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  • Input 13 - Charter and World Economic Forum

    from chris on Oct 15, 2019 11:36 PM
    Brazil still leads us, despite today's political mayhem.
    Every day, I fight tooth-and-nail against World Economic Forum, but its ascendancy knows no bounds. We no longer have a polar discussion because I fear WEF has taken the centre, too.  It was not always this way.  Maybe too critical but, post-global financial crisis, I sense that WSF has backed off its opposition to WEF, and this is the result.
    As an outsider, I hope the IC has not lost its way on new technology for WSF processes and debates.  Whilst these new offerings have some glitz and glamor, they are clothed in proprietary constraints.  Tell me this isn't so when we debate next June in Barcelona in the Commons theme, as I explore the WSF IC commitment to operate under a digital commons umbrella.
    I figure IC will be busy in Barcelona at FSMET_2020, as I seek to engage the municipalist people off-line, outside the Forum's themes.  My main interest is a Fearless Cities project for my home city of Adelaide, Australia, and I seek engagement with the Metadecidim community over their Decidim product.  I welcome IC advice about this being a rewarding/fruitless endeavour.
    Speaking as I started about Brazil and leadership, I seek your concurrence for Ciranda to accept articles in the leadup to Barcelona_2020.  Details of my Silk Road caravan will hopefully soon be authorised by Pierre on Asia Discussion Forum, http://openfsm.net/projects/asian-discussion-forum/lists/asian-discussion-forum-discussion
    in solidarity