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Hello  Paul, Roberto, Pablo/Mary, Gus, Francine, Candido, Gina, Tomas, Pierre, Olivier, Chico, Vicky, Rita, Sally, Meena     

This is Pierre https://greattransition.org/pgeorge/  who participated with you in the GTI discussion with input 7  

We are 15  who made a contribution  
It is announced that Roberto will make a discussion wrap-up and later Paul will be making a summary of the discussion to be published in the GTI website.

GTI  team is to be thanked for taking up the challenge of stimulating this discussion about WSF,

Judging by the number of inputs, this discussion have been 4 times  less popular than the one about Climate movement

Each of us has contributed  questions, points, arguments, theses etc  
There have been only a few cases, and always synthetic, of including consideration about inputs of others in our inputs

We agreed together with Roberto that, while he prepares a wrap up of the GTN discusion, i will invite  to make further use of  the mental effort we contributed, and the corpus of documents that we gathered so far;  




Each of the 15 discussant persons is invited to making a "comment-input" text commenting on some, if not all, comment sections of some of the 14 inputs from others, which have interested her in particular. This would generate a new set of "comment-inputs"  

We are 15  who made a contribution, each of us can comment on some among 14 inputs, so that makes a significant number of possible  "comment-inputs". 
Commenting sombody else input, from the perspective of one's input, is much easier than starting from a blank sheet 
Also it is an occasion to go deeper in exchanges with the views of others           

Here are two examples of comment-input  where author of input7 (i.e me)  comments on input#0 and input#1  C7I0 - C7I1

In the perspective of hosting this new phase of discussion, an online space " Around GTI discusion on WSF " is set up in a WSF context, (openfsm.net website), where our respective inputs in GTN discussion are publicly visible http://openfsm.net/projects/gti-and-wsf   

Steps around this proposal
  • 1/ some of us have already spread their contribution to GTN discussion on email lists, or  are willing to spread it .  Kindly express if you disagree to your contribution being published in www.openfsm.net in this  specific space "Around GTI discusion on WSF"  Let me know by email 
  • 2/ Kindly express if you are principally interested by contributing one or more "comment-input " as described in the proposal above,  Let me know by email ,
  • 3/

    Proceed to making comment-inputs 

For each of the 15  texts  a "base for comment-input version"  is available here ( also acessible via the "Make a comment-input" link on each input page) 

 CxI0CxI1 -CxI2 -CxI3 -CxI4 -CxI5 -CxI6 -CxI7 - CxI8 - CxI9 -CxI10 -CxI11 -CxI12 -CxI13 -CxI14 -CxI15

"Base for comment" texts appear as a sequencing of the whole text  in sections  highlighted in yellow,  separated by "x" sign , and containing one @ numbered sign  

A/ Just copy paste the content of the selected  page in your text processor,  . 

B/ In the   "x"  between each section  you can insert your comment/answer and proceed to comment the sections you want (  skip sections you are not willing to comment) 

C/ Then send the  resulting  "comment input"  document to me, for publishing it in this " Around GTI WSF discusion " space

D/ In each input page there is on the top
-a section " commented by"  showing  which input (author) has been commenting this particular input , and
- a section "commenting on"  showing which input has been commented by from the point of view of this particular input(author)

Here is example of top of page of input 1 ( Roberto) 
GTI & WSF |          @I0- @I1 - @I2 - @I3 - @I4 - @I5 - @I6 - @I7 - @I8 - @I9 - @I10 - @I11 - @I12 - @I13 - @I14  -@I15                            Commented by   :                                                                    C7I1 
  Commenting on   

Showing that to date Roberto input has been commented by author of input7  - and that Roberto has not commented on another input 

Looking forward to reading you




(15th of October)  Thanks to 12 of you for your answers to the proposal above 

1/ All of you 12 agree to have their input publicly visible in and commentable in the proposed way , et us assume Paul, Pablo, Francine and Olivier are of the same opinion, untill they make an explicit answer..  
This makes this proposed second stage of public discussion  through comment-inputs possible 

2/ 7 of us have expressed willingness about making some comment inputs  on input from others. 
This makes the discussion likely, with at least 10 to 20 inputs to come ( 7 people making  1 to 3 comment inputs). first two comment-input about paul input#0 and roberto input#1 are available 

There is no deadline for making such comment-inputs. The idea is to go our personnal willingness to comment, get inspired by the comment-inputs contributed by others, and  keep the discussion active enough, with at least on comment input each  week 

Visibility of comment inputs 
  • Links to comment inputs will be accessible  in the page of the input they comment as visible here on input#1 page
GTI & WSF |          @I0- @I1 - @I2 - @I3 - @I4 - @I5 - @I6 - @I7 - @I8 - @I9 - @I10 - @I11 - @I12 - @I13 - @I14  -@I15                            Commented by   :                                                                    C7I1  
  Commenting on   

3/ Issue focused composite comment input : one of us  is suggesting to  "make a preliminary effort to group extracts of the contributions according to a series of themes"  ( eg  "International facilitating team") and  he is also suggesting that some themes have not much been adressed. 
Taking this approach into account  the comment-input idea con be developed into " issue-focused composite comment-input" along the following steps
  • A/  take an issue ( eg  Intenational facilitating team") , 
  • B/ copy paste  paragraphs from different inputs 0 to 15 related to that same issue ( explicitly or by contrast if one wants to make to focus on an issue which has not been much addressed in the corpus of the 15 inputs , eg   " the real "global" nature of the participants to WSF")   indicating  their respective origin,
  • C/  proceed to commenting them and produce this " issue-focused composite comment-input"   
Maybe with this variant we can count on comment inputs from a 8th person

Looking forward to publishing the third comment-input