• Casablanca 201312 preparation

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  • the need for recording and streaming widely(1) and having material to make video + text minutes as for previsous ic meeting 
  •  the need for tele participation live with lower interactivity ( text) (2)
  • possibility of  higher individual itneractiviy (audio video ( 3)  or ( 4) collective interactivity


situation 1/ giiving overall view  of a plenary or a working group  and memory of what is said  

two options  can be combined:  ustream+ skype takes floor langauge  and hangout takes english interpretation

  • ustream /bambuser/livestream giving video and sound commercial streaming site (eg ustream.tv)  with ads  the streaming goes on ( with the speakers language and need  several streams for various languages)- this is recorded and material for memory transcription 
    this can be duplicated to have floor language  + english for instance) 

    computer 1 floor  stream

  • google hangout  streaming going through youtube to many , and  interaction limited to 10 people  

    computer 1 english stream



the meeting was broadcasted live with ustream (right side computer and the webcam fixed on top of the water bottle between the two computers - the left side computer is for checking the received image and sound throught internet and to stimulate the associated skype chatroom 


situation 2/ a way to gather all teleparticipants around the video stream and have text interaction  desynchronized from the streaming  -  a skype chat room ( or several according to languages)  allows text interaction /summary translation  (need people attending the chat rooms  >>

computer 2 chat room english  - computer 2   spanish  - arabic ?

situation 3/ making possible some audio interventions in the plenary or the working group : there can be  another  computer dedicated to   bringing certain participants from the chat room 2  in personal skype video  audio connection with casablanca   where they can be given the floor  few minutes in plenary( one perso face appearing in a computer in one part of the room - no large screen display )   >>

computer 3 skype when needed

with loudspeakers

situation 4/ making possible a more open audio interaction in smaller groups (relevant for working group situation)

Eg during working group sessions in casablanca (if any in the agenda) , > no screen to look at - IC is basically  a face to face discsusion in casablanca with remote participants in it 

one or two computers per working groups

various options

  • telemeeting  tool  (no recording?  ) proposed by jason 
  • google hangout  (proposed by Mallory )  - streaming to youtube + 10 points in video interaction ( risk to loose the contact link if the connection goes down ?)
  • solution  skype audio  a audio meeting can be set up where casablanca is one point and several participants are on line in audio mode >  there can be audio recording of the skype meeting ( i have not used it ) > if collective audio is chaotic then a recess to a streaming  +  text chat ( 2) with one person "bridging "in casablanca is always possibl
  • solution streaming + text chat skype as before  ( recording group discussion) > the streaming video sound  coming from casablanca, is arriving later  to teleparticipants than  the audio meeting sound coming from casablanca



  • up to 8 laptops with webcams, and 1  with small loudspeakers ( some brought  by Jason Mallory Pierre and complemented
  • good 3G keys or good connection in plenary and working group rooms  (at least  4  to 8 keys lent by fmas    and more if several workin groups
  • helping local people ( streaming for instance - chat in arabic if any - person looking about connectivy and pluging the interpreter  booth )
  • cable to interpreters


  •  the message is sent on the IC list  - password of "ic.extension" account is xxxxxxxxx you are welcome co-use it  and welcome who makes contact with  the extension team and be put in a conversation room
    • for the moment in the room are invited  janneth  Giuseppe francine  michel  meena
  • for plenaries  (1 2 3)  - the link to the streaming channell is given to them on skype and the chat takes directly place here - r they prefer to go in the hahgout or in the telemeeting
  • for working groups (4)  - method depending the working group