working group GT estensao  ( contaact  fmml.extension   em gmail.com)

 the GT estensao invites people interested to tele- participate to

-  make contact in skype with user  "fmml.extension , in order to be introduced in a chat room "fmml extension EN" - There you can chat with others teleparticipants and with a "linking person" present in rio , while you are seeing and hearing video of the meeting coming live from  Rio   

-if you are interested to get involved further you can fill a  form for tele participants

As a free media or technological appropriation activist, or as a person involved in communicating action of a civil society organization to a broader public, you are kindly invited to participate in WFFM and Join into the process of “communicational transition” going hand in hand with “social and ecological transitionsthat humanity needs, and which will be widely discussed and illustrated in Rio

In June, on occasion of WFFM, let us be learning, sharing, planning together for advancement of free media

Organizing group of WFFM ; Extension WG